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2023-07-10 09:21:40

How to cook Rice-a-Roni

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Hey guys Smith here and I'm here to show you how to cook some nice rice roni .

In this case , it's the chicken flavor .

It's very simple about how you do who ?

So if you know what you're doing , of course , this is basically a video instructions booklet .

You could say I'm using a cast iron skillet with this somewhat larger top here , but it works pretty fine from what I've tried so far , it's a nice cast iron skillet .

The classic type that any large skillet will do .

Your main ingredients are two tablespoons of butter or margarine , 2.5 cups of water and the rice roni box itself which contains in the main box , a rice Mische rice and pasta called Vermicelli Chef .

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It's actually pasta uh at all really though and also a special seasonings packet .

OK .

So let's get locked in here .

So you need to start off by taking your butter and the rice , putting them in the skillet and heating them on medium .

So let me do a quick adjustment of this camera here .

So uh here we go see that the main rice component and here comes the butter .

I use this small rubber spatula to help evacuate it .

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No getting it all as much of his own as possible and hold the phone like so .

And now you hit at me , you basically fry it at medium , staring slowly and gently .

Go ahead and mix .

Keep helping us .

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Yeah , it's starting to cook when you start hearing the sizzling .

So I'll be back when it starts the sizzling pot .

Ok .

So now that we got the uh butter and rice and pasta mix mixed up and integrated as you can hear , it is starting to sizzle and now you keep cooking like this until the the chili tends golden brown .

So we'll be back when that starts to happen .

As you can see most of them at Shelly is now golden brown just where we need it .

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So now we carefully add in the water very carefully because you know we're in a frying pan here that are trying to hide the come back .

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Yeah .

00 I see .

Stop me that .

OK .

A little bit overdone but not too bad .

Right .

Yes .

Just brush that it .

And I think we can just finish the rest and there we go .

That's the water .

And now we also add the special seasoning .

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I'm gonna take this off for now , get it out .

See it's open and now we add it in care .

This is kind of not pack and all the season things kind of came together by now .

But at least it still tastes pretty good .

So I last a long time .

So I got my big spa here .

I'm using it actually all that much .

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And now we integrate the seasoning mix into the rest of the .

I've got a little bit on the sides here , a little bit of water and stuff on the side so I can easily clean out when I'm done .

I need to right now as I finish mixing gas and see stuff coming up so little better .

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And now it's kind of turned into broth darn who have lost a bit of that .

I'm not the best at stirring things , you know .

I'm not exactly a pasta chef anyways , I'm gonna clean this mess here up and I will let this come to a boil as you can see , we're now coming up to a pretty nice spoil .

So we're not gonna lower the temperature up here to know .

Right .

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So we shall cover everything up and for about a minutes at a time here .

And I have that here .

For example , this I think does have a timer , but I do have my ipad in a sense about 18 minutes .

So in about 18 minutes , it should be close to done and I'll let you know the results when this timer finishes .

OK ?

It looks like our stuff's done .

Our rice around looks quite finished .

Let's give it a stir and see how .

Oh , yeah , nice and moist .

Oh , yeah , this is perfect .

Perfect .

Perfect .

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Perfect .

All right .

I'm using some , some of it for lunch now and I'll put the rest in for storage for earning of time .

So , uh anyways , that's how to make rice a roni pretty easy stuff , isn't it ?

All right .

So , anyways , I'll see you next time .

Well , I'll do something else .

Uh , probably something electronic related because that's kind of more my forte .

I'm not that experienced of a cook .

Anyways , one quick tip before we go , the post boiling cooking process pot can actually vary depending on how much of a boy you've brought it to and just your power of your uh cooking device , your stovetop uh 15 to 20 minutes is fragmented time .

I give it 18 .

It's about right in the middle .

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So to add on both sides of caution , you know , 15 may be too short .

8 20 may be a bit too long .

So to air on both sides of cautions , I could have said for 17 30 but most of my time is can't really go that precise , but it still , it works pretty well .

So anyway , so let me give this a quick taste .

Perfect .

Hi .

Yeah , perfect Rice Roi in about hm , 30 minutes or so .

Maybe an hour depending on how long it takes over all but still pretty easy to make .

It's been Jacob Smith signing off for now .


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