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2023-07-09 14:26:50

Let Cook Jamaican Authentic Brown Stew Style Chicken With Rice & Peas Recipe

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What's up ?

My lovely love burger day .

So welcome back to your girl channel .

I'm to the kitchen .

I want to cook with another amazing recipe out to Jamaican authentic brown chew chicken and rice .

Some peas in our fast , easy and simple .

Now , if you are watching me cooking for your first time , make sure you subscribe and then turn on your post notification settings to be reminded every time your girl uploads what a brand new video you're ready for the recipe .

Well , make a jump right into it .

Then now you don't remember where you're coming from .

Car , you coming from , get somebody to win some respect .

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A but OK , good .

Let's jump right into this thing .

We're not gonna waste no more time .

Now , right here , I'm using about a £3.5 chicken and we're going to be using the whole chicken for the recipe just like you have requested right now .

What I usually do first when I'm cutting up my chicken pieces , I always , always start off separating the wings first and leave it attached .

Of course you can cut it right .

So I make it into two .

But your girl always do that right now .

As far as my legs and thighs concerned , I always start from the corner that connect the breast and the , the thigh and the separate it right there and then take it right across .

It comes off really , really easy .

Your leg and thigh comes off attached when you do it .

This way , I like doing it this way .

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If you have another way that you do yours just comment down below and let me know .

But this kind of work for me some kind of way right now .

Another thing is I'm going to be taking off some , a lot of those um skin and fat and we don't need all of that .

But however , I'm going to leave some of it on because I want it to be nice and moist on the inside when I make this brown chew chicken and it is going to give me a lot of flavor that I need .

But you definitely want to go ahead and take off some of that excess fat and move that lip insert right in the .

You go ahead and take all of that whole from a chicken .

You definitely don't want to leave that in , but go ahead and cut it into smaller pieces .

You could leave it attached the leg and I attached .

But the stretched the chicken that make it shift , you're going to cut it up into smaller pieces right now .

As far as my breast is concerned .

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I like to cut it down like this from where the chicken back is , you could take up that chicken back .

Right .

And so , and separate it and put it aside and just save it all up from when I make chicken back soup and brown stew .

Chicken brown choose chicken , chicken something there .

You always probably want to save that for that recipe .

But today I am going to leave it attached to the chicken breasts because husband do like the bony part of the chicken as well .

He likes the breast , but he likes the chicken back attached to it , right ?

If that makes any sense .

But in the hallway , I went ahead and removed most of the fat from the chicken breasts and left the skin on , attached to the chicken back part .

That makes sense .

Right ?

Let me say that again , I removed the , the , the fat and the skin from the chicken breast like I'm doing here , see what I do that .

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I removed the fat and the skin from the chicken breast and then I left some of that chicken skin attached to the chicken box , right ?

Just like that .

So just like that , just take off some of that fat from there .

And I was good to go .

Now , if you're shearing for more people , of course , you could cut it more , they could cut that breast into two more pieces and then they have four breasts and you could cut the wing into two more pieces and have extra pieces depending on how much people you're planning to cook for .

But right now I'm cooking for about four and this will work .

Ok .

Now , moving right along , I went ahead and washed it nice and clean with salt , lemon juice and vinegar .

It was nice and ready to season now to season it .

I went ahead and added some salt and black pepper to it .

Now , if you don't have black pepper , you can use white pepper , white pepper , right ?

But black pepper is preferred .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Now I went in and added some um onion powder to it and then I went in and added some garlic powder as well on the chicken .

Mhm Now to give it more flavor , I went in my chicken season , I love this chicken season .

It has so much flavor flavor if you can't find it in the supermarket check um Amazon is there .

Now I did go in with some all purple seasoning and I'm using the grape spring because I already know some of that .

Then I went in with some ground ginger and you could use um fresh ginger , right ?

So that's a balance of all the other things we put on it .

Then I did add some paprika , of course , went in with that and all the amount that I'm using here make a bread and don't have the description box .

So they will be there .

Now , homegirl love our combo season Oh man , I love me some combo season .

So I did go in and add my combo season to it .

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And again , you could substitute that combo season for whatever it is that you like .

Now , you could make your homemade browning from scratch .

But to make it fast , easy and simple , I did add my orcher browning to it and to be exact , I had it about a tablespoon .

You could add less now to kick it up a notch .

I went in with my homemade green seasoning and I will of course insert my link , the link for the green season .

I will put it down below to show you how I made it this particular green season .

The tin tea is good .

Everything .

I'm a vegan food , it's massive .

I'm a food them .

So I would insert a link down below for that .

OK .

So don't worry yourself .

And I did add probably about two tablespoons of that .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Now I went in also with some garlic , fresh garlic and I think I probably added about a tablespoon of that thing and vinegar .

Apple cider vinegar because me no cook , not without my apple cider vinegar , white vinegar .

Anything with my have now to cook it up at extreme notch .

You need your onions and your bell pepper per tomato pimento seeds .

You can substitute for the um all spice .

I'm gonna put my add pepper of course and , and , and , and a good thing pan and the chicken , you need that .

Now , let's go ahead and pour all that into it and give all of that a really , really , really good mix .

I'm using my gloves , but if you're gonna use no gloves , just your hands , make sure your hands are nice and clean .

Of course .

So you go ahead and just give it a really good mix .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Now , I did decide to let it sit overnight because I did make this for my Sunday dinner .

