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2023-07-09 14:10:33

Perfect NO STICK Pasta Cooking Method, Quick, Simple, No Oil, No Salt

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Who doesn't love pasta , especially when it's all dressed up for dinner today .

I'd like to show you my fast easy , no oil , no salt , nonstick pasta method for microwave users .

The lazy man vegan is all about simple , quick and budget friendly .

My first secret is that I minimize prep time by pre boiling the water .

This Proctor Silas hot pot safely boils 32 ounces of water in just a couple of minutes .

I got it at bed bath and beyond for about $12 with a coupon .

My second secret is to use a corningware or similar 2.5 to 3 quart .

Microwave safe bowl .

My pasta choice .

No surprise here .

Organic gluten free corn rotelle from Mrs Leaper's .

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I pour it in the bowl and add boiling water .

My third secret is that stirring .

The pasta is very important when first adding the water and several times during the microwave process .

Now into the microwave uncovered for 15 to 20 minutes , cooking times can easily vary between microwaves .

You'll notice that I did not add oil or salt .

After about one minute , I stir the pasta to keep it from sticking together .

Then I stir it again and a few minutes later , I stir it again when it's done .

I have perfectly cooked al dente pasta that rises above the water .

But I usually test it anyway .

Just to be sure using a potholder or a cooking towel .

I carefully remove the hot bowl and pour the pasta into a colander .

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Secret number four is to rinse off the starch completely .

For a tastier pasta experience .

I use hot water to rinse the pasta .

If I'm going to cover it with warm sauce and serve or I use cold water to rinse if I'm going to add ingredients and then microwave into a more elaborate pasta creation .

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