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2023-07-08 09:29:17

JASMINE RICE - How to make Perfect JASMINE RICE Instructions

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Welcome .

I'm Ronda with Foods 101 today , I'm showing you how to make this jasmine rice .

It's a long grain rice that's very well known for its fragrance and its taste .

It's one of my favorites .

Now to get this started , you're gonna need a cup and a half of water .

One cup of jasmine rice , one tablespoon of olive oil .

Or if you have canola oil , you may use that too and a half teaspoon of kosher salt use kosher salt .

It makes all the difference in the world .

Now , over here to the oven top , add your water to a four quart sauce pan with the oil and salt and bring this to a boil over high heat as we're waiting for the water to boil .

Just want you to know you're gonna need a tight fitting lid for the top of your sauce pan here .

Now that the water's boiling , you're gonna add your rice , give it one stir with your fork .

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Bring it to a boil again .

Once it begins boiling again , we're adding that tight fitting lid .

We're reducing our heat to low and we're gonna time it for 15 minutes .

So use your timer .

15 minutes are up on the rice .

Turn off my timer and let all that steam escape .

Look how lovely and beautiful .

That is the perfect rice every single time .

Great with stir fry .

Oh , my goodness .

And if you could be here in my kitchen right now and smell the aroma .

Oh , my goodness .

I can't wait to tell you what it's gonna taste like .

Gonna give it a taste all my yummies .

I'm gonna put a little bit more on there .

Oh , it's one of my favorites .

So steamy and hot .

Let's go .

Wow .

Mm .

The aromatic smells are just phenomenal .

Hey , y'all , I'm Deanna with foods 101 .

Hope you give this a try .

Thanks for watching .

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I'll catch you next time .


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