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2023-07-10 08:39:52

Pasta & Peas, Classic Italian Recipe - The Pasta Queen

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Hi , everyone .

Welcome to another episode with the pasta queen and the pastor , bro .

So listen , guys , I just noticed that um I didn't just notice I know that I have this video and it just went viral on Tik Tok today .

I'm going to make it for you on youtube with all measurements and details to the last final little piece .

Who ingredients ?

So I'm using peas today and you can use them either frozen and cook them a little bit or fresh in Italy .

The season for peas is may and June , you know , we're in July so we're gonna squeeze them in .

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So anyways , this is a really special recipe because the pasta is gonna be cooked in the cream of peas sauce straight in the pot .

So let's go through the ingredients with you 100 g of peas per person .

Then we have a quarter onion for two people .

We're going to be using 30 g of cheese to per person and one egg for a two people portion .

OK ?

I'm gonna show you all in a minute , but you're gonna be so blown away .

You're gonna need a scrunch of pepper , of course .

OK .

Let's get right into it .

So , first thing , first , extra virgin olive oil , about three tablespoons .

Now we're gonna add the quarter onion .

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He put up an onion in .

Why are you doing this to me for this recipe ?

You're gonna need a little side pot with some cooking water boiling as we , because we're gonna be adding the water to the peas as they cook .

So get your little pot of water next to you boiling , we're going to have the onions and we're gonna stir fry them until they're nice and transparent .

It's gonna be taking you about 10 minutes .

No , no , few minutes .

No .

So , so let's just stir fry these onions for three Roman minutes .

That's an undefinable length of time .

Guys .

Now guys , you're gonna stir fry them until they're nice and transparent but not burned at all .

They can't be brown .

It will change the taste .

OK ?

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So one in one interesting um I don't know a little story about this recipe .

I just really love it because it's a way to eat these nice um vegetable , which is peas .

So I love it because it's sweet and delicious in a way that would be even more flavorful .

And I wanted to show it to you uh because he's got a very interesting technique of cooking .

OK ?

I got it when I was born .

I was doing totally fine and then he came along and interrupted me .

Oh I said interrupted and he interrupted me .

Now we're going to be adding 100 g of peas per person .

Let's go for this recipe .

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I obviously couldn't find any fresh peas here because I just couldn't .

I used this frozen peas and first let them defrost a little bit of a low flame in this little cute pot .

Threw them right in .

Didn't need anything .

Now , are generous amount of salt and a scrunch of black peppercorn .

I like to freshly grind these peppercorns .

So scrunch your pepper and we're taking a generous amount of hot , boiling cooking water and we're adding it to the peas .

You ready ?

Check this out .

Yeah , and needs to have the sound when it goes in .

OK ?

So if you're not in the mood , just get in the mood .

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Don't interrupt me and remember the reason why we're adding a little bit of extra water before he interrupts me is because we're actually going to be blending the piece in a second .

So stay tuned because you wanna be seeing that and we're going to be using this sauce of creamy peas to cook your pasta in it as this is going on .

I wanna answer a couple of Tik Tok questions I had about this specific pasta .

First one was I find Pecorino doesn't melt properly and as clamps is that bad or is that normal for to do that ?

Ok .

So one thing that I always advise is to grate the Pecorino ultra fine .

It needs to be like a little fairy dust .

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So look , the Pecorino is on the , the the smallest setting for grating the cheese just like desert sand .

The peas have now been cooking for 15 minutes and we're ready to blend them .

Let's go .

We're putting most of the piece in the blender and just living a little bit .

Ok ?

And now we blend them .

Ok .

Once the pieces are blended , all we do is put them through a strainer and make sure all the shells are left behind and all we get back into the pot is the cream , a smooth , beautiful pea cream back in it .

OK ?

So we're gonna get all the peas into the strainer and now we start mixing it in so that we leave behind all the skins .

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We want the best , most creamiest amazing sauce to go into the pan .

This , this will take you probably a couple of minutes only just like mac and cheese is super creamy .

We want our mac and peas to be even more creamy .

I think this is a very important part because it makes the actual sauce perfect .

Someone asked me if they could skip the blending and do it by hand and just mash the piece .

