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2023-07-10 08:46:13

Beef Hanger Steak! (How to cut and cook)The Bearded Butchers

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It's time for the last cut of the day , last carcass of the day .

And we want to show you a special cut today .

Um This is called , actually , let's just follow along .

We're gonna show you , this is called the Hanger steak , also known as the butcher's cut or the hanging tenderloin .

It's one , basically one steak that attaches to the diaphragm or the upper belly .

And what this does similar to the skirt steak is , this is just a muscle that controls the diaphragm inside the animal's belly .

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But the reason why it's known as a butcher's cut or a hanging tenderloin is very tender and a lot of butchers , they simply wouldn't offer this for sale because it was so delicious .

They kept it for themselves .

So we're going to break this carcass that's going to take this out and trim it up .

We're going to show you just actually one side is a little bit longer than the other side , but we're going to trim it up .

It's got an inedible membrane in the middle .

We're going to show you how to trim that out of there and then of course , we're going to cook it So , but we wanted to show you as displayed right here on the carcass right from the butcher from the slaughter floor when we butchered this and this has been dry aging now for 13 days , it's hanging right here .

Literally the hanger steak .

The butcher's favorite cut , very beefy flavor , tender juicy steak .

So let's get it cut .

It's really important .

Now , this is cooked .

So we're of course , going to take it through the cook process as well .

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This is one of our 100% grass fed carcasses raised locally just 12 miles down the road that you can handle that big stuff .

I think so .

Yes , let's get it out on the floor and we'll show you how to trim out a hanger steak .

Scott showed you where the hanger steak was located .

I'm going to show you how we pull it and how we trim it .

So I'm just going to take my knife right here up against this vertebrae , cutting that tendon that connective tissue and simply removing that hanger .

So now what I'm going to do is I'm just going to start trimming this up .

And as Scott mentioned , there's one side that's a little bit longer and thicker than the other .

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But some of this stuff you can start by peeling with your , with your fingers as well and keep in mind that we did leave this hanging inside the animal for the duration of the dry aging , which was about 13 days on this grass fed beef .

So typically when you would buy this in the store , it's not going to be dried out as much as this because it's going to have been in a vacuum sealed bag .

So just keep in mind that if this looks a little bit more dried out than what you're used to seeing .

It's because it was hanging inside that half the entire time .

So the air had a chance to get to it and just dry this outside out a little bit .

But we think it will enhance the flavor and that's what we wanted to do to achieve , leaving it inside that animal .

So we could show you exactly where it came from .

So I'm just gonna use my hands and usually when you buy this in the package , it's still going to have all this membrane and connective tissues to use on there .

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So , pretty much the same principle when you go to now , you can , you can certainly remove as much of this external fat and gristle as you wish .

Just remember that when you try to bite through Gristle , it's not a very pleasant experience .

So we're going to try to remove as much of that external gristle as we can like mentioned , most of it is just simply by pulling it off by hand , grass fed beef , it's not gonna be super fat .

You can see that this does have some fat in it .

Muscle fibers running this way this is what makes it such a very tasteful piece of meat since it does have that marbling inside those fibers .

So now that we have it to this point here , what I'm gonna do is I'm going to start up here at this end against this tendon .

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It has this real thick piece of tendon that runs right through the center of this hanger stake .

So I'm just going to slowly work my knife down the center moving one side and then you can take this and you can flip this piece over using that sort of that fish filet method down this side real nice clean piece , removing that .

So net and you right out of the center .

Now , what I will do , I'm gonna go ahead and take these and like I said , you can trim as much of this off here as you'd like .

The main thing is just getting that thick piece of gristle off there .

Now , what I'm going to do is simply cut this in half this one .

It , it has a , a kind of a natural separation right here on the end .

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So I'm gonna go ahead and remove that piece .

We'll make that a separate steak .

And then here again , taking off just a little bit of fat .

We're gonna go ahead and cut this one in half , which this is going to leave us with real nice five steak pieces of hanger steak .

Now , keep in mind this is grass fed beef like mentioned .

So these are smaller than you would normally see if you went to the grocery store .

You bought conventional grain fed beef .

Keep that in mind , these are going to be smaller .

This is a smaller frame carcass .

That's why we have smaller pieces .

