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2023-07-10 08:51:09

Cauliflower Rice 3 Ways _ Episode 1152

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Hi guys , I'm Laura Vitali on this episode of Laurie Kitchen .

I'm gonna show you how I like to make cauliflower rice .

Three different uh three different flavors .

Basically , these are nothing groundbreaking but they are my go to and um I feel like they can round out any dish with so much flavor .

You're never gonna miss the rice .

Now by no means am I saying that cauliflower rice replaces pasta for me ?

Because the way I look at it is if it's my main entree , I want the real thing .

But when it comes to a side dish , the cauliflower rice is perfect for soaking up any juices , any flavor from any sauces or it's good enough to stand on its own as you know , a star side dish .

Do you know what I mean ?

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So we're gonna , we're gonna do a butter parmesan which is kind of like your all purpose that can go alongside any chicken or fish or steak like anything at all .

They wanna make a Mexican style which would be great with your tacos and fajitas and anything like that .

It's also great .

If you wanna make a Mexican rice bowl , use that instead of rice so amazing and so filling and then we're gonna do a sort of like a stir fry because if you're gonna serve it with like maybe some teriyaki salmon or some chicken or anything like that , then it goes together perfectly .

So those are the three flavors we're gonna make today if you like this recipe .

If you like the idea of this video and you love cauliflower rice .

So give it a thumbs up and let me know down below that .

I might make another video like this with three other flavors if you fancy .

So let's start with the basic first .

You'll need some cauliflower rice and I'll talk about cut this in just a minute .

Lots of chopped parsley and unsalted butter , freshly grated parm .

I've got a little bit of parsley , some salt and some Italian seasoning .

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Now you can buy cauliflower rice in your , either in your freezer section of your grocery store or in the produce section of your grocery store .

It'll already be pre pre rice for you .

Um But you need about four cups for each recipe .

And honestly , it is so expensive when it's pre chopped and pre r that .

I find it to be ridiculous .

I mean , I'm not gonna spend 5 99 on a 12 ounce bag when I need a pound of it and a head of cauliflower .

Sometimes I can get it as inexpensive as 99 cents and all I have to do is pulse it in my food processor , which is what I've done .

I've just taken a fresh cauliflower head chopped off all the florets and then pulsed it to my desired consistency and my desired shape .

Um , same thing with the freezer section .

I mean , the prices are outrageous and all they've done is just it up for you .

So , I like to shred my own .

I like to make my own and it's ready to go .

And I also keep it in the freezer as well because it does store really nicely in some resealable bags .

Now , there are two things about a cauliflower rice recipe that you wanna make sure you nail down .

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Otherwise you go from a rice consistency in texture to mush .

You need a big skillet with high heat and you don't want any water or a sauce pan because water is gonna make it s mushy .

And if you work , if you make it in a sauce pan , the sauce pan is small and therefore it's gonna make a mushy .

So by using the skillet , you're gonna get a lot of surface , a lot of heat and we are not gonna have any water in here at all .

So , what I'm doing is I'm just adding the butter and the garlic at the same time in my skillet , I just turned it on over about medium heat and as the butter melts , the garlic starts cooking and it's gonna get really lovely and fragrant in no time .

Looks perfect .

I'm gonna add a pinch of Italian seasoning right to my butter because it kind of wakens it up right away .

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And now I'm gonna add my cauliflower rice like that and I'm just gonna work it quickly with my wooden spoon .

And this is only gonna need about , I would say three or four minutes or so to cook .

But again , don't be tempted to add any water or you end up with mush , which is not what we want .

I'm just gonna add a pinch of salt while it cooks .

Perfect .

It's been three minutes .

I'm just gonna turn that off .

I'm gonna grate in some parm .

Now , I like mine to be a little bit of al dente .

I like to have a little bit of a crunch .

I don't want it to turn into soft , you know , cauliflower mash .

So that's why I like to just cook it for a couple of minutes .

Don't take it too far or you'll regret it .

Stir in your palm .

Oh , and it smells um perfect .

I'm gonna just pour .

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Well , I'm not gonna pour , I'm gonna spoon this in my bowl and this is really great with things like chicken paca or even if you're gonna do like a like a chicken or something and you wanna serve something alongside to soak up all the sauce and the juices .

This is great .

If you're looking for a low carb alternative , I mean , I love .

I love anything that soaks up any , any sauce .

So , the fact that it's a low carb alternative makes mama very , very happy .

I'm just gonna get this out .

Sprinkle just a little bit of parsley over the top .

Another little greeting of .

And there is your first cauliflower rice recipe done .

I'm gonna tidy up , grab the rest of my ingredients and we'll move on to number two .

All right .

So for the Mexican style , you're gonna need some rice cauliflower .

Of course , I've got some chopped up onion , garlic and bell pepper , tomato paste .

I've got a trio of spices , chili powder , cumin .

