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Do you wanna know how to cook the perfect medium rare steak ?

Well , look no further .

I've never messed up a steak in my life .

As a matter of fact , in my family , I wear depends when it comes to cooking steaks .

So if you wanna know how to make your steak nice and juicy and tender like mine , please watch this video .

My number one rule is that after I buy the steaks from the store , I keep them in my refrigerator for at least another 24 hours prior to cooking them .

Rule number two and the most important one .

I always take the steaks out of the refrigerator at least 30 minutes prior to cooking .

I try to get the meat as close as possible to room temperature because I want the meat and the mussels to be nice and relaxed in order to achieve soft and tender steak .

After the steaks have gotten as close as possible to room temperature , I'm gonna start seasoning them .

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And just before I start doing this , I'm gonna preheat the oven to 275 F .

And when it comes to seasoning the steak , the more simple the better you have to trust me on this one , So the only things I put on my steak are salt and black pepper .

You can either use sea salt or kosher salt .

Just don't use regular table salt .

Invest a little more money for when you're cooking steaks and either buy sea salt or kosher salt .

How much salt are you ?

Meals ?

A lot , but keep in mind that I don't eat like this every day .

This is just a few days out of the year .

So if you're concerned about your health , if you eat steaks every week , I would probably cut down on the salt a little bit .

And black pepper , just black pepper to taste .

As a matter of fact , I prefer personally not to add black pepper .

As I said , the more simple the better .

In order to achieve the perfect medium rare rib eye steak , I use meat thermometer .

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However , if you don't have one at the end of this video , I'm gonna put information in regard to the weight and cooking times of these two particular rib eye steaks .

So I placed the meat thermometer in the middle of the rib eye steak and away from the bone .

And as you can see on the thermometer here , the room temperature of the steak it's about 67 degrees is almost room temperature .

I think that this time inside the house , it was maybe 72 .

And now I'm going to bake the steaks in the oven at 275 F until the internal temperature reaches 127 F .

And again for those of you who do not have a meat thermometer at the end of this video , I am going to put information on how long it took to cook these two particular steaks .

Approximately 30 minutes later , the stakes have reached 127 degrees , so I'm taking them out and moving on to the next step for the searing process .

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I'm using the pan that it's large enough so I can lay the steak in it flat , and it's not bending up against the walls of the pan .

Then I Sprinkle some olive oil and preheat it too high and peel the oil .

It's super hot .

Once the oil is hot enough , I'm gonna sear the steaks on each side for 45 to 50 seconds , and that's not the end of it .

After that , I'm gonna sear the edges of the steak so I can get that fatty part to get all nice and crunchy and crispy and full of goodness and deliciousness .

And time wise , I would say I spent another 45 to 50 seconds searing the edges of the steak .

And just remember that if you want it more done , you can always cook it some more .

But if you want it done , you kind of can't , um , cook it .

So just keep that in mind .

Another very important truth when you're cooking a steak is that once you take them out of the pan , you have to let them rest for 10 minutes .

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Don't try to slice into them , even to check how well they're done .

Just let them be because they will continue to cook while sitting on the plate .

And you can see that these are perfectly medium rare steaks just by looking at the softness of the meat .

And now to defend and prove that bold and not very humble statement I made at the beginning of the video that I make the perfect medium rare steak and I never mess it up .

I'm just gonna slice it right on camera so you can see what it looks like .

That is the perfect pink medium rare colour .

So at this point , when you slice your steak , if you don't like the doneness , if you want it more done , you can always add it back to the pan and sear it for another 10 or 20 seconds .

Just always remember , you can cook it more , but you cannot UNC cook it .

And if you decide to use my method to cook your perfect medium rare steak , please come back and leave a comment and let me know how it worked out for you .

I would really appreciate it .

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Also , if you have comments in regard to this particular video , please ask a question in the comment section , and I'm really fast at answering questions .

And if you need a side dish for what is now your perfect medium rare riba steak down in the description , I will add links to my videos about asparagus , about zucchini , about sweet potatoes .

Just make your choice and I wanna thank you all for stopping by and watching this video .

And if you liked it , please give it a thumbs up .

And if this is your first time visiting my channel , please consider subscribing .

I would really appreciate it .

I thank you all again .

Have a great day .

Bye .


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