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2023-07-09 14:09:50

How to Make STUFFED SHELLS PASTA Like an Italian

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Stuffed shell pasta .

Very popular .

Loved by all of you .

But do you know that you can take it to the next level ?

Yes , I'm showing you today with two amazing new ingredients that you never used .

Come on .

Well , let's make it together then .

Be up on to ao not .

She said tomorrow she go tomorrow of rights ba and a key .

Mm mm .

Mm .

Mm .

Hi and welcome to Vince plate .

The plate where you get to learn how to cook homemade Italian recipes .

And today a stuffed shelled pasta pie .

Very popular .

Loved by all of you .

But do you know that you can take it to the next level ?

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Yes , I'm showing you today with two amazing new ingredients that you never use .

This pasta .

It's easy to make very similar to canon , but they are different because the pasta is different .

The feeling is different .

The sauce is different .

You are different .

Eat differently .

Come on , let's make it together .

So to make pasta , the stuffed shell pasta , we need very simple ingredients for the sauce .

We want to use garlic cloves .

I'm using three small garlic cloves .

You can use two if you like a nice bunch of fresh basil pasta .

Best if you use homemade pasta , if you want to learn how to make it , watch the video up here , an extra virgin olive oil and just a little bit of salt .

Very simple ingredients for the filling of the shell pasta .

We need 400 g of nice fresh ricotta .

But don't get the smooth , soft ricotta needs to be a little bit hard and we need three tablespoons of grated pecorino cheese , one buffalo mozzarella .

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And I'm really showing off here using this beautiful artisan buffalo mozzarella .

You can use your di latte mozzarella , any type of mozzarella you want .

But I chose buffalo 300 g of spinach .

Now I'm using baby spinach because I already had baby spinach in the fridge .

If you want to have a cheaper option and quicker , what you can use is the frozen spinach .

Then we need one egg .

Some nutmeg nutmeg is very important , salt and pepper .

Last but not least the most important ingredient the shell pasta called .

Now these are the biggest size I was able to find here in Sydney .

I'm sure there is a big in this .

So go for it , OK ?

But it also comes in a smaller version which means you have more to eat .

First thing to do guys is to make the sauce , OK ?

You wanna add the extra virgin oil and be generous with the extra virgin olive oil .

Then we crush our garlic I always like to crush my garlic .

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I don't wanna have , you know , chunks of garlic in my mouth .

So you crush the garlic and cook for a minute or two after about a minute or so , make sure the garlic is not burning .

You want the garlic to be golden .

We can add the pasta .

Hopefully it's all made with the pasta in here .

Stir , stir , stir sure the garlic goes everywhere .

Put a nice amount of salt pepper .

Now you wanna put a basil in there with your hands .

It is so important .

The basil , the flavors of the basil will stay on your hands .

We straight in the sauce just break it as you want .

You can leave the whole thing in there as you can see , I'm very generous with my basil and now we let this cook for about 20 minutes .

You don't need more than that .

Cover it and see you in 20 minutes .

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Our pasta takes 14 minutes to cook .

What's happening now is we are boiling the water .

We're adding one tablespoon of rock salt or sea salt .

Now , on the pasta packet , this is saying it takes 14 minutes to cook .

Now , what I recommend you to do is to cook it for 30 minutes and a half .

So take it out 30 seconds before the cooking instruction .

OK ?

So if the pasta says 10 minutes , nine minutes and a half , you take it out , you want them to be al dente , which means to the truth , the water is boiling and what we do now , we're gonna add the pasta .

See you in 30 minutes and a half .

Now , very easy .

We just need to make the spinach or ricotta fill .

So here I've got the spinach which you will be surprised .

It looks like it's a lot .

But the he will reduce so much .

They , they will basically almost disappear .

You just put it in there and within maximum two minutes , this spinach will reduce so much .

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So we are adding 400 g of ricotta for 300 g of spinach .

I have to say even if you use 200 g of spinach is enough .

I just like my feeling to be full of spinach .

You wanna make sure you stir because at the bottom they are cooked , you also wanna cook the one on the top .

