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2023-07-11 06:51:43


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Hey y'all .

Welcome back to Island Vibe cooking today .

I'll be making some quick and easy buttery steak bite .

Ok .

Keep on watching if you like to see it and let's get started to begin .

Let's start with the seasoning .

I am going to use about one teaspoon of each seasoning .

One teaspoon of garlic powder , one teaspoon of onion powder , one teaspoon of cayenne pepper , one teaspoon of chili powder .

Also you can use paprika but I I didn't use any paprika for this recipe .

Then I added some salt mix that together and then we'll move on to the state .

I am going to use some beef .

Yes , I did clean them myself , rinsed with lime and vinegar the Haitian way .

As always , once I am done cleaning it , I pat it dry .

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Now , I am going to add about three tablespoon of w sauce on there .

Just pour it all over it .

Trust me , this will be an awesome recipe .

Now , once I am done adding my double U sauce on there , I am going to pour all of the seasoning on there .

Ok .

Now once you're done adding all your seasoning on there , I am going to give it a quick mix and then I'll be covered .

Bring this with some saran wrap , place it in the fridge for about 10 minutes .

I want all my seasoning to melt into this beef because I want the beef to taste delicious .

Ok .

I am going to place it in the fridge for about 10 minutes .

Once you take it out , leave it out for about 5 to 10 minutes to cool down a little bit .

Now , in a cast iron or skillet , I am going to add 1 to 2 tablespoon of olive oil .

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Then place my beef on there .

Now , make sure it's nice and hot because you want a nice color onto your meat .

So make sure it's nice and hot .

We're going to cook the meat one minute per side .

OK ?

One minute per side , then flip it over .

Now , once the one minute is up , I added one tablespoon of unsalted butter in there , then you can turn off your stove by now .

Just let the butter melt so you can get all that buttery flavor into your steak bites .

Then you're ready to go .

Basically , that's the recipe .

It's quick .

I know it's so easy and it looks absolutely delicious and yes , indeed .

It tastes delicious .

This is the recipe .

Once you're done , just eat it .

That's all you have to do .

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Make sure you pour all your buttery sauce on there just to make it nice and juicy .

This is it hope you enjoy it .

I am going to eat .

I'll see you guys on my next one .

Bye .


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