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2023-07-07 13:59:33

Cajun Shrimp Pasta - An Easy Recipe for a Delicious Dinner

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Creamy shrimp pasta .

Let's get it .

Hey , so you guys come on here and take a look at this right here .

You didn't already seen the thumbnail .

You know what it's all going to look like .

You know what I mean ?

I'm talking about a level up , easy to do .

We're talking 15 minutes worth of prep , maybe 10 minutes worth of cook time .

And then you got a whole complete meal for you ready to go in like what ?

25 minutes .

Now , let me just start by this .

Listen , since I'm saying Cajun .

Look , this is my creole kick right here .

This is my season .

That's the base right there .

That's what we going to get a out of the flavor right ?

Then we got shrimp .

How I level that up ?

I want you guys to take a look right here .

Look , I'm using the garlic infused olive oil .

This is by branch and vine .

This is kind of like a little marinade type process , right ?

Put that on here .

The flesh absorbs it and that's what gives us the flavor , right ?

OK .

So look , we got heavy cream and then right here .

What's this mystery juice ?

Right ?

There .

Look , that's pasta water .

I saved that .

I've already done my pasta , which is my pasture right here .

I got right pasta .

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Uh , what I do is I take about a half a cup just set it to the side and we're gonna , I'm gonna show you you will use this , you know , we're making our sauce .

But right now you just wanna save some of that .

They wanna bore you guys , right ?

We got parm , we got a little garnish , right ?

This is parsley and then we got butter and then as always , you know what ?

I got my friends with me that salt and pepper .

Hey , with that being said , let's get it .

I've already made it like I said earlier .

You know what I mean ?

I made my pasta al dente , right ?

So now I'm just gonna go ahead and pour this in here like this and get this going .

We're gonna stop the cooking process .

We already got our , our , our pasta draining , right ?

This is real simple .

Look .

Now we're gonna move over to the , you know , to the shrimp , right ?

Look , I'm gonna take my branch of vine garlic infused olive oil .

Look , I only wanna put in about a tablespoon .

This is all I need right there .

Do it ?

Listen , this is the level up as soon as you pull this off the top .

Look , listen , you hear a little poop and you can just mm the aroma .

Now we all know shrimp is real , you know , the flesh is real absorbing , right ?

So we just put that in there like that and now I'm coming with my creole kick , right .

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This is where we're gonna get a little bit of this flavor .

You know , I'm not gonna say just a little bit , we're gonna get a lot of the flavor from here and just start getting this to Coke .

Now , one of the things I like about shrimp , listen , if you do any type of marina , you know , process it really , really , you know , absorbs the inside the meat and this is gonna all come into play in just one second .

But you can look at this right now and then you guys can just imagine , you know , for those of you guys that have it already and I know it's a lot of y'all to do and for those that don't know , don't sleep folks .

You have to be careful .

I probably should have doubled this because once I start taking them off out of the pan , I like to just go ahead and eat a few on my own .

But look it down right there .

OK ?

So look , first thing I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go ahead and start , you know , melting my butter .

Now , what I wanna show you is look at the size pan that I'm using .

It's a reason why because when we put our shrimp in there , it depends on how much shrimp you are , you wanna make sure it's all layered down on the bottom , right ?

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Meaning you want , you don't want none on top of each other .

You just want a bunch of them down here as many as you can put on there just on one side and make sure they're not on the top .

Right ?

And then we're gonna cook them for a minute or two , then we're gonna flip them over and then you might have to do it in two , in two batches , everything is melted .

Now , you just wanna go ahead and put them in like this .

Now , this pan I'm using right here , made by X .

Look , it's gonna take a lot of volume , you know what I mean ?

So I can just about eyeball it and figure out where I'm at .

But you see right here , I'm probably gonna be able to get all of these in here right now .

So I , I believe I am .

But remember if you don't have one that's big enough to get them all in one layer , go ahead and just do them in two batches .

Let's talk about this .

The heat is underneath the bottom because it's a gas burner , right ?

The heat has to come all the way this way to get to the edge .

So look at this one right here .

Not really cooking , right ?

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And , but you see how they starting to curl up when they start curling like that , they'll let you know they're cooking fine .

So look , now we're just gonna flip these over here like this and then we're gonna cook the same now for the ones that don't really start to turn like that .

We'll move those and work those towards the center .

You know , you just want to get them to the heat source .

OK .

So I want you to look at this .

Listen , it's only taking about like maybe three minutes , 3.5 , between three and 3.5 minutes .

These are nice .

Now , when I pick these up , I can feel they nice .

You know what I mean ?

I could feel they still nice and soft .

They cook throughout and I know it's got a lot of flavor .

Listen , I've been cooking with creole kick and been using branch and vines , you know , a few olive oils forever , you know .

So I can just tell you that right there .

That combination right ?

There always works .

OK ?

So look with the heat still underneath , you know what it start to thicken up , right ?

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This is what we put in here now , let's go ahead and start building some layers , right ?

I'm gonna go ahead and take my heavy cream and pour this in here just like that .

I think .

Now you guys are getting the , the , the gist of it now , right ?

So if you're cooking with anything outside of like this , he he uh pan , you know what I mean ?

