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2023-07-08 09:11:08

How to cook a ribeye steak... finally!

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we're back with Chef Tim and Tim is going to show us how to cook a steak .

We use a rib eye for frying because it's a first class cut of meat , my favourite cut of meat .

Because I like that fat .

That fat gives it a little flavour .

And , uh , if you know your rib eyes , this bit is the nice bit .

The first thing with steak you must make sure with meat .

In general , when you're cooking it that you take it out of the fridge beforehand , you need to let it come to room temperature .

If it's cold and we put it into a hot pan , it goes OK , right .

And that's what meat does anyway .

Meat proteins , the collagen and meat is very tightly knit anyway .

When you add heat to it , it goes even tighter .

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Which is why , when you first cook a steak , yeah , when it's first cooked , it go .

It goes a lot smaller .

It shrinks , right , so what you need to do is after you've cooked it , let it relax , let it rest .

Even though it's that small and it's not a big joint of meat , you need to let it relax OK , OK , so the first thing is , um bring your meat up to room temperature , so rest your meat , cook your meat , and then rest your meat again .

OK ?

Ok .

Those are the three crucial things .

OK , Ok , so we take the steak and we're just gonna pat the , uh , excess blood off .

OK , so then what we're gonna do is season with oil first , and then salt .

If you put your salt and pepper on first and then put your oil on , it washes the seasoning off .

So we're using just , uh , light olive oil .

Just the normal oils .

And the beauty of steak is whenever I eat steak outside it , you get you get that ?

Yeah .

Green of salt , a little grain of salt and chewing it .

A nice little grain .

But that's because it's a good quality salt .

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So what we're gonna do is we're just gonna add a little bit of oil to this .

The griddle pan ?

Yep .

And using a folded up piece of tissue Mhm .

Just spread it over the cooking area .

Just watch your fingers when you're doing this .

If you don't have a griddle pan , you can use a normal make sure It's very hot .

It has to be very hot .

We're not gonna mess around with this ST .

We're gonna put it on and leave it .

That is a sound that you should hear when you're cooking steak .

No other steak shouldn't be quiet .

Should be very loud .

Should be like , very , very loud .

Ok , you know , um , people always say that when you're cooking steak , you should only flip once .

Why is that ?

Because seal it , cook it .

That's it .

Yeah , Just stick it on there and leave it .

People panic when they cook steak .

How many minutes ?

This is quite a large steak , so we wanna give it a good , like , four minutes .

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So how do you know when to fit when you see the sides coming up cooking you over , OK , and what we're gonna do is because I'm gonna be a little bit fancy today .

I'm just gonna half turn the steak half term .

You have to give it that nice .

The bar bar , OK , You see , there's a really nice caramelization on the steak .

I'm just gonna flip it over , OK ?

Yeah , OK .

Oh , that looks good .

Uh , it looks like a nice steak .

OK , so This is where we sort of wait for the next few minutes and then we start touching testing the doneness .

It's completely rare now for you .

Remember , when you're doing that , If you want your steak rare , you have to take it off before it reaches the degree .

Because when you rest it , it go up half a degree .

Ah , little finger .

Rare second finger , medium rare .

Third finger medium mhm four finger medium .

Well , close your fist .

Gently close your fist .

OK , gently .

Well done .

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Well , actually , gonna take that off now and we're gonna let that rest .

Is that it ?

Yeah .

So fold it up in the tinfoil ?

Yep .

Then get your cloth and wrap it in the cloth .

Yep .

And leave it .

OK , What will happen is as the meat relaxes , it will continue to cook , and it will soak up all the juice and it will , like release .

So what you'll get is you'll get a nice caramelization on the outside of the meat , and then all the way through , it will be pink .

It won't be caramelization pink and red .

Right ?

It'll be pink all the way through .

Ah , wow , Tim .

Now that that is beautiful .

This is just nice .

This is the way I like it .

It's nice .

It's juicy .

Yep , lots of , you know , juices And , uh , it's already cooked through .

Uh , because we rested it right , because we rested it .

It's nice and pink all the way through it .

Relax .

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It doesn't have that raw look that you don't have to go out for steak , stay in and have it that way .

You can buy two for the pressure .

Exactly .


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