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2023-07-08 09:07:51

Cook A 'Steakhouse' Steak at Home -

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Hey guys , welcome to Sea recipe .

Today .

We're gonna cook a strip loin steak .

Now you can pick these up in a grocery store , butcher shop , wherever you get your meat , they'll have them lots of different ways .

You can cook it .

Today .

We're gonna cook it in a pan .

You actually do get really nice results in a pan .

We're gonna cook it in a pan and using the oven .

Now , your pan , you want one with a thick , hard bottom , preferably all metal .

We are gonna put it in the oven .

So if you have a rubber handle or a plastic handle might not be your best bet .

First things first , you wanna start your oven .

Some steakhouses , their ovens actually run at 8 , 900 degrees .

Most household ovens won't do that .

So I'm gonna crank mine up as high as it goes .

So we got the oven on as high as it goes .

That's 550 degrees .

Whatever your oven does , that's what you can use while that's heating up .

We're gonna get the steak ready .

Now we're just gonna season it nice and basic .

We have salt and pepper .

That's what we're putting on it .

So this is salt going on right now .

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You do want to put quite a bit on here and you want to spread it out nice and even though you don't want to miss any parts of this , so once you have your steak nicely seasoned , it's time to get the pan going .

Now you're gonna turn this up as high as it goes and you really need to wait .

This pan needs to be really blazing hot before you put the steak in it .

So this will take a few minutes for that to heat up .

I forgot to mention beforehand , take your steak out 2030 minutes before you're about to cook it .

That's gonna let the meat all get to the same temperature from temperature .

You don't want a really , really cold center of the steak when you start to cook it because then it'll cook .

It'll be a little bit uneven because of different temperatures in the steak .

All right .

So we have our oven heated up as high as it's gonna go .

Now , if you take a look at the pan , you're seeing , it's just about to start smoking there .

Just a little tiny bit of smoke .

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This way , I'm gonna add a bit of olive oil and this is gonna start smoking immediately just a little bit .

So as soon as they swirl this around , now , this is where you want your fans on , for sure .

Spread the oil around .

Now , you want to lay your steak in away from you .

You don't want to do it towards you that way because if anything splashes up on you , you're going to get splattered with it .

Now , you'll see when I move this steak around , it's actually , it's not sticking at all .

It's because the pan is so hot that it actually doesn't have a chance to actually stick .

So if you're not too sure on how far your color has gone and stuff like that , just take the steak , take a look at it .

You can flip it over , you get a nice golden brown color on the top .

You want the same thing on both sides .

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If it starts getting too hot , if it's going to start burning the edges , if you don't think it's going to just color anymore , you want to turn your burner down a little bit at this point .

Yeah .

Now you also want to see the inside of the steak as well .

So you can take the steak and flip it up on its side .

Let it sear that as well .

We're gonna flip it over and into the back side as well .

Get that fat melting down , get a nice good color on it and make it taste really nice .

So check out the sides , you want a nice , good color on it .

If you're not happy with the color , if you want a little bit more color , just put it right back on , give it another minute .

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So once you're happy with the color , we can take the steak and we're going to throw it in the oven .

Do want to check this part way through , make sure it's not burning , make sure everything is going how we want it to .

So have a look at it .

You'll see there's more color on both sides .

You can feel it with your tongues .

Now , this is where you want to check if it's done , have a feel and feel if that's the correct doneness for how you want .

Now , that's feeling pretty good for me .

Now , I'm gonna turn the oven off .

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So once you six out of the oven , take it , throw it on a plate and you're gonna let it rest , you want it to sit for probably four or five minutes , just let the juices redistribute and it actually will finish cooking it the rest of the way as well .

Now , a good way to tell if this is done to your liking is to actually feel it .

You can use your finger and see the firmness of the steak .

Now , if you use your hand and feel the uh , the muscle in your hand , it'll give you an idea of how done the steak actually is .

So your index finger , say rare , middle finger , medium rare , ring finger , moving up to medium inside of your pinky getting mid well , and then the far side of your pinky , nice and well done the , the stiffer it is , the more done it is .

So just by feeling it should know that this steak is very close to a medium rare medium , which is exactly what I'm going for .

That's my personal preference .

So a few notes on cooking a steak with your oven up very high .

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It's not gonna take very long in there to get to medium is for a steak this size and for the temperature , my oven was running at probably only five , maybe six minutes at most .

Another important thing to note is this pan will be very hot and if you're not used to putting a pan in the oven , it will be very tempting to just grab that , especially if you have kids in the kitchen or anybody else in the kitchen with you .

As soon as you take the pan out , never take the cloth off the pan .

Always just leave it covering part of the pan .

You're gonna take the steak out right away anyway , cover part of the pan , leave it aside .

Make sure nobody touches it .

If they do , it's already covered , you don't have to worry about it .

Other than that , that should be everything you need to know about how to cook a steak properly as close as you can to how they do in the steak house .

Enjoy guys .


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