But I think this is important because it keeps all the skin out of it and it makes it for a better smoother finish .

So as you can see now we got the cream of peas mixed in with some whole piece that we left in .

At this point , I had a little bit of cooking water just to top it off because in a minute , we're gonna be putting our pasta in and we want enough water .

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So have your water next to you and add as needed .

OK , another question I had on the Tik Tok video for this pasta was why is it that you put the pasta in the sauce and cook the pasta in it ?

Isn't it true that you have to always cook the pasta first in water ?

Yes , of course .

That is the usual way .

We do things but this is a special way to cook your pasta .

We use the short pasta .

It's called pasta , which means it's cooked the same way that rice is cooked .

So you put the rice in and then you add the water .

We're doing the same thing .

We're gonna put the pasta inside our cream sauce and add a little bit of water as we go .

I really love this pasta .

This is called to bake and it's always slow dried .

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A low temperature is wonderful pasta and it's gonna be really short and I'll just give it that kind of like um creamy finish and I'm gonna show you it's gonna be magical just like you are .

I'm pouring in about 100 and 20 g of pasta per person .

And now the fun begins , we start cooking it and they all see it start doubling its size .

But you see how you just keep it like this and you have your pot right next to you because you're gonna need some of the water and you're gonna have to really eyeball it .

You're not gonna let it do its sting and walk away .

Ok ?

So this is the point where you are looking and you're keeping here and you just keep stirring until the pasta is perfectly cooked .

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It's perfectly cooked this way of cooking the pasta .

It actually tends to make the pasta stick a little bit more to the , to the bottom of the pan .

So you wanna make sure you don't leave it too long there .

So you wanna be stirring the pasta very often .

Don't leave it for more than two minutes and unattended .

Un Yeah .

Don't leave it for more than two minutes unattended because you will start sticking to the bottom .

So you need to be involved in this process .

It's like a marriage guys like a marriage , like a marriage with your pastor .

Yeah .

Can't just let it do its thing .

You gotta do stuff .

You know , you gotta like take your girl out , give it a little bit of water , maybe some cheese on it , you know .

So you see what's happening , the pasta is now absorbed most of the water .

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You know , at this point , you add a little bit of more cooking water so that it gives the pasta a chance to grow a little bit more OK ?

And to finish its cooking , OK ?

Now let's salt it abundantly just like you would if you're putting your pasta in the pasta water .

OK ?

Remember that we're gonna be adding cheese in a minute .

So you have to always be careful with the amount of salt you use because obviously you're gonna add in the cheese .

One of the cheeses we're using is and is a bit saltier .

So just be careful with that .

Wow , this pasta is so incredible .

Just like you are .

Ok , obviously , because you can't leave the pot .

It is really good to have an assistant just like him to keep stirring it so that you can do some other stuff in between .

You know what I'm saying ?

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Checking your phone , doing your stuff right .

Next question by John Leone .

Mine came out a little pasty .

Should I have added some water in the end to prevent that ?

Or was it too much egg ?

I personally think you should have added a little bit more water .

And that's why you need an assistant because that way if you just have to go to the restroom or whatever , he is always with his eyes on it and you can add enough water to make it the perfect creamy consistency .

All right .

Now we add the one egg to the cheese and we whisk it together when I get a nice cream , the pasta is one minute from being ready .

Now we add the egg and cheese mix .

It's just perfect .

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You finish off the last minute of cooking , mixing the egg and the cheese .

The pasta is so hot that we'll cook the egg into a cream but not scramble it .

And this is what you do .

You just mix it all in and it goes everywhere and you're done .

It smells delicious , guys .

Let's plate it .

Oh my God .

It's so creamy .

And that's really the biggest thing about this pasta is it's creaminess .

You want it nice and creamy .

A scrunch of pepper .

Mm And you're ready to serve it just like this guys .

All right guys .

It is the moment we've all been waiting for let me just taste it .

He's obviously already been doing it .

Oh my God .

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It's so good guys .

I'm sorry .

I'm gonna be ending off a little sooner today because I gotta go and eat .

This one is I love you guys .

Please follow us on tiktok .

Link down below in the description and keep rocking and stay gorgeous .

Yes , baby .

Who ?


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