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2023-07-08 09:10:25

How to cook the Perfect Steak in an Air Fryer

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this steak that I'm about to cook .

You will think it's been on a smoky grill outside .

But no , no , no , no .

We are making it inside in an air fryer .

We're making my air fryer marinated steak .

Now I cannot overemphasise how good this recipe is going to be .

It is so wonderful .

When you do steak in an air fryer .

It is something to behold .

It is like magic .

You get a perfect crust on the outside , perfect tenderness and juiciness on the inside .

And we're going to play a little bit of magic tricks with the steak .

So we get that nice , smoky charcoal flavour .

So we're gonna start out with our dry rub .

Now , I've done this before .

This is the perfect dry rub for your everyday steak .

This works well with a porterhouse with a scotch fillet .

It's up to you .

Rib eyes , New York strip fillet mignon .

It is just perfect .

It goes with everything .

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So into a bowl , I'm gonna be adding in some oregano , some ground cumin , some smoked paprika , some onion powder and some garlic powder .

And then I'm adding in some salt and some freshly ground black pepper .

So grab the steak .

I'm using a scotch fillet today , and I'm just going to place over , Sprinkle over that dry rub and just press it down slightly on both sides .

And the smell already is just phenomenal .

It is amazing .

So make sure both sides are coated and then just put it to one side .

And now we're gonna work on the the other element for our marinade , and this time it's liquid .

So into a bowl , I'm gonna be adding in some soy sauce .

And to that , I'm gonna be adding in some liquid smoke .

Now , liquid smoke is a concentrated smokiness flavour that you can add to marinades to give you that effect , that it has been smoked or char grilled and it is just amazing .

The smell of it is really , really cool .

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But you only if you drink otherwise it can overpower everything .

So just mix this around now why Soy sauce ?

Well , I love the East Meats West thing I .

I think that the flavours in the dry rub are really westernised flavours , and the soy sauce brings a saltiness to the dish .

It brings a depth that brings out that beef flavour and really enhances the steak , and it just makes it so juicy as well .

I just love it .

So what I do in a ziplock bag ?

I place in the dry rub steak , and then I just pour in that soy sauce and liquid smoked marinade , and then I just zip it up , give it a mix around , and then I just leave it in the fridge for about 30 minutes to half an hour .

You can leave it in there for a few more hours if you wanted to .

Once it's marinated , bring it out and then I'm placing it in the air fryer now with the steak .

What I do is I preheat my air fryer , so I have a different plate on this air fryer .

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I've got this grilling plate there , and I just preheat it for about 5 to 10 minutes at 200 degrees or 400 F , 200 degrees Celsius .

And the reason is , I don't want my steak going in on a cold surface , and it's nice and hot already when I put that steak in so it takes less time to cook , so just place the steak down after you've preheated the air fryer , and I'm only giving this about six minutes , three minutes aside , and you can see when I turn this steak over .

Have a look at how juicy and glistening it is .

It is a thing of absolute beauty , very important .

Once the cooking process is finished , leave it to rest for a few minutes .

All those juices will just contract a little bit .

And just to top it off , what I do personally , I love this .

You've seen me do this before .

I love chopped chives on steak .

I just love that little fresh onion subtle onion flavour that you get from chives on a piece of steak .

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So I place it just over the top , and then we'll slice into it and have a look at this steak .

It is so tender , so beautiful , so glistening .

All those steak descriptive words that we cooks use .

But whatever , whatever it is , just look at it .

If this doesn't make your mouth water , something is extremely wrong with you .

It is just a thing of pure joy .

It eats really well .

It's tender , it's not overcooked .

It's not undercooked .

So and it's one of these times where I think everyone around the table would look at that and go , Yeah , I'll eat that .

It doesn't matter .

It's medium rare or well done or whatever it is .

It just looks juicy and it looks yummy .

I cook a lot of steak in the air fryer , and I am always surprised at how good it actually comes out .

Nothing will ever beat a pan on some gas or anything like that .

Nothing will ever beat that .

But I'm really surprised at the way this comes out .

It is convenient .

It is so easy to do , and it's perfect for families .

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This will be guaranteed one of the best steaks you will ever have in your life .

Go and make this .

You can go and serve it up with a salad .

It is just divine .

The recipe is in the description below the link to my website .

If you enjoyed this recipe , please give it a thumbs up .

Share it around with your family and friends and I'll see you real soon for another recipe .


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