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2023-07-10 08:52:49

Having a VERY RICE DAY cooking up this comforting Congee Recipe (jook)

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On this menu .

A steamy recipe .

That's absolutely delicious .

Classic Ji Going Cantonese .

I'm Will Young from young men cooking dot com .

Welcome to the channel where you can cook with confidence .

Today we're making one of my childhood favorites .

Delicious coni .

Let's begin .

Five pieces of garlic .

Finely chopped .

Bye bye .

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One onion .

Finally chopped .

So is one of those recipes that I quite enjoy making differently every time .

And I feel like every time you're cooking in the kitchen is an opportunity to try something new as well .

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114.18 --> 188.1

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Medium heat , two tablespoons , avocado oil onions and garlic .

So for 8 to 10 minutes really smells amazing .

Cooking , Kanji is really the labor of love but boy is it ever delicious ?

Right ?

For a few minutes , you can really smell the toastiness of that rice just adds so much delicious flavor .

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Turn the heat up to medium high and add two cups of water .

Two generous tablespoons miso paste stir until most of the water has evaporated .

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Two cups of water stir when the porridge has thickened again , add another two cups of water continued to stir .

If the boiling becomes too aggressive , you can take the pot off the heat to stir as the water evaporates , the rash should continue breaking down .

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Add another two cups of water continue to stir .

I absolutely love making coni because you just start off with some really simple humble ingredients and then it just transforms into something completely different .

100 and 50 g .

Jumanji mushrooms win up water stir and cook for another 4 to 5 minutes .

Place the lid on the con and set it aside .

Don't worry about the con because that will stay super hot .

Now , the best part about con is actually the toppings .

This is where you can get really creative pat dry .

About 200 g of extra from tofu and place it in the bowl .

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Use a fork to mash the tofu into a crumb bowl , nonstick , pen , medium heat , half cup , peanuts , toast the peanuts for a couple of minutes .

Two tablespoons of white sesame seeds , toast for another minute .

Set the peanuts and sesame seeds aside .

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Pay back on medium heat , drizzle of Avoca oil tofu crumble .

So for 3 to 4 minutes , one tablespoon of soy sauce , one tablespoon dark soy sauce .

So there for another 2 to 3 minutes , combine the tofu and the peanuts together .

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Finally chop a few sticks of green onion .

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530.299 --> 595.95

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I'll leave a link in the description box below where you can check this out and make this really easily at home .

You can now enjoy this childhood classic with absolute confidence , boy .

Oh boy .

That is like a painting making coni is kind of a lot of work but man , nothing really replaces the comfort it provides .

I mean the rice is just cooked down so fluffy and luscious and just has this really kind of smooth melted kind of taste .

The radish basically melts into that porridge and that miso paste gives it that kind of underlying bit of a saltiness and mommy .

And of course the garlic and onions that we saute and cooked along with the rice basically just melts in there as well .

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And then when you mix in all those additional flavors , like the smoky chili oil , a little bit of soy sauce , it really just makes this almost like the ultimate savory comfort dish really is just incredibly delicious .

And of course , the thing I love about is the toppings .

You have these contrasting textures .

You get that crunchiness from the toasting peanuts , the sesame seeds and you get that kind of substantial chewiness and the umami from the shii mushrooms , the tofu crumble and the freshness from the green onions as well as that kind of a little bit of a heat and the sweetness from that thinly sliced fresh ginger , of course , with , you can really get creative with the toppings .

You can do whatever you like and more often than not , it will come out absolutely delicious .

Like I said , I love how coni is , is literally just a few humble simple ingredients and you can dress it up to whatever you like and to enjoy as your personal comfort dish .

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And best of all is incredibly easy to make .

You can also make this cone ahead of time and keep the toppings separate .

So that when you're ready to eat , you can just warm up the coni place on the toppings and you're good to go .

This visually stunning dish is definitely no surprise why it is one of my childhood favorites dishes like this that gets me so excited about cooking at home .

Absolutely love it .

And if you love easy and delicious recipes like me , then definitely check out the vegan ramen cookbook or the cook with confidence cookbook to take a sneak peek inside the book or to check out our young man cooking merch .

I'll leave a link in the description box below for you to check those out .

As always remember to subscribe , hit that notification bell .

I'll see you in the next episode .


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