So you might see it a different day , but this was my Sunday .

So I went ahead and put it in the refrigerator .

Usually I just let it sit for 30 minutes or one hour and I'm ready to cook .

But since the girl had time on our hands , I just went ahead and put it in the refrigerator and let it sit overnight and it's going to give it a whole lot more flavor .

But you could go ahead and just let it sit for 30 minutes instead of this nice same .

You want to be sure to put it , wrap it up in your plastic , nice and tight .

That way it doesn't absorb any smell that's going on in that refrigerator .

Right .

And it's gonna lose its flavor if it does .

Now , when I was ready to cook it , this is what I did , I went ahead and added some cooking oil to my frying pan before you add that chicken into that oil .

Ok ?

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You want to remove um , all of the season with majority , 95% of that season you do not want have , I have no onions , no scallion .

The time is ok if it gets in the pot , but you definitely don't want to have no tomatoes scallion or our , our onion or anything like that in your frying pan .

All right , we got that right .

We got that .

So you wanna go ahead and just put that down in the pot and we're gonna allow this to fry for about 10 minutes until it has a nice little golden brown color in a black , golden brown are beautiful , golden brown because you are , you do have um browning on it .

So you just want to go ahead and let it get a nice little color .

You will decide the color when it come , right ?

But this was my color of choice that I have right here .

That was perfect for me .

But if you want to make it a little bit dark than that , of course , you can make it darker because remember what it's your kitchen , you can do whatever you want , right ?

Just make it the color .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Make your kitchen happy is what we are doing here .

Make your kitchen happy , right ?

OK .

Now , moving right along when I was done on both sides , that is what my chicken looks like .

It was perfect and it was ready for me to move on to my next step .

Right ?

Perfect .

Now what I did though , I went ahead and removed them from that um , oil .

You want to go ahead and take it up because this is authentic .

I'm going to also insert another recipe that I did Jamaican Brown .

So chicken without the fried me how restaurants do it .

But this is not our restaurant .

This is all we do .

And I will also not cook for a family .

Then now after you remove the chicken , you take the oil , it out , remove all of the oil and then you replace the chicken back into that frying pan because you know that frying pan is a whole heap of flavor .

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So you just go ahead and put your chicken back into that .

Now with your season that you like , you season your chicken in , you go ahead and you pour that goodness all over that chicken just like so just like so good and just make the thing happy because it's all about flavor .

Remember when you're cooking orders , remember good cooking , good seasoning , good flavor , good flavor .

Everybody , right ?

Every time straight , everybody remember cooking me a ton of bread .

Now , what I'm gonna do here that pan that I season in , I added a little bit more water probably with a cup of water and just pour it all over the chicken .

You don't want to waste anything .

Now , this is optional tomato ketchup .

But when I was growing up , mama always put tomato ketchup on that chicken and I love ketchup on everything .

It is totally optional guys , I'm gonna compliment them and say , oh , this is not authentic because they put ketchup on it .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It is your choice to put it on it .

I love ketchup .

I did go in and add about two tablespoons of um butter , unsalted butter .

Let it simmer nice and slow and medium eat for about 30 to 35 minutes .

And when I was done , honey , that is what my Jamaican authentic chewed chicken looks like it was ready .

It was full of flavor .

It was fast .

It was easy and it was simply delicious .

Easy to follow .

Right .

I know you're gonna get this one right .

If you're doing it for the first time , don't skip any step .

Just do it exactly how I did it .

And you're gonna be just fine now from a rice and peas , I'm not even gonna go through that step by step .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

But that something something I am using my cold because is my favorite piece of all .

All I did was add some coconut milk to it and then I added some scallion and then I went in with some thyme to it and a hot pepper .

That pepper that I'm using is from Florida .

So hot but not it .

Now I did um had the pimenta seed and not adapting to it right now .

I gave it about 30 minutes to cook just to come together .

And then I went in with the rice added the rice to it .

You can use any kind of rice that you want to use .

Go ahead and use it .

Can we talk about rice and all the time ?

What I can remind you right here though .

When you add your rice to that water , you wanna make sure that you have about an inch to an inch and a half of that water above the level of your rice .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

If you don't have an inch or an inch and a half of liquid in it , your rice is going to give you some problems , right ?

It's better that your rice need a little bit more water when you go and check it more than the rice is saggy , saggy and you can always add a little water to it , but you cannot remove the water once you ruin the whole thing .

Now , I gave it under the nice little cover up , spin it up , cover it up , nice and tight because I always use my foiled paper .

Cover it up , nice and tight to seal in the steam because the steam is what's gonna cook your rice .

And after about 40 minutes of steaming time on to medium eat , that is what we look we have right here .

A nice pot of cold peas , cold peas , rice and peas , one of the best rice and peas and the one that I love the most .

But this is definitely not the parboil rice .

This is the fast maty rice .

This is the one that I'm using right here .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

But when I put it on the plant bowl , that is what we have here .

But with some um quarantined mac and cheese , if you want to , if you want to show you all made that mac and cheese , just let me know .

I will definitely do it for you because that was some rig up , rig up mac and cheese , but it was good .

Now , if you like the recipe , give it a thumbs up , share with friends and family , let them know what's going on over here .

Bring them , come , send them , come , then tell me what you want but have been cooking next in my kitchen .

And remember as always from my kids to your kitchen .

Enjoy .


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