There's no need for you to add any salt or anything else because we adding the flavors to the ricotta mix just over three minutes and spinach are done .

If you decide to use the frozen spinach , you still need to do this process .

OK ?

You just need to put the frozen spinach in a pan and quickly cook them .

They might take couple of minutes just because they're frozen .

You know , here we go 30 more seconds .

Look how much they shrunk .

Look how much the spinach shrunk .

There's nothing left in there .

Look , see the beauty of spinach I actually made a spinach pasta on my youtube channel .

You have to learn how to make spinach pasta .

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It's so delicious .

It's so easy .

So please watch the video on my channel .

Now , when do we know when they're ready ?

Well , basically you just want the spinach to be very soft and you want to be able to mix up very well with the ricotta .

You want the spinach to go everywhere .

Now , this is where the fun begins .

We're gonna put the ricotta in a bowl and just before we add the ingredients , make sure you break the ricotta .

The reason why we do this is that this will help to combine all the ingredients with the ricotta .

OK ?

It's gonna take you like two minutes seriously .

The ricotta is like that .

Now we're gonna add all the spinach guys .

As you can see , I've used a lot of spinach .

I've been very generous with the spinach and again , mix when I mix with the ricotta , I mix , mix , mix , mix , mix .

I like to do this just before I add the other ingredients .

I make sure my ingredients are making love together a lot of spinach .

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Oh my God , I'm so generous .

Now , we need to add a little bit of nutmeg .

The nutmeg really brings some beautiful flavors .

We're gonna add the pecorino cheese .

They're gonna put a , a little bit of salt , just a pinch and a generous amount of pepper .

If you like pepper if you don't like pepper , just put less or don't use it at all .

Now we give a meat .

The pecorino is really important .

You can also use parmigiano Regan .

As you guys know , I'm a big fan of pecorino .

I always have pecorino in my fridge and that's my choice but will do the same job .

So basically mine today is like spinach with ricotta .

I use so much spinach last but not least put the egg and I will give a nice last mix .

If you want guys , you can do this all together , OK ?

You just put all the ingredients together and just do this once .

I just like to make sure my ingredients make love together properly .

I wanna take my time to do this guys .

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If you don't use the egg , the ricotta will actually dry up too much in the almond and the egg actually protects your ricotta , your spin your filling and it helps to cook better .

And here is a mix ready to go in the pasta , ready to go .

OK ?

Now it's time for us to assemble the ingredients .

The pasta is ready cooked to perfection .

Now , what we want to do , we want the pasta to get cold a little bit .

So strain the pasta out and let it rest for a couple of minutes .

As you can see guys , the pasta grows , grows a lot .

It's almost double in size .

And the reason why you want the pasta to be a because you don't want the pasta to be too soft .

Otherwise you want all the shape when I keep the shape of the , let the pasta rest for a couple of minutes .

So we will be able to touch it because at the moment , the pasta is way too hot .

If you want , you can actually keep it in the fridge for a few minutes .

Guys , after 20 minutes , I saw this beautiful and ready .

Look at that .

It's nice .

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It's perfect .

This is gonna be the base of the pasta .

And also I'm gonna add this inside the pasta , right on top of the cheese .

You got one more thing to do to assemble this dish .

Now turn the oven on 100 and 80 Celsius because we're gonna cook this pasta in the oven for about 15 minutes .

First thing to do .

Now the assembling part , we put the sauce at the bottom , most of the sauce goes at the bottom .

OK ?

So make sure you're generous but keep some sauce to put inside the pastas .

OK ?

So here it is not only this will avoid to the pasta to get stuck at the bottom .

This will also give extra flavor to your yummy pasta .

Now it's very , very easy .

What we do is we get one pasta , we put a nice generous amount of ricotta and spinach mix in there as much as you want and then you place it in the pan .

This is a relaxing , beautiful job .

OK , let's make sure there's no stress in the kitchen .

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Just take your time and do it with love .

So that , you know , guys for this dish , I'll actually use a packet of pasta because if you use the whole thing for a lot , now , is there a different type of pasta that you think you can serve with this pasta shape ?

