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2023-07-11 06:53:53

Flame Grilled Ribeye Steak on the Ooni Karu

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All right , guys , It's , uh , Danny from barbecue land .

Uh , today we have got the new uni Kare .

Um , we've done an unboxing video of it , Showed you all the accessories , so go back and check them videos out as well .

Um , I've done an initial burn on this as well , so I've just put the gas burner in , let it burn for around about 30 minutes to burn off any residues on the metal and on the stone , etcetera .

Let it cool down .

And , uh , here we are .

So we're gonna be doing a rib eye steak using the , uh , sizzler pan , and , uh , we're gonna be doing it over some charcoal .

Beautiful .

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So in this instance , I'm gonna show you how we've set it up for charcoal cooking .

We've got our chimney , uh , installed .

Obviously .

We've got our fire box with a few pieces of charcoal and a fire lighter in there , and all we're gonna do you push that into the back of the oven , take the door out , making sure you can see the rear with the fire lighter in , and then we're gonna top it up with a few more bits of , uh , charcoal and this charcoal is gonna obviously give us a nice base .

You can throw some wood on top for extra flavour , depending on you know what you're cooking and what you would like .

Um , we're also gonna be using a infrared thermometer just to give us a rough idea on temperature on the stone and throughout the oven .

So we're gonna get this lit up .

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Well , now , now , that's obviously , uh , lit .

We're gonna leave that for around about 15 to 20 minutes to preheat in the chimney settings .

We've got this little bar here .

We just want to make sure it's facing down or up .

This puts the little flap of metal in the vertical position to allow the air flow through out .

When we put the door on again , that will be a chamber for air coming through the back and up the chimney .

So and then we can preheat it all .

We're gonna be using Angus and Oint , Texas steak .

This is the nuts on beef , Trust me .

So if we're just gonna season that up nicely , get that in there .

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Might say I'm just gonna let that soak into the , uh , steak while our oven is up .

to temperature .

We've got a little bit of olive oil , which we will put on , Um , when we come to put the steak into the sizzler pan .

Right ?

It's been about 15 minutes now , so we're gonna check the temperature roughly with our infrared thermometer .

Right around about 230 degrees at the sort of the front .

About 280 at the back .

So that's where I wanna be .

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So first things first , we're going to get the sizzle pan .

We're gonna place it in the oven just like that .

Put the lid on and we're gonna let that preheat for around about 10 minutes to get that cast on saturate with heat .

Let's check the inside .

What ?

The stone 2 50 cost on about 300 degrees somewhere like that .

So we're gonna take him out , place the door back on making sure we're keeping that heat in .

We're gonna a little bit of olive oil .

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Rub it all over the steak and on the other side , a lovely sear on that .

Now we can lift this back up , get that back into the oven , right .

You see how we're doing ?

We're gonna give it a flip .

That's it .

There .

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Look at that beautiful little flip straight back in there door on .

Probably for another minute , and we'll pull it out and rest .

It Been about another minute , so it's time to get this out .

Look at that .

Get him on there .

Lovely crust on that .

So we're going to pull him off , get him onto a cutting board .

I'm gonna let him rest for about 10 minutes .

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There we have lovely rib eye steak cooked on the over charcoal with a touch of hickory .

So , guys , I hope you enjoyed the video .

That's how I do a rib eye steak on the sizzler pan in the uni Karo over charcoal with a little bit of hickory wood to give it that extra bit of smoke .

You can pick these up at barbecue land dot co dot UK along with all the accessories from the uni range plus all their other models as well .

Um , please subscribe .

Like the video comment down below in the description box .

If you've got any questions .

So I'll see you next time .

Cheers .


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