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2023-07-08 09:25:30

How To Grill a 3 inch Cowboy Steak - Grillin Magic Steak Rub

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Hey , folks , I appreciate you .

Joining me here at T Roy Cooks , dude .

We're cooking us a fabulous steak .

This is a cowboy steak .

It's about 2.5 inch thick .

And my butcher friend Victor over at Heb hooked me up with this one .

Folks .

I'll tell you he had these USDA prime rib rose on sale and I didn't want a whole roast .

He said , how about I cut you a cowboy stick and I said I could go for that .

So that's what we've got folks .

I had him cut me a couple of them .

We're gonna be grilling one of them out back on my gas grill .

It's gonna be a great video .

Y'all stick around .

We'll be right back when we throw the rub on it .

Check that out , folks .

That is amazing .

That's a nice , nice , real bad right there .

I'm just gonna brush a little bit of olive oil on here for you and , and this rub that I'm using too .

I wanted to mention , uh , doesn't need a whole ton of it .

It's pretty good stuff right here .

This is a fabulous looking steak rub and this is from a good friend .

Uh David over at grilling Magic .

I'll put a link down below in the description .

Y'all .

Go check out David uh and Magic .

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He's got his own youtube channel also called Grill Warrior .

Um Fantastic guy does great videos .

A lot of how to tutorial type videos .

He has some fabulous cooks and on his grill warrior dot com website .

I'm sorry .

Uh Grilling magic dot com website .

Uh You can get rubs , sauces , utensils , knives , all kind of cool stuff .

Uh Anything to do with barbecue , pretty much you can find on his website .

So y'all go check him out again .

My good friend David .

Really magic dot com or Real Warrior on youtube .

So again , just brush this side , olive oil getting super heavy with the oil and not super heavy with this steak rub .

And I , I'll tell you what man , he sent me this steak rub try and , uh I don't think he has the steak rub on his website right now .

So you may have to email him or call him , see if you can get some .

Just contact him .

He'll send you some .

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Uh , don't , don't know what he's charging for it , but I'm sure it's comparable to the prices on the rest of the website for different rubs .

Now , folks , I'll tell you what I do .

A lot of steaks and David sent me this rub for steaks and I gave it a shot and I had to immediately email him back after trying that steak , I was like my God , this thing is , this steak was like , I was at a steakhouse somewhere , paying some fine money for a nice steak in a reputable steakhouse .

So I said , dude , you need to market this stuff .

This stuff is fantastic and his other ribs are also great too , man .

They're award winning rubs and award winning sauces .

Y'all .

Go check my boy out .

He does some really fantastic stuff and I just couldn't get over the flavor of this steak rub .

So hopefully he makes it available to the public real soon on his website grilling magic dot com .

Never check them out .

Let's get back to the steak .

We're fixing , I throw it on the grill .

All right , everybody , I've left this steak , come up to the room temp and put the rub on it and let those rubs down there for about 10 minutes .

Fix them to throw this bad bone on there .

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But what I'm gonna do is sear that up on each side for probably five or six minutes and then we're gonna move it to the cooler side and we're gonna finish cooking it that way .

But I want to show you real quick .

I want to show you just how thick this thing is .

This is like three inches on this side .

Got about 2.5 right there and on this very short side near the bone , it's about two .

So this is , that's a nice thick cowboy steak , folks .

All right , folks .

Let's check this out .

I'll put it on this other side to get a little cross has Mark .

As you can see , it looks gorgeous .

And again , another five or six minutes on this side rotated about halfway .

We'll be right back .

Right .

Everybody , we are back in .

I just flipped this over and it's looking mighty fine .

Let's see the other side real quick like that .

Now , what I'm gonna do , I've got this side turned totally off and this side over on the left is still like on a medium high .

I'm just gonna let this finish cooking just the way it is .

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I'm gonna close the lid and check it uh every 10 , 15 minutes with the internal meat probe .

We're gonna get it up to about uh 1 25 1 30 and we'll be back .

Right .

Folks , my steaks rested about 10 minutes .

Looks absolutely gorgeous .

Let's cut into it .

Let's see what we got here .

Oh , man , she's tender .

Very tender .

My goodness .

And I'll tell you what folks , this is just tremendous , tremendous steak right here .

A little bit more off that rib cap area there .

I cut right down here in the middle here and see what we got here .

All right .

So I cooked it like a nice , medium rare .

I'm sorry .

Uh medium .

Well , actually , and I know a lot of you have seen me do different steak videos and folks you know , you can't please everybody with the way you cook a steak , just cook it the way you'd like to cook it for yourself .

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That's all you gotta do .

This is perfect for me .

All right , this is a nice medium right here .

Still bleeding a little bit .

Uh , it's not actually blood , by the way .

So , anyway , I , this is fabulous right here .

I love the way this looks .

I'm gonna raise the camera up here .

We'll taste a little bit of it .

Be right back .

All right , here we go .

Here's one slice of it .

Nice medium .

Hm .

See , I love it that way .

But my wife Karen , it's gonna be like medium .

Well .

So that's why you see me cook steaks differently again .

Cook it the way you like it .

Make it what's best for you yourself .

The rub that steak rub again .

Check out grilling magic dot com .

Perfect .

Perfect rub .

Love it on steak David .

You did a fantastic job and folks check out his grill warrior youtube channel again .

Check the links down below .

I had a few of you request this .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Watch this guys like a stick with a hand on it .

Right .

Cheers to you .

Wish y'all were here to try this .

Gorgeous , gorgeous .

Hm .

Love it folks .

I gotta thank everybody for all the prayers and the thoughts on a Facebook page and on youtube means the world to me , folks .

I'm doing good .

I got a mask right here .

In my esophagus or around my esophagus and um it sounds like it's gonna be benign , but I still want it out of there .

So again , appreciate everybody worrying about me .

I'm doing ok .

Everything's fine .

I'm still cooking , I'm still eating steaks and everything else I wanna eat .

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If you enjoy this , give me a thumbs up , hope you share the video and when you do , please tell all your friends that T Roy cooks responsibly .

See y'all next time .

Everybody see .


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