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2023-07-09 14:25:55

How to cook brown rice on stove top

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Hi guys .

I know it's a little bit of a crazy time , but I just wanted to finish up the last entry in what I have for the cooking basics vegetable series .

Today .

I wanna show you how to make some brown rice on the stove .

And this is actually a recipe .

I was very intimidated by , in the past , I always just used a rice cooker , but it's actually not really necessary .

It's actually very simple to make rice on the stove .

Um This recipe is really easy in the end and it's a really practical recipe too .

Something good to have up your sleeve .

Brown rice does need to cook for a long time about 35 minutes or so .

But in the end , you'll have some nice fluffy brown rice that's really short of fill you up .

Now , the recipe video itself is gonna be very quick .

So let's just jump straight into this .

Now , the first thing that we're gonna actually need is some rice and I'm using some long grain brown rice here .

But the recipe also works for the short grain brown rice .

Now , brown rice is really just regular rice that still has its outer layer of what's known as brand on it .

And this is the casing that has the uh nutrients for the rice .

So it's full of vitamins that you don't get when you have white rice .

Now , for the recipe I'm making today , I want to cook about one cup of brown rice .

But the ratio of water to rice is actually very simple .

In our case , it's just two parts water to one part rice .

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So it easily scales .

So if you want to make half a cup of rice , just use one cup of water and so on .

OK .

Now , to cook our one cup of rice , we need to heat up two cups of water and bring them up to a boil to do this .

We're gonna need a pot that has a lid so we can cover the pot .

Later , we're gonna place everything onto a burner and put the burner up to high .

We're gonna go ahead and add our water in and additionally to give some seasoning to the rice .

I'm adding about 1.5 tablespoons of salt to this water .

We're gonna let the water heat up and after about three minutes , we should see that the water should start boiling at which point we can just go ahead and dump in our brown rice at this point .

Probably the most critical thing we need to do here is to turn our heat to low and cover the pot .

Now , if you don't turn your heat to low .

What will happen is that you'll cook the water too quickly and it will boil off too quickly and you'll burn the rice .

What we should notice is that the water should go from a really rigorous boil down to a light simmer or a light boil and we're just gonna leave this covered and let this go for about 35 minutes .

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And while we wait , we just can kind of every once in a peek in to make sure that the water level is fine and we're not doing anything but really try not to disturb this as much as possible .

But after our 35 minutes , we can go ahead and remove the lid and take a peek and hopefully it should look something like this .

Now , this is a good opportunity to just take a bite and if it's still a little hard or crunchy , go ahead and close it up and add a little bit more water if you need to .

Um , you'll need to let that cook for a little bit longer , but otherwise you really should be done at this point .

So go ahead and stir to fluff everything up and we're done .

So I hope you enjoyed this super quick video and I hope to get you guys some more new content soon and stay safe out there .

Bye .


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