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2023-07-10 08:48:04

Cooking a Tomahawk Steak on a side burner Is it possible

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Hey , what's up guys ?

It's Trevor with emerge fireplaces and outdoor living .

Today .

I wanted to spend a couple of minutes and talk about side burners .

Now , the Napoleon freestanding grill is our best selling freestanding brand .

And we have so many consumers tell us that they don't use a side burner and I can't argue with them .

They say they don't really find much use for them .

And the fact of the matter is , is the regular sideburn will show you a close up of another one .

They are useless .

They put out very little heat .

They don't really do much .

And it's not like you're sitting there sauteing your mushrooms right next to your cheeseburgers or whatever .

But the Napoleon side burner is a different animal .

In fact , I'd call , I didn't even say side burner is a bad word for it .

So we're not gonna call it a side burner .

They call it their sizzle zone .

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So any customer that cooks any sort of red meat at all , you're gonna want this side burner and we're gonna show you why is because it's all ceramic .

So it's gonna be all infrared heat .

We're gonna , it show you how hot it is and it gets from 12 to 1800 degrees , they say so that is perfect for searing red meats .

So it's a different animal .

And if you cook any sort of red meat , you like searing steak , you are gonna want , want this .

And we're going to demonstrate just how impactful of a burner this can be .

And I thought there's no better way to demonstrate the power of this side burner than to cook a Tomahawk steak on it .

So we are gonna cook this monster of a steak and we're only gonna cook it on the side burner .

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Um So we're gonna demo that and show you that this side burner is such a cool tool and can give us restaurant quality steaks and really you got to have it and this isn't a plug or anything like that .

But our sales pitch , but when I'm using a Napoleon grill , I use the side burner predominantly , especially when it comes to red meats .

So we're going to throw this on the grill and show you just what a good job it can do cooking on the side burner .

So let's put this on the grill .

The truth of the matter is that I really have no interest in telling you guys the power of the side burner .

I just want an excuse to cook a Tomahawk steak for lunch .

So , no , just kidding .

Let's get this on the grill and get it fired up .

So we got our side burner fired up again .

This is ceramic burner .

I hit it with our gun so I could see our temperature .

Unfortunately , this guy maxes out at 7 62 .

And so we're maxing out this gun , so it's not working .

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So anyways just trust us that we're above 760 we've let it preheat for a little bit .

It is definitely hot .

What we're going to do is you can see , I put a rub on here .

I just like heavy salt and pepper .

This is a Saskatchewan rub , which is basically just super peppery .

I like to put a lot of rub on because when we get this restaurant quality sea , it's gonna lock all those juices in .

But obviously it's going to overheat the outside of this when we're doing a steak this big , we're not just doing a small little steak .

So what I'm going for , this is just my personal taste .

I like a really crispy salty crunchy bark on the outside and then nice , medium rare on the inside by doing this high heat .

This is what we're going to accomplish .

And for some reason you don't like that , you still want to sear it on your side burner and then just move it over to your regular grill and just cook it that way if you don't like a nice crispy crunch on the outside .

So we have our Bluetooth thermometer , we're gonna put this in .

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So we know exactly when to pull this guy .

So we'll keep track of it this way .

So let's get the close up going and we'll put it on the grill .

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So you see , we have our Bluetooth thermometer , so we're at 123 degrees .

We're going to pull it now and let it rest and then after it rests for 20 minutes or so , we should be at that perfect medium rare 1 30 temperature .

So you can see we got that nice crust on it and then what's really cool about this ?

Infrared is the flare ups just sort of dissipate away because it's so hot .

The grease just sort of incinerates .

So you get a quick little flare up .

But like I said , if you don't like all this chunky crust , which I don't know why you wouldn't .

It's awesome .

Uh , just put it over on the regular grill , but , uh , we'll see , we're gonna double wrap this , take it inside , do a taste test and see it's a side burner , side burner can actually cook a Tomahawk steak .

Ok , guys .

So we just got this out .

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I got Tate here and Brandon with me and they're gonna help me taste this .

Now again , we are not professional chefs or anything .

We're just some guys that sell barbecues .

So I don't know if this is the right way to cook this thing , but we're going to open it up now and , uh , see what we're dealing with .

Ok .

So we're gonna cut it open this , we have some Jacobson salt that's gonna flavor it pretty well .

And again , what we're going for here is not only could the side burner cook a full tomahawk .

Um , but when you sear , you get that initial sear , that's when we get that restaurant quality product where it's nice and juicy and locks in those juices .

So you can see we have this nice layer of bark here and then a perfect sort of pink , medium rare on the inside here .

Ok .

So I'm cutting off some pieces for these guys .

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And what I want to know is I want to hear from you guys .

Would you , you spent 102 100 bucks at a steakhouse ?

Would you be happy with this ?

So take a bite of that .

Tell me what you think .

Hm .

Mhm .

So you got the juice ?

Yeah , it's definitely juicy .

That's perfect .

Oh yeah , it's really tender too .

Yeah , that's what I like it .

It's super tender and you get that nice crunch .

That bark is really flavorful .

Yeah , problem is is outside .

We burned it so good to get that nice crunch .

I think we lose some of the saltiness .

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A little bit sprinkled some salt on it .

Ok .

Now we got some salt on here .

You need to grab a piece with salt .

So what's the , what's the verdict guys ?

Delicious ?

Is that uh your ordinary side burner ?

No , no , we'd say that's not your grandmother's side burner on that grill .

So , we did a full tomahawk .

What , what was the brand of 64 ounce ?

Yeah , it was like £4.04 pound steak .

But we never turned the main burner on and you're completely satisfied with this .

Yeah , I spend $100 on that .

Yeah .

So , we never turn the grill on .

That should show you how important that side burner is if you cook in any sort of red meat .

So when people come in here and say I never use a side burner , that's because you don't have a Napoleon side burner .

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So come check out these infrared side burners for yourself .

Come and cook on them yourself too .

Come try them out .

We're in the Denver Metro area , Westminster Colorado and you can find us at uh on our website at www dot embers living dot com .

Uh You can call or text or staff at 303 805 659 .

I got to end this video because I got some steak to eat .

Thanks so much for checking out this video .

Look at that window .

Hey guys , thanks so much for checking out this video .

Make sure to hit that subscribe button .

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