Yes , you can actually make with anything you want .

You know , any sauce , any cheese pasta that you want .

Uh you can put at the bottom of this .

If you don't wanna use tomato sauce , you can make it cheesy and you know , it's a normal pasta you can use for anything you want .

So when you put the in this pan here , just make sure you put them next to each other .

You know , you wanna be next to each other and then we put whatever is rest in the middle here is the last one .

Now this is the situation .

I finished the filling .

I've got a little bit of pasta left here .

It is a shame .

I don't know , add some sauce in there if you want and serve it tomorrow , you know , don't throw this out or just make extra ricotta just in case if you think that this is already full of flavors .

Well , you are drunk .

What we need to do now we need to add more flavor .

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So with the tomato sauce on top , trust me , this extra tomato sauce that we put on top .

It will make such a huge difference .

Now you need to add a mountain of pecorino cheese everywhere guys .

When I say a mountain , I mean a mountain of pecorino cheese , Pecorino , Romano or Parmigiano .

If you like last but not least we're going to put a buffalo mozzarella on top of each one .

Guys .

Please do not show me the shredded mozzarella .

I ate shredded mozzarella .

I don't wanna see you using shredded mozzarella anymore .

Buy the real deal or just don't use it .

This is a dish you must find in the best restaurants .

If they don't have it , ask them to make it for you .

00 guys just make it yourself .

That's the reason why you're watching this video , right ?

Because you love to cook .

You love to spend time in the kitchen .

And if you don't love spending time in the kitchen , I'm gonna make you love spending time in the kitchen .

Yeah , with this delicious , delicious food .

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And now we're gonna bake this at 100 and 80 Celsius for 15 minutes .

You don't need to cover it just the way it is straight in the oven .

Ladies and gentlemen , let me introduce you to the plate , pasta , the stuffed shells , pasta , the one you have been dreaming all your life guys , it's done in maximum half an hour .

It's something that you will love .

Everyone will love .

You can keep it in the fridge for the next five days .

What more can I say ?

Come on , make it as you can see guys here , we have the beautiful mozzarella perfectly melted on top .

What we want to achieve here .

We want to have a little bit of crunch on top .

And here it is that crunch was created when we put it in the oven .

We want soft pasta in there .

We got the Pecorino which disappeared in the mix in the ricotta feeling in the .

So we have enough souls at the bottom just to let the pasta swim .

We got this pasta all connected to each other .

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All we need to do now is to separate them and serve and enjoy .

How do we serve this pasta ?

First thing to do , let's put some sauce at the bottom .

OK ?

This is gonna be the base of our pastas .

I'm going to play the show one at a time just like that on top .

12 and , and three like that .

Look how beautiful these babies look like .

I always say simplicity at its best .

Just put some basil leaves for decoration and enjoy it .

Guys .

The mozzarella on top of that .

Pecorino takes this to the next level .

How do we know ?

I haven't tried it yet .

Let's try it .

And then I can tell you if the buffalo mozzarella and Pecorino makes the difference , you know what time it is ?

It's eating time .

I'm gonna use a knife to cut it .

Look at that .

Look at the inside there .

Look at the inside .

Look at this beautiful pasta .

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Make sure you get the sauce and eat it .

Hm .

You heard the crunch a little bit of crunch moist , soft pasta , beautiful flavors .

Sebastian .

Sebastian .

I'm coming .

I'm gonna put it in the blender for you .

Then we have the beautiful sauce .

The spinach and ricotta .

Yes , I have to call it spinach or ricotta because there is more spinach and ricotta .

It's just sublime .

The pecorino disappeared , it's there but you can see it and the mozzarella , the buffalo mozzarella .

Um mm mm mm mm I love eating .

It takes 30 minutes to make but honestly three minutes to eat it , open a bottle of wine and enjoy it .

I love you .

Mm mm I'm gonna eat half of this pain by myself .

Thank you so much for watching this episode .

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We'll see you in the next chance , played with bean hm plate .

And please guys write a comment below .

Let me know if you enjoy this pasta .

Thank you .


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