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2023-07-10 08:48:35

How to Cook a Ribeye Steak on a Weber Kettle Grill Using Reverse Sear

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In this video , how to make a beautiful juicy , perfectly cooked edge to edge rib eye steak .

And you'll see how juicy that is .

And this will really work on any thick cut of meat .

But we're gonna be using a rib eye here and the steak is about an inch and a half thick .

And we're gonna start by seasoning with kosher salt , grated garlic and black pepper , all of which is optional except for the salt .

Now , if you have time , I'm try and season the steak about at least a couple of hours before , if not the day before .

Because what will happen is as that salt dissolves , it'll start to migrate into the center of the steak , partially dissolving some of the protein filaments allowing those protein filaments to hold on to more moisture during the cooking process .

Leading to a more juicy steak , which is what we all want .

Right now , here , I have a standard 22 inch Webber kettle with a chimney full of blue bag charcoal .

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And right now I'm just using this chimney to measure out the amount of charcoal that I'll be using , which is basically the whole chimney about 80 briquettes .

And I'm going to place most of this unlit charcoal on one side of my kettle grill and arrange it .

So it's kind of nice and stacked and not , uh , sprawling around .

I'm gonna leave about 12 briquettes in the chimney .

Now , here I have a wax cube fire starter .

Which , where have these things been all my life ?

They were great for starting your chimney here .

And I'm gonna set those , uh , 12 charcoal briquettes right on top now , while I'm waiting for those guys to fire up .

You know , I was thinking to myself , hey , self , you know what , this will probably work out better if you actually tie a piece of butcher's twine around the steak .

Uh , this will help to kind of keep the steaks shape during the cooking , uh , and give it an even thickness all the way through .

Now , notice how I loop the string twice there .

So that way , watch when I cinch it down , it stays and then I can go back and loop it one more time to tie my tightening knots .

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So that's just a little trick for you .

And you can see the steak kind of came together as more cohesive .

It's gonna give me an even thickness while cooking .

Now , after about 15 minutes , my briquettes have ashed over and I'm gonna take those briquettes and pour them out on top of my unlit charcoal and then take some metal tongs , go through and rearrange them just in an even fashion .

Now , what , what this is going to do is it's going to cause a slow burn and allow me to control the temperature of my grill a lot more easily .

Now , here I'm laying on , uh , chunks of oak and you can use pecan hickory , whatever you want , but don't use too much .

You just want a nice soft kiss of smoke .

And then on the side where I'm gonna place my steak , I lay a drip pan just so the meat juices doesn't gunk it all up grill on top .

And then here I'm placing a digital lead thermometer and you see it has a little grill attachment there .

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So it just attaches to my grill and I'm placing that on the , uh , cooking side of my grill grape .

I'm gonna place the lid on top and notice how I have the top dampeners on the opposite side of my fire .

And this is gonna draw the smoke across the protein during the cooking process and give me the most efficient smoke .

Now , I'm gonna monitor my temperature of the grill and we'll kind of watch it climb .

Now , what I wanna do is I wanna start , uh , tamping down the bottom dampener at around 200 F and then place my steak on top of the grill .

Now , if you wait till your , uh , grill gets to the perfect temperature , the extra oxygen of taking the lid off might overshoot your temp So I usually start about 25 degrees below place a steak on place the lead thermometer of this .

My second lead thermometer on the inside of the steak .

So now I have two probe thermometers , one that monitors my grill .

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So I'm gonna set the alarm to beep at me if my grill gets above 2 40 I'm gonna set my steak thermometer to beep at me if my uh steak gets to 1 32 which is a perfect mid rare .

Now , fussing with this top Danner here sometimes will help a little bit .

Uh , but what you are looking to do is hold that temperature at about 2 25 to 2 35 .

Uh , if at all possible here , uh , it was actually holding pretty steady , which I love about the Webbs and you really don't want to go above 2 50 .

And this slow cook at first is going to give you a beautiful edge to edge doneness with a little bit of a kiss of smoke .

Now , once I cook this to 100 and 32 degrees internal and my thermometer beeps at me , I'm gonna take it off the grill and let it rest and you want to make sure it's away from the dog , so he doesn't come and snatch it and while my steak is resting down and you want to let it rest down to about 20 degrees below its finished temperature .

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So at 1 32 I'm gonna let it rest for about 45 minutes until it drops to , uh , about 100 and 12 F internal .

And in the meantime , I'm going to rearrange my charcoal , open up both my dampeners , top and bottom to get my grill raging hot because at this point , our steak has already been perfectly cooked edge to edge on the inside .

Now , we just want to cook it on the outside and give it some color .

So here I drop it on , I give it a couple of Sears on both sides , uh flipping it fairly often and then you can see me here brushing it with some olive oil to reinforce that crust .

Reinforce that sear .

Give it a nice sizzle sizzle .

And uh again , you're just looking to go as hot and as fast as possible .

And once you have the color , uh that looks good to you , you want to pull it off of the grill , run it inside and if you have the patience , let it rest for a little bit .

If not , if people are hungry , you can slice it up just like I'm doing right here .

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And you can see as we're slicing this bad boy up , you see that beautiful edge to edge doneness .

There's no concentric circles of doneness , but you have that even edge to edge doneness .

That's what you're looking for when you reverse searing a steak and it's that slow start , which leads to these beautiful even results that give you a juicy tender steak every single time .

For more information and related techniques , you can check out this episode , show notes by clicking the link in the description underneath this video .


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