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2023-07-10 08:41:53

Fried Vegetable Jerk Pasta _ Recipes By Chef Ricardo

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A kitchen , a chef , I've got a cooking show .

It's amazing to be in the kitchen .

Give me your favorite recipe .

But anyway , to do , let's make a simple recipe .

Very easy and simple pasta and vegetable jerk up .

Nice , good to have as a vegetarian .

So , enjoy the recipe and subscribe to the channel .

Leave your comments and stay tuned .

Well , well done .

Chef Ricardo will come back again .

Anyway , you know , I wanna make some jerk pasta and veg , you know what I mean ?

Really fantastic recipe guys for you .

You know what I mean ?

We can do at home in your kitchen .

Anyway , I got some mixed peppers spring onion and also tomato right over here .

I have some broccoli and carrot , frozen corn and frozen peas and I have some pasta cooking .

In the meantime , basically , we need to just fry off all of these ingredients .

So you can prep yourself some .

This is just a few pieces of a co I have inside of it .

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This is not another co but you can just get some broccoli and carrot and mix peppers with it with tomato and some corn and green peas .

All of these ingredients , we gonna fry them off .

So that's what we're gonna do .

Now , look at this now , guys .

Nice one .

So what we're gonna do , we're gonna pour two tablespoon of olive oil in it in the front there .

Nice one .

And before we start to get fried up , we're gonna be splashing all over .

I'm just gonna be popping my veg like that .

Lovely and nice .

And then I'm gonna put in this one .

So and let's fry everything together .

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Lovely .

So in the meantime , it's gonna go going to the front in the meantime , what we're going to do also is put some ingredients .

Um We're going to , I'm gonna show you what I'm going to be using .

Look at this though guys .

So this is really a nice recipe .

I know if you lose your at home , if you are a person or like pasta , these things .

So what we're going to do is push ah Spooner mixed Herb .

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All right , as Pria uh peaceful and paprika , some all purpose season option .

This is just option guys .

I don't need to add this uh please .

So like I say , you don't need to add all of those ingredients .

You need to have extra ingredients on the add a start .

In the meantime , I'm just cooking the pasta .

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So we're gonna set up the trying out this and then we're gonna add some jerk season and the cost cut .

We are here and you .

So we're gonna fry this here for about 10 to 15 minutes .

All right , nice .

I love it guys .

As I can see .

Look , now , what I'm going to do now is add some pasta to eat .

Yeah .

Lovely .

Really nice .

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This is just exactly what , get this one on up here and what we're going to do is , uh , just a little bit of the jerk sauce guys .

Really ?

Uh , just , you see , I want a jerk sauce on apple .

Not too much , really spicy .

A little bit more pasta .

Yeah , that look nice .

Like , yeah , nice .

I love it guys .

As I can see , look at that .

Beautiful and nice .

I know this is full .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Oh , shit .

I thought if anything here and can't have it , that's really nice and fantastic .

So , enjoy the recipes and subs time .


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