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2023-07-09 14:15:21

Tuna Steak Recipe - Best Way to Grill

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Today , we're gonna teach you how to make seared tuna on the grill .

It's gonna be awesome .

So let's get started right to make this seared tuna .

We're going to need to make two separate preparations .

The first is going to be the dry rub and that requires using salt , pepper , paprika and lastly some sesame seeds .

Hey , you wanna mix up all these ingredients to make sure they're uniform to make the sauce for the tuna .

You're gonna need a couple of things .

First start with some olive oil and you're gonna add a little bit of vinegar .

Um If you have rice vinegar , that's ideal .

If not , you can use another type of vinegar .

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I'm using red wine vinegar , soy sauce , some sesame oil , lemon juice .

And lastly , you can use some wasabi paste .

But if you don't have wasabi paste , you can also use mustard .

You want to mix everything up .

All right , as you can see here , I've got two nice tuna steaks .

The first thing to do is make sure they're not uh moist .

So we're gonna dab them down with a paper towel .

All right .

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Now you're ready to um , season the tuna steaks So , first we're gonna dip it into the sauce to be prepared , get it covered on all sides and then we're gonna put it in our dry rug and make sure that it's coated on all sides in order to make sure that the tuna steaks don't stick .

I'm going to spray it down with some oil .

All right , this grill is very , very hot .

As you can see , the coals are white hot and there's even a little bit of a flame .

Uh , that's ok when you're cooking tuna steaks to have a little bit of a flame because it needs to be at the maximum temperature .

Uh , we're going to cook these at approximately 1.5 minutes .

I'm gonna cook it on this side for 2.5 minutes .

Didn't cook enough .

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Now , when it gets to 2.5 minutes , I'm gonna flip it and give it about 45 seconds on the first side .

Ok .


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