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2023-07-08 09:21:21

Steak University - How to cook a steak indoors in the oven

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This video is sponsored by Chicago Steak Company .

State University is dedicated to teaching you how to cook the ultimate steak experience .

Hi , I'm Mark from Steak University TV .

If you're like many Americans and don't have access to a grill or the weather is not so great and you still want steak .

I'm going to show you how to have the ultimate steak experience using your oven .

The first step is just like preparing any steak .

You're bringing your steak out of the refrigerator onto the counter , letting it bloom for about half an hour , then open it out of the package , dry your steak off .

Get it all prepped for that delicious steak seasoning .

Chicago steak seasoning , of course , put a nice thick crust of steak seasoning on top there .

I like to get right in there and just press it right into the meat .

Flip your steaks over nice thick coating .

Press it into your meat once we're all coated up , grab yourself a baking sheet cooling rack .

Something used to cool cookies on the , on your counter .

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Drop it in there , take your steaks , place them on there .

What that's gonna do ?

It's going to allow the heat to come down , hit the tray and get right underneath and cook it evenly throughout the way a broiler works is it blows the heat down from the top of your oven .

So that's why we use the cookie rack to lift the meat up just a little bit .

So it cooks it even throughout .

So , what I've done is I've started my broiler just to heat that oven up .

Just a little bit .

Heat it up for four or five minutes is all you need oven open .

Throw your steak in , I put it in for six minutes .

After six minutes , we'll throw the thermometer in and see where we got to go stick it in the top of the steak .

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We're sitting at about 100 there .

So that tells me it's gonna take about three more minutes .

So , what I do is I give it a flip .

So you get a little bit of grill line , put it in a new spot of the grill .

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Take your steak , you get to let the steak sit for five minutes just to let those juices reabsorb into the steak .

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I like to cut my steak up .

Just add a little bit of color .

Some greens , a little bit of olive oil , of course .

Mm .

That's good .

So that's how you broil the ultimate steak experience .

I'm Mark from Steak University TV .

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