If you got anything sticking now you wanna get yourself something like this and just scrape the bottom if it's a non stick , make sure that you guys are using something that you know , that's , that's appropriate .

You don't wanna use metal utensils inside of a non stick .

Right .

Right .

So look still under the heat .

Look at that right there .

You guys can see the flavor .

OK ?

Look , you see this , you wanna come back to like a little light little boy right ?

That the way it is right now , you could just see about where I got the position here .

So if I move it over this way , they start , you know , moving over this way , see how it's starting to come that way .

You just wanna center .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So I'm gonna give it a stir here once you achieve that , now we're gonna go ahead and start adding our right , just a little bit at a time , right ?

Just that's just a good rule of thumb to just add whatever you add in just a little bit at a time .

Now , I want you guys to tell me what you think , especially if you knew it should be coming along .

You should be getting excited and you should be thinking right now , I'm going to the store to go get these ingredients and I'm trying to make this , I'm gonna to show out now I just heat .

I wanna bring that down because I don't want it to cook too fast and I don't want it super high .

You know what I mean ?

So look , that's good right there .

I'm just gonna let this go for about maybe about another 30 more seconds and then we're gonna introduce the pasta and then lastly after we get it mixed and we're gonna go ahead and introduce the shrimp .

Real simple .

Folks .

Remember 25 minutes .

You should be sitting at your table with some great Kool aid and doing your thing .

You guys can see the texture right here .

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This is when it's done , right ?

A lot of times when I'm filming , I'm like rushing through it , you know what I mean ?

But listen , now we taking our time , you can hear the tone in my voice is going down folks .

Now we'll just start introducing some of the post , but I'm liking this .

I'm liking the consistency , you know , from my sauce and this right here is it .

I can actually get just a little bit more , just a little bit more pasta in there .

Talk to me now down in them and down in the comment section .

Tell me what you guys are seeing what you're thinking .

You know , now I make this kind of stuff all the time .

You can see I got prior videos you can add and sauces to this .

You wanna level it up , you can go and put some bell peppers in there .

You can put the Holy Trinity in it .

Hey , sky is the limit but right now , I'm just telling you how to make a easy quick meal in 25 minutes , right ?

So everything that's inside of here .

I want you guys to take a look right there .

Look at that , you see that right there .

All of that's going in here .

Why ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Because we created that flavor and we want this to be great .

Yeah .

OK .

So look , I just hit it with a little garnish to put a little green on the top to make it because you know , it's like a lot of warm colors .

A lot of times when I'm talking , I know you guys , if you've been following me , you know that I like to talk about the presentation .

Listen , it's just part of the whole level up , right ?

We already using the top notch ingredients and this right here and you know what I like though ?

The ingredients that mostly that I cook with , listen , and we can buy them just about anywhere in the country , right ?

They just readily available for everybody .

Now .

Look , I'm gonna go ahead and just get me a little bit of this right here and I wanna talk to you guys about because if we save some pasta water , right ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

The pasta water is like if you overcook it or cook it too fast , you know your sauce .

Look , you can use that to thin it out .

It's like this is like a little , a little chef's trick uh trick , right ?

And you wanna use that pasta water , right ?

Because it has the flavor in it too .

So I'm gonna go ahead and just take , steal me a couple of these shrimps off the top .

I ain't gonna lie to you .

I've been like licking spoons and doing all kind of stuff while y'all haven't been , been able to see , you know , so I can tell you already .

It fire cheers folks .

Ok ?

So you guys can see .

You know what I mean ?

What I tell you ?

Hold on for a second .

I got out and you know , just did my thing right now .

Look , let's go ahead and address this right here .

Look just the pasta water because I look , I'm gonna pat myself on the back because I cooked my sauce and I did everything nice and slow .

I did not have to add .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

But if you guys get it and they start sticking it up for you because listen , if it's too thick , it's gonna be hard to spread over all of your pasta and you know , your shrimp or if you guys adding and dey sausage or whatever you add to it , you need it to be a little bit more on the liquid side , right ?

So that's where the pasta comes in .

I'm sorry , I didn't explain that .

But now , you know , and the reason I tell you guys , you know , sell yourself a half a cup because you want to put in , you know , like tablespoons at a time , you know what I mean ?

Just to you get it to weight the texture that you're looking for and then , you know , then you put it in there .

Hey , but without all that being said , let me go ahead and , and I'm sorry , I didn't have my great Kool Aid because listen , that's what I'm about to make because I'm , you know , just I'm gonna kick back and relax for myself .

Now you guys try this .

Let me know what you think down in the comment section below .

You know , what would you do for your level up ?

But this right here , get you in the ballpark and listen , I don't wanna like just say nothing like you gotta add something to it .

This right here is fire .

Hey , hands down .

This is it .

Now if you're new to my channel , let me just take this time to say , hey , thank you for watching this video .

Don't forget to like smash that subscribe button .

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And I want you guys to tell everybody out here , there's a channel out here , there's simplifying recipes like this out here and taking the mystery out of cooking .

And with that being said , guess what ?

Folks I'm about to read it again .

I'm out .

Peace .


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