So very simple process .

You buy a hanger steak , don't let it be intimidating .

A good knife .

Use that practice right there to steam it out , trim it up and I can guarantee you on the grill .

Once you serve these , you are going to be very , very impressed with the flavor and the tenderness .

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At this point , we are going to get these seasoned up with some beer to butcher blend , seasonings and we're going to get them on the grill and we're going to give them a sample .

So follow along .

I don't know if you guys have ever seen one of these .

It's called a loof lighter .

You can find them on Amazon .

We'll throw in a link pretty handy little tool .

Just hold it down here by the charcoal .

Push the button works like a um , like a hair dryer ignites on the end and blows air into their charcoal .

And uh it's a pretty nifty way to light , light the poles .

We're about 40 seconds in coming up creeping up on , maybe , maybe 50 seconds to a minute .

And you can see we've already got fire .

I'm gonna use some hickory wood chunks to grill up these hanger steaks .

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Hello there , folks .

And welcome back to the Scott re project .

And today I am going to be showing you how to cook the ultimate venison steak .

Now what I've got here , I've got two cuts of venison .

These are off that little mud Jack Deer , which I butchered last week .

If you haven't seen the video already , if you look down in the description below there , you'll find the link .

Now , obviously , if this is the smallest deer native to us in the UK , you know , we have the row fallow and red .

And you guys in the US , you have your white tail .

Yes , they are smaller steaks , but you'd cook your white tail exactly the same way as I would cook these .

So basically , what I've got is these fantastic loin fillet or back straps .

Obviously , if you had a white tail , you take a steak off there and it'd be about that big , And then my second steak I'm gonna cook is gonna be off the horn .

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Now what we're gonna do , we're just gonna get some nice seasoning on there , and we're gonna pan fry it nice and simple , and it's gonna take minutes and you're gonna end up with a beautiful medium rare pink and juicy steak .

So what I'm gonna do , then I'm gonna show you how to get some seasoning on it , and we're gonna go and cook it Now .

I love cooking like this .

It's simple .

It's easy and it's tasty .

Now what we're gonna do , I normally would drizzle this over my steaks .

You always put your oil on your steaks .

I'm just gonna brush it on quickly and then to the side .

Like I said , you know , this is off that month , Jack .

A lot of people leaving comments , man .

That's a tiny deer , and it is a tiny deer , but to my mind , it is one of the tastiest , and it's a pest .

Over here in the UK , they are absolutely everywhere .

So what we're gonna do now , then , is we're going to actually get some dressing to go on them and what I'm gonna do .

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Great way of doing it .

Get a plate , crank loads of pepper .

So I've got my pepper nicely distributed on my plate .

I'm gonna take some molten sea salt and get that on there as well .

This is really is a great way to get seasoning all over .

I'm just gonna move that .

And I am gonna add some of these fantastic June of Berries .

This is what gin is made from , so I'm just gonna give him a crush .

I'm in a quick chop with this machete .

These have got a good infinity with venison or any rich game meat .

This in orange juice is a great great combination for a duck or your Venice and steaks just want it nice .

Finely chopped .

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So my chopped juniper Berries .

I wanna get that nice , evenly distributed .

Now , you haven't got to add these if you don't want to .

Or if you wanna add any herbs you like or some chilli you can put them on .

So we've dressed our plate .

What we do as we take Oh , lovely oiled venison and just give it a roll .

No , you ask perfectly seasoned steak .

And if you run out like that , just top your plate back up and away you go again .

So just finishing that last one and the reason we do this is you get a proper , decent even covering of seasoning , right ?

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There's two main factors when cooking steak , any steak one is you make sure your meat comes up to room temperature , so take it out of your fridge an hour before you're gonna cook it and let it come up to temperature , because if you put a cold piece of meat in the pan , you'll start to boil it and you'll get that horrible grey colour instead of that lovely char grill .

So that's point number one .

Meat up to temperature .

Two .

Get your pan smoking hot .

Now when I say your pan has to be smoking hot , it really has to be smoking hot , and it's just not gonna cook right .

And I know a lot of people you know , they get scared of taking a pan to smoke in temperature .

But there is nothing to worry about .

You know , even these Teflon ones .

There's no bad chemicals .