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And I also have some dried oregano and you need some uh scallion , some cilantro , some salt and just a little bit of olive oil or you can also use vegetable oil if you want to .

Same big skill .

Got my olive oil going .

It's not hot yet , which is fine .

I'm gonna add my veggies and let that cook until they become translucent .

You're not really looking for a ton of color .

You're just looking for them to kind of cook down a little bit .

And in the meantime , I'm just gonna need to loosen up the tomato paste a little bit .

So I'm just gonna add about a tablespoon of water .

I don't like to use tomato sauce for this because again , too much liquid makes the cauliflower really mushy .

You get the drift here .

So we want to do whatever we can to keep that from happening .

So just by adding a little bit of water to loosen up your tomato paste , you're gonna get that beautiful consistency without a lot of mushiness .

I'm gonna keep an eye out on my veggies and then we'll move on .

They look great .

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Add your spices right alongside with the tomato paste that you've loosened up just a little and then just kind of stir that in .

Let that cook for maybe about a minute or so .

You kind of want to cook that tomato paste just a little tiny bit .

Add your cauliflower rice along with a good pinch of salt .

And now again , cook this for about three minutes .

Stir the , you may make sure you stir the whole time and that's it perfect .

And what I like to do is I like to just add a few scallions right in .

And I'm also gonna add some on top and some cilantro because nothing to me , it's like Spanish rice , you know Mexican rice .

I , I need that cilantro .

I need that flavor and then that's it .

So I'm just gonna pop this right into the bowl .

I just rinse it out .

I mean there's also raw cauliflower in there .

Nothing fancy at all .

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If you are gonna use frozen cauliflower rice , make sure it's unflavored and you wanna make sure you just cook it out a little bit longer because it's gonna be more uh it's gonna just be more soggy because it's been , it's been frozen , you know , there's moisture in there so just cook it a little bit longer so that you can get rid of as much of the water as possible .

All right .

So for the stir fried virgin you need , of course , some more cauliflower rice .

These are just some frozen peas and carrots .

You can use fresh carrots and frozen peas .

It doesn't matter .

This is just a really cheap and delicious alternative .

That takes no time .

You need some chopped onion and this is a , this is just some ginger , uh some grated ginger .

It comes in a tube in the section but chopped ginger works just as well .

You need some scallions .

What I have here is a little teriyaki sauce , a little soy sauce and a splash of toasted sesame oil .

You need a couple of eggs and some uh vegetable oil .

Same skillet , getting that oil nice and hot to it .

I'm gonna add my onion and ginger .

Get that mixed in there .

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You just want this to cook until the onions start to become translucent .

I'm gonna add the peas and carrots and just let those cook until they're pretty much defrosted and warm through .

Alright .

Took my veggie mixture out with a slotted spoon , whatever was left in there is fine .

There's still some vegetable oil in there .

So I'm not gonna add any additional oil .

Now , I'm adding my eggs .

Now you can see I'm doing this in stages .

And that's because you need a lot of surface for the rice so that it can cook quickly and not turn into mush .

And if I were to add everything together , then you have a , a bigger risk of the rice turning mushi , which I don't want .

So I just cook them in stages and then mix everything together .

At the very last minute , my eggs are just about cooked and then I'm gonna remove those as well .

Adding in the rice .

I don't like to add any additional oil at this point .

I don't think it's necessary .

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I'm gonna cook this for about two minutes and then I'm gonna add pretty much the rest of the ingredients , add my veggies and the egg right back in , along with my sauces .

I just blended them together .

We'll combine them and just , just cook quickly one more minute just to warm the , you know , the sauce through and mix everything together and then you're done .

That's it .

And that's it just gonna remove this to my bowl .

Now , like I said , the thing that you need to keep in mind is that you wanna work with cauliflower rice very quickly .

Big pan , not any , you know , not a lot of moisture at all .

Otherwise it's gonna get mushy and just like that , you've got a side dish that will round out , sorry , I'm making a complete giant mess .

But you know , it's ok .

I live , I live here , I'm the one who has to clean it up , so it'll be fine .

Some chopped scallions on top for freshness .

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So , whether you're making anything like chicken or whatever , you've got your basic , your garlic and Parmesan and butter or if you're making some tacos or , or whatnot , then you've got your Spanish rice or Mexican rice .

I keep getting too confused but you get my drift and then you've got your stir fry , which is great , pretty much by itself or with some shrimp on top of it with some stir fried shrimp chicken , you know anything you want .

So these are your three basics that will round out any meal and you will not miss the rice at all .

And like I said , if you like this concept , if you like this video , give it a thumbs up , then let me know what other flavors you wanna see and then I can make a video like that again like this again in the kitchen dot com .

We have all the recipes are ready and waiting for you .

I hope you enjoy spending time with me and I'll see you next time .

Bye .


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