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2023-07-08 09:08:09

Wagyu GRILLED vs PAN SEARED - Steak Battle!

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Welcome back to Foods .

Everybody .

You know , a lot of people have always asked me on the comment section if you did not have so or a grill .

How would you cook a steak ?

Today is the day I get to share with you .

My take on an indoor steak , check it out for today's cook .

I'm gonna be using this beautiful Australian wa score Marbling seven .

And when you're purchasing it from your supplier , this is what they look like when they come in .

As you can see the marbling is just ridiculous .

This is the grilled steak and I'm seasoning it with salt pepper and garlic powder .

Now , I know where you're thinking .

Oh my God Google only see one side .

No , no , no , no , no .

I always season both sides .

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A lot of people have asked me about my wireless thermometer and I really never talk about it too much .

I just love to use it .

But today I was so happy that I got my new thermometer , which is the meter plus and the difference is that the meter one connects directly to your phone .

However , the meter plus the base connects to your phone and the probe itself connects to the base .

So in essence , you have a better connection than the regular meter and I'm trying it out for the first day today and I'm super pumped .

One of the biggest advice I'm going to give it to you using this thermometer is be sure to stick it all the way through .

Do not put just a little bit , if not , you want to get an accurate reading .

Now , for the indoor steak , I am only seasoning with salt and pepper because I'm gonna finish with thyme and garlic on the pan and to ensure both steaks are cooked to the exact same temperature .

I am using my meter on this one as well .

And my setup is pretty simple .

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I started off with a baking tray and a cooling rack , adding my steak which will be cooked the same exact temperature as my cooker outside , which is 300 F .

Now that we have these beautiful steaks ready , it is time to cook them up .

So let's do it .

As you can see both steaks look exactly the same even though one was cooked indoor and the other one outdoors , but now it is time to sear them .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So let's do it to finish the indoor steak .

I threw in some butter , garlic and thyme .

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We have our here ready guys .

Are you ready ?

I'm ready ?

All right .

So we have A and B and I wanna know which one you guys like best if there's any different enough talking .

I know you guys want us to try it .

You ready ?

Go for it , go for it .

Go the other one .

Let's go for this one first .

Ok , I get the little very good , super , super soft .

Well , the flavor on this is good .

Here's the thing with you guys .

Tell me if you agree with me , you bite on it , it explodes , it explodes .

That's how works .

You bite on it , everybody , it just explodes it juicy as hell .

Yeah .

You like it ?

I love it .

I mean , I'm gonna go for another and we don't know .

Right .

Let's go for the next one .

Go for the next one and tell me if there's any difference .

Go for it .

Mm .

Uh-oh .

You like that one better ?

This one tastes more smoky , smoky .

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You and what do you think ?

Charcoal , bro ?

I'm surprised he because today I think I like this one a little bit more .

Really ?

How come the flavor is different ?

It doesn't taste like uh like it's just plain or anything .

It has like a , it has its own .

So you prefer this one versus this one today today ?

Yep .

Wow .

I'm so you OK .

Now I actually like , oh , me too .

Charcoal 100% man .

What's up with you ?

This is one was made it in the pan .

It's good , man .

Look , it is good .

Not gonna lie .

If you don't have a grill , get a grill .

But obviously a lot of people live in an apartment and you cannot get a grill and I believe this is a perfect way for you to cook a steak if you don't have one because it is good .

Oh , it is good .

Now you're just missing that smoky flavor in that you know that charcoal flavor but I think I could fix that .

I could I think so .

Let's try something .

Alright .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

We got a little if you live in an apartment , this is your next best thing and we're going to basically smoke it everybody and this is how I do it .

Put this on top , grab your smoke gun , stick it in here on the side .

There you go .

Put very little .

You don't wanna put too much because trust me you will smoke very little just about a pinch .

Put the fire on , turn it on .

That's cool .

I like it pretty cool .

Huh ?

There you go .

Don't smoke that Angel Angel .

It doesn't smell good though .

It doesn't smell like a bad smoke or anything like smack .

It smells quite , it's a pleasant smell .

So it's ok to do it indoors .

That's what it was designed to do .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Now , a lot of people always ask me when I use the smoke gun , how long should I leave it there ?

Obviously , the longer you leave it there , the more smoky flavor you will have .

I normally only leave it about two minutes no more than that .

And it does the trick after a few minutes .

Everybody we probably pass what , like , maybe one or two minutes no more than that .

You don't need to leave it too long and it's time for the review .

Are you ready ?

Kayla ?

Mm .

And you know , and then very good .

Now try it and tell me , tell me what you think it's good .

But I like this one .

But do you feel the smokiness ?

You angel ?

You feel the smokiness ?

This one is like a char flavor .

This one is like a nice wood smoke flavor .

Angel .

You still like this one better .

Yeah , there you go .

Everybody .

That's your results .

They are both fantastic .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

If you don't have a grill , go ahead and cook it this way .

But if you have a grill , I don't think a grill can be replaced guys .

I hope you enjoyed the video .

If you do make sure to give it a thumbs up .

If you're not a subscriber , be sure to subscribe for future videos and remember if you're interested in anything I use .

Everything is on the description down below .

Now , here's the question .

I love to know how you cook your steak .

If you don't have a grill .

Comment below and let me know .

I also made a little potatoes over here everybody and there's nothing better than potato and steak .

You guys agree .

Kayla , tell me the truth .

Don't lie .

A lot of people don't know .

Kayla .

A lot of people do .

This is Kayla , everybody and just girlfriend .

Anyway , Kayla , tell me the truth .

Don't lie .

Tell me the truth .

Which one do you like better ?

Australian ?

Yu .

Number score seven or Japanese yu A five .

You had both .

You gotta put them side by side .

These people guys , they wanna put it next to each other .

See you on the next one .

Everybody .

I wanna be in that video .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I'm sure she does see you on the next one .

We are out .

Bye .


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