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2023-07-11 07:10:05

How to make white bread WITH ALL PURPOSE FLOUR _ TRADITIONAL white bread recipe _ BEST BREAD RECIPE

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Hi , everyone and welcome to my kitchen .

My name is Rosanna .

And today before we get started , I want to take the time to thank each and every one of you for showing your support by subscribing , liking , commenting and watching my recipes know that it means the world to me .

And the purpose for each recipe is to make a difference in your life .

And in your kitchen having said that let's talk about today's recipe .

I'm gonna be making a love of white bread .

It only has a few ingredients .

You just need to perfect the technique .

Once you have that down , you're gonna want to make your own bread because there's just no comparison in flavor and freshness .

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OK , let's get working .

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Our first step is a very important one in a medium size bowl .

Combine an eighth of a cup of warm water and a nah of a cup of warm whole milk from the one cup we will be using for the recipe .

Make sure the temperature for the water and milk mixture is between 100 and 5 to 100 and 10 degrees .

If it is below 100 and five , the yeast will not activate .

If above 100 and 10 degrees , you can kill it .

Make sure the temperature is on point for a grade end result , Sprinkle two teaspoons of dry active yeast in a pinch of granulated white sugar which feeds the yeast .

Give it a quick mix .

After a few minutes , it will start to bubble in foam .

If it doesn't , I suggest you discard it and patiently start over next in a mixing bowl .

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Add one cup of all purpose flour , one tablespoon of granulated white sugar , 1.5 teaspoon of salt .

The remaining of the one cup of whole milk mentioned earlier and one tablespoon of melted unsalted butter , transfer the bowl to the mixer and mix with a paddle attachment for about one minute on medium low .

The end result should be smooth and creamy .

This looks perfect .

10 minutes have gone by .

Let's check the yeast .

It's foamy and bubbly yeast is a living substance if proved correctly .

It will cause the glue to expand into flour and your bread will rise beautifully .

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Add the activated yeast plus half a cup of all purpose flour mix for another minute on medium low .

Now start adding the rest of the flour , a quarter cup at a time , wait for it to incorporate , then add your second amount .

Now we're ready for the third and final quarter cup .

In addition , we're adding three tablespoons of all purpose flour one at a time as well .

The dough will start to slightly pull away from the sides of the bowl after the last edition , but not enough .

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It will still be sticky at this stage at this point , change the paddle to a hook attachment and need for another five minutes until smooth elastic and the dough does not stick to the sides .

It's been five minutes and mission accomplished .

The dough is not sticking to the sides .

We're going to add two tablespoons of soft room temperature , unsalted butter .

One at a time once most of it has been absorbed , add the second tablespoon and wait until the dough comes back together , then stop the mixer .

The dough should feel very soft .

We are now ready to proof the dough in a deep bowl .

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But first butter the bottom and sides to prevent anything from sticking , set the bowl aside and lightly flour , your working area transfer and mold the dough into a ball by slightly applying pressure while rotating once done , placed in the buttered container , turning to cover lightly in the butter .

This way , it does not dry out when proofing cover with plastic wrap that has been sprayed to prevent sticking or if your bowl is deep enough you can cover with a clean kitchen towel like so place in a warm area until it has doubled in size .

The time will depend on the temperature in your house .

If it's cold , it may take longer but just be patient and give it time .

The estimated time could be between 1.5 to 2.5 hours .

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Meanwhile , spray a nine by five loaf pan and set aside until we need it .

Once your dough has doubled in size , you can move on to the molding stage , lightly flour , your working area and carefully transfer the dough .

Look how spongy it looks .

This makes me super excited .

We can see the yeast is working on the structure which will give us a soft and airy texture .

Pat it down into a long rectangle .

It should be pretty easy to mold if proved correctly .

It will not be resistant .

Ok .

So the rectangle measured about 12 inches long by nine inches wide just to give you an idea , take the top portion and fold down two thirds of the way .

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Now take the lower portion and fold upward until it reaches the end where we will tuck and pinch to create our seam .

By the way , know that the full recipe will be down in the description area for your convenience .

Gently turn up so that the seam is on top and not the side .

Our cameraman got a little confused for a second .

No worries .

It happens even to the best families fold the ends over on opposite sides and pinch to seal them once done , pat it very lightly and flip over so that the seam lands on the bottom and you end up with a smooth top .

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Now covered with a well sprayed plastic wrap .

Don't use a kitchen towel since we are looking for it to proof and crown over the top .

The sprayed wrap will prevent any sticking place in a warm area for the final proof again .

And the time it will take really depends on the temperature of the room in a warm place .

Mines took about an hour and a half .

By the way , I loosened the plastic wrap as well to give it room to grow since I may have done it too tight at first , once doubled in size and you see it crowning over the top , beautifully , remove the plastic carefully and bake at a 375 degree oven for 18 to 22 minutes or until the inside of the bread reaches 100 and 90 degrees and a golden brown color is achieved one ST removed from the oven and placed in a cooling rack .

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There is no time to waste .

We have to remove the bread from the mold to prevent the bottom from steaming .

Be careful , it's hot .

So make sure you are protected and ensure you don't get burned .

Take some soft butter and spread evenly .

Over the top , allowing the heat to melt it .

As a result , you will achieve a glossy and tempting top .

I know this is hard , but we need to let it cool down completely before cutting into it .

Make sure it stays in the rack to ensure there is no steam trapped that could potentially soften the bottom .

The time we have been waiting for is finally here and it was worth the wait , check it out .

It's mind blowing and I get so excited .

I'm constantly smiling at each of the stages and relaxing during the proofing time .

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Overall , I enjoy , enjoy it very much .

Baking your own bread , could be intimidating , overcome the fear and don't miss out on the softest , fluffiest and freshest bread you will ever have .

Once you master the steps , there's no going back .

The whole experience is so exciting .

It's so good guys .

The time and effort you put into this recipe is well worth it .

I hope you enjoyed this video .

Don't forget you can follow me on Facebook and Instagram .

Remember to come back and let me know how it went down in the comment area .

Thank you so much for watching and have a wonderful rest of your day .


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