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2023-07-08 09:17:32

How to cook the perfect fillet steak

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Juan Davies from Julian's restaurant in the UK here .

Welcome to my master class .

Today .

I'm going to show you how to cook the perfect steak .

I have here a five week mature fill at stake .

You can see the coloration of it .

It's nice and brown , as opposed to blood red .

That means it's well mature .

You see the fat marbling in there , which is the standard quality we saw .

The marbling will actually melt as the steak cooks and will keep it moist .

First thing you do , it comes out of the French .

It's cold at the moment .

We give a room temp .

I'm gonna season both sides with a mixture of salt and pepper .

This is a chef trick that's crystal sea salt and black pepper mixed , so it's two jobs in one .

So a little bit of pension in there , just rub it in tip , flip it over .

Just rub it in not too much , because it's quite strong in the sea .

Salt and a little drizzle of butter .

OK , now we'll put that in a nice , warm area we need for cooking .

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The steaks had 15 minutes in a warm kitchen , seasoned as before .

Now , it's gonna hit .

The grill grill is preheated and all we know it starts cooking instantly .

Patient does that will seal you see there on the side and stuff the moisture from the seating on a little bit .

Here , there's not a roasted floor .

We describe the roasted use , the to obvious reasons .

If you use the roasting ball , you're gonna stab it .

It's gonna bleed .

It's gonna dry out .

Use the to and patience .

Turn it on .

Just seal in all size and allow that to cook approximately five or six minutes each side and one of the things that the state is to be me later on .

As the state cooks , I'll explain the test for texture to the test .

For resistance .

Resistance means that it's cooking through the stakes .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Had about five minutes either side .

Just test it .

For some , that is .

There's some resistance there .

I feel it's quite firm as it was compared to what it was .

The plate allow allow that now to rest and stand for about three or four minutes .

So the guilla permeate through , um , we'll be serving Diane dial source .

We cover it another another time .

Show you how to make that state on up


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