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2023-07-07 13:46:25

Quick Pasta in Red Sauce _ रेड सॉस पास्ता रेसिपी _ Penne Arrabiata _ Kunal Kapur Tomato Sauce Recipe

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Today on my menu , Penny Arabia .

Today we are cooking Penne Arabia .

It's a world favorite .

And Arabia is an Italian word which means angry , angry because chili flakes or fresh red chilies .

First , we need to blanch the tomatoes for that boiled water blanching .

A tomato means that you give a little cut on the backside of the tomato .

A criss cross put them in boiling water for 10 to 15 seconds .

Take them out and put them in chilled water .

What it does ?

It loosens their skin and you can peel the tomato .

Alright .

Water is boiling .

Just drop your tomatoes carefully by the clock 10 seconds .

That's it .

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All right .

If you have some chilled water , keep chilled water ready .

Now , we're gonna retain this water because we need to boil our pasta .

So let it boil in the meantime , let's just peel away our tomatoes .

Now's the time to chop them .

Also , we will be seeded .

We proceed to make Arabia sauce pan , add good quantity of olive oil .

We've got some garlic so you crush them , smash them and then just roughly chop them .

Arabia is tomatoes , chilies , garlic , olive oil , all of garlic .

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Advance into the pan .

Be careful not to burn the garlic .

You need to lightly cook it .

Keep chili flakes ready chili , light swirl and tomatoes .

Let the tomatoes cook .

In the meantime , we boil the pasta .

N goes a pasta , some olive oil and a generous pinch of salt .

Now , pasta by the clock , eight minutes grain it strain it , put straight into the sauce .

Look at all those flavors , garlic , tomato , chili , some salt for their Arabia sauce .

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Now we screen it the moment you strain it , it goes straight into the sauce .

Just a quick tip .

Make sure that your pasta is not over saucy .

That's not how Italians eat .

Look at that beautiful .

Now , some parsley chop it up and it goes and give it a gentle toss check for seasoning .

Perfect .

Make sure your pasta has a bite .

Don't over boil it .

Remember after turning off the heat ?

Great , nice Parmesan .

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Beautiful Arabi spicy and up done .


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