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2023-07-09 14:28:43

How to Play Power Chords _ Guitar Lessons

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Yeah .

OK .

Power chords .

You're definitely gonna come across power chords .

A lot of rock bands use it .

Punk rock groups use it .

Uh It's a great way of getting around the guitar because you're only using one shape .

Right .

Right .

Now , if you remember , we talked about chords before and we said there were three different notes played at the same time .

Well , if you notice I'm only playing two notes .

So power cord , you know , you can't , there's no major , there's no minor .

You don't know what it is because it's only two notes .

There's no extra note to give that away .

So what happens is you get a nice , real thick sound , especially if we had a distortion pedal .

It would be really nice , thick sound and it's not , it's not a pretty note , right ?

It's not a pretty chord .

It's just , it's just a nice thick cord , right ?

Uh So let's talk about the shape .

The shape is , uh let's make one here on the six string , third fret , right ?

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So I'm gonna put my first finger on the six string , third Fred and then my ring finger is gonna go one string up and two frets over .

Right .

So you can see my ring finger here is on the fifth string , fifth fret .

Now with my strumming hand , I , I gotta be careful here .

I only want to hit those two notes .

Right .

If I hear more , that doesn't sound so good .

Right .

So I can only hit those two .

Maybe you wanna make the three finger version .

Well , I can only hit those three , of course , you know , and then if you want to get a little more advanced , uh you can try and mute out all the strings you don't need with your first finger , it's a little bit harder , but you can do it .

And then what happens is you have those three notes and then nothing else , right ?

And so maybe you could do that with two fingers .

Now , if I do move it to the fifth string , not only do I have to mute those guys out , but I also have to try and mute out the six string .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So what do I do ?

I use , just use the tip of my finger to mute it out a little bit and only those notes come out .

So power cords are a great way to move around the guitar with one shape and to get a nice thick sound for rock music .


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