There's no nothing .

I've done the research on it , you know , even TF .

There is nothing dangerous about doing this , But if you don't like I said , you'll start boiling your meat and you won't get a char on it so you can see that's starting to smoke .

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So I'm just gonna brush a little oil in there .

Let that warm through quickly and then And that's the noise .

You wanna hear one to gently lay them in , Wash it down in three .

What we do , put them in there .

Leave them in .

We don't touch them because we wanna build up that lovely caramelization .

So they've been in not even 30 seconds .

I mean , I wouldn't normally touch these , but just for the camera , I'm just gonna show you what's going on .

They're getting that lovely charred steel on all of these beautiful steaks .

They're looking fantastic .

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So I'm gonna give them about another 15 seconds , and then I'm gonna turn them right .

Let's have a look at these .

Just turn these over you .

Don't they look good ?

Have a look at that horn state .

Tell you .

Oh , yeah , Fantastic .

Look at that .

Venison can .

Unreal .

What a great start that is .

So I've sealed both sides .

If you want to , you can go stand them up if they'll stand up .

If not , just leave them as they are .

So what we're gonna do now ?

Now we've got our char on them all .

Nice .

We're just going to take the heat out of the pan , turn it down and We're gonna cook it for about two minutes aside .

So that's been two minutes outside .

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Can I split these up and just cook it for a couple of minutes that size now , To me , they are done .

If you want to put your meat thermometer in .

Wants to read about 50 .

That's going up to 50 52 .

That's fine .

So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna quickly put in another butter .

You don't wanna burn this , So I'm gonna take the heat straight off the pan .

And as this is melting down , I'm just gonna gently face those lovely steaks .

I remember I took the heat out .

Now I turn the heat down off me .

Just putting those juices over those lovely venison shapes .

Beautiful .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

That juice in the really ?

It's something else .

So let's have a look at these .

Get our nice .

So I'm just have a look at that .

Hi .

Perfect , Perfect cooked steak .

Oh , man .

Juicy crack into this one .

What a fantastic cut that is .

Get it on my plate .

Excuse the presentation .

It's not for presentation purposes .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Just to show you how gorgeous mm that state is .

And this is the haunt state .

Um , you can see Cut them in how juicy that is .

Oh , yeah .

So I've turned the lighting off .

Then you can actually see how well that's cooked and how juicy that is .

Obviously needs an ACC compliment .

Mustard .

None of that French stuff .

That old English Commons mustard .

And then obviously get some of that sea salt .

Just give it a Sprinkle on and then tuck in How juicy that is .

Oh , yeah .

To be honest with you , when venison's that good , it really , really takes some beating .

Just cut into it .

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Just wanna show you how lovely that is .

I'm gonna get some bread and make a sandwich .

Well , guys , that is how to cook the ultimate venison steak .

And if you wanna be just a little bit more decadent , those pan juices get it on there .

It's all good .

It's all flavour .

And that is the ultimate venison steak .

So it just remains for me to say then , you know , thanks for watching .

If you haven't already , please subscribe .

Because I release a video every week and find me on Twitter .

Follow me on Twitter at the Scott re project .

If you have any questions , anything you'd like to see me cook or butcher , drop me a line and I'll see what I can do .

And just before I go , one more thing you'll see on my channel page there is , uh , fan funding .

This is a new thing YouTube are doing to help creators .

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You know , you can make a donation to my channel from a dollar up to 500 .

And if you want to give a dollar , that's cool .

It'll help me grow the channel , buy some more equipment , and you'll be helping me do that .

So if you see that and you're feeling , you know , give the man a dollar , give the man a break , that'll be much appreciated .

So until next time , then I am gonna do it .

What finish , then ?

Some must be .

Oh , yeah .

I'm actually gonna get some of that pung .

And that is dinner .

See you again .

Well , there's one piece left .

You know who's gonna get that , didn't you ?

My trusty pooch , Sexy girl , One lucky mu .

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You know , we're literally , we process this morning , we pop outside , we do these videos in the afternoon .

So we achieve that when we can .

So thanks for being patient with us and don't forget to follow us on all the other social media channels that we have Facebook , Instagram , Twitter , tiktok , you know the deal and until next time , see ya , see ya .


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