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2023-07-10 08:59:30

Achieving Checkmate w_ Only King & Queen _ Chess

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Hi , my name is Rebecca Taman with chess NYC .

And I'm gonna show you today how to check mate with the king and queen versa .

King .

Now , sometimes people are at the end of the game and they're like , oh , I'm stuck .

How do I check mate with the king and queen ?

So this is gonna give you a quick tutorial on how to do it quickly to start just trying to checkmate with just the queen is not gonna work .

Let's take a look .

If I come here , check the king runs away is if I keep getting closer to the king , the king can still run away .

Even if I bring the king into the corner of the board , he has an escape .

There is no way to checkmate with just a queen .

So let's bring it back .

The queen's partner , the king .

These two need to work simultaneously together to checkmate the kit .

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The best way to check me is by creating a night shadow with the queen .

What I mean is that we want to bring the queen a night's shadow or a night's move away from the king .

The king has only a few options now he is cut out from five squares .

Therefore , whatever move the king makes the queen follows that move .

If the king goes up diagonal , the queen follows up diagonal , keeping the knight's shadow , the king moves over .

The queen moves over one step .

If the king goes up diagonal , the queen goes up diagonal , the king goes over , we move over .

Now the king is trapped in the corner .

This is where we stop .

If we bring the queen , the next step , the king is gonna be in stalemate .

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So therefore , we wanted give the king a little bit of breathing room , let him have a space to move .

And now we bring our king , the king is going to dance back and forth as we march our king towards the queen .

And then we are going to create what's called an in your face checkmate .

The queen is going to get in the face of the king and it's like in your face , Mr King checkmate , this is checkmate because the queen is looking at the king and the king has no squares to move .

If it tries to move to G eight , it's check .

If it tries to move to H seven , it's check , it cannot capture the queen because then it would be next to the king .

And we know that that's illegal and there is no piece that we can put in between to block a checkmate .

Therefore , this is checkmate and that's how you checkmate with the king and queen .


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