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2023-07-08 09:19:12

Cooking a Ribeye Steak to perfection with the Emeril Lagasse Air Fryer 360 Pandemic Cooking

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Hello .

I'm blessed today .

We're going to do a steak using the Emerald Lacier Fryer 3 60 .

I've never done this before .

So we're gonna try it for the first time while the kids are yelling in the background .

So , you know , that's all you do .

You cook with kids cooking with kids .

So this is what it looks like .

We got our leg air fryer 3 60 .

Beautiful machine , all sorts of different functions .

I went through these in some other videos but it does , it does , it definitely replaces like at least four or five things in your kitchen .

So we got our rib eye boneless .

We uh seasoned it with uh this time I went ahead and did the Montreal steak seasoning .

Uh Generally I just do salt and pepper but felt that maybe be able to get a little bit more taste with it .

Uh The Montreal in the air fryer , I've never done steak and the air fryer .

So this is gonna be a first for me and for you guys .

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So just rubbed it with uh some uh some of the seasoning , put it in the basket .

We're gonna stick it into the air fryer on the number two setting , which is the air fried dehydrate and toast setting .

All right , let's go ahead and do that .

We'll stick it on the second level there and we're gonna go to the side here .

We're gonna select the air fry .

Yes .

Evan , what would you like ?

This one ?

Pringles the red or the blue ?

The right ?

Ok .

Do you know that I'm filming ?

Right ?

Evan .

Ok .

We'll talk later .

Ok .

So back to the air fryer , we're going to stick this to the air fry setting .

Temperature is 400 .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

That's the max , the air fryer goes on the air fry setting and we're going to try 15 minutes .

So we're gonna stick it on for 15 minutes .

I'm gonna try to flip it in the middle and we'll see what it looks like after 15 minutes .

All right .

So let's play start and then we'll get back to it .

There .

It is .

Right .

Gang .

So it's about , it's been about half the time of the 15 initial minutes that we're trying it on .

So we're gonna stop it , pause it actually , then we're gonna take out the steak that's pretty hot .

And that's kind of silly of me don't do that in your video and we're gonna do a little flipper .

So I think this is gonna need a lot more than 50 minutes .

So , because it's definitely not even close .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So we'll do the 15 initial minutes and then we'll see .

All right .

There it goes , we did a flip at the 7.5 mark and now we're going to go to the full 15 and , and cut it down the middle and see what we got .

Only one way to figure this out is to do a little testing because I couldn't find anything online about , you know , cooking sticks and steaks in the air fryer at 360 .

Now , one thing that did come up said about 12 minutes , but I don't think that's going to be nearly enough .

So we'll see what it looks like after 15 minutes .

All right .

Yeah .

All right , folks .

Well , 15 minutes is definitely not enough .

After 15 minutes in the air fryer .

3 60 the steak is pretty raw in the middle .

So what I'm thinking another 15 minutes , another 10 minutes we're probably gonna do .

So we're gonna stick it in there for another 10 minutes and then check in with you guys there .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

All right , let's do it .

All right guys .

So it's been a total of 25 minutes .

That's 25 instead of the original 10 that we put it in there for because at 15 minutes it was definitely not even close to done .

So , let's see what we look at 25 minutes at 25 minutes actually looks a lot better .

So let's take it out .

Let's give it a cut and see how we stand .

All right .

So 25 minutes seems to be the magic number .

So , what I got here is a one inch thick bone out rib eye and 25 minutes in the Emerald Agassi Air fryer .

360 gives you a nice , uh , medium , well , pretty juicy looks like it kept all the juices in .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So 25 minutes guys , Emerald Agai Air fryer 360 25 minutes with a flip in the middle should give you pretty good medium done steak .

Now , we're just gonna let it rest for about 10 minutes and then we're going to cut it and have some delicious dinner .

Enjoy .


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