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2023-07-07 14:00:37

Greek Yogurt Pasta Recipe _ Healthy & Delicious

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Hello there .

Today we're gonna make a delicious Greek yogurt pasta recipe .

Let's start there .

Cut .

Hi .

This is f the author of Cooking Economy , youtuber from Greece .

And today we're gonna make a delicious pasta recipe with yogurt with yogurt sauce .

And we're gonna put vegetables inside and the vegetables are gonna be raw in that way .

We have um a recipe with lots of vitamins and enzymes and it's really tasty and it's also really nutritious .

So let's start , let's see what we need .

We have some uh Greek yogurt .

It's uh to , you can find this all around the world .

Uh It's 2% fat , it's low fat um and has lots of protein .

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Uh The and there are 10 g of protein and 100 g of product .

So it's 1/10 protein and that's really good .

All this has 20 g of protein .

We also have some cherry tomatoes , green pepper , it's not spicy , it's just a mild pepper , a yellow bell pepper , a red onion , small one gonna use half of it , tablespoon of soya sauce , half a teaspoon of white pepper , some salt .

We also have the pasta .

This is , we're going to cook a whole packet .

But for our , we're gonna use half of it and we also gonna use some fresh oregano , some extra virgin olive oil and a little bit of fresh ginger that we're gonna grind inside .

So let's start .

First , we cook the pasta and we cut the vegetables , add salt in the boiling water and now the pasta .

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Wonderful .

Let's mix a little bit .

Now , let's cut the bell pepper .

This is a bell pepper .

It's really sweet and nice cut in small pieces .

Really nice small cubes .

We want all the ingredients in quite small pieces .

OK ?

That's fine .

Like this .

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Let's go on with the green pepper and now we move on to the onion , cut it in half , feel it and then cut it in half moon shape and now it's time for the cherry tomatoes .

These are Greek , cherry tomatoes are really sweet and tasty .

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We put all the chopped vegetables in a large bowl , add some salt , we mix , add the soya sauce .

That way the vegetables are getting marinated a little bit and they become more tasteful .

Let's add some extra virgin olive oil .

It's good .

Of course , this looks like a nice Mediterranean salad .

And now we're gonna make it much more nutritious with lots of protein from the yogurt .

Here , we have around 200 g of Greek yogurt and this has 2% fat .

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That's really good because we want this recipe to be light and really healthy And if you want to reduce the fat content , use 0% fat yogurt and keep the olive oil , the olive oil is necessary for the texture of the recipe .

But also for the nutritional balance and all the micro nutrients that the extra virgin olive oil has inside .

We add the white pepper and we grind some ginger .

Not too much .

The ginger has really strong taste .

Let's check the pasta .

We don't want to overcook them .

They need to be because in that way , we can keep this recipe chilled on the fridge and eat it .

Next day , we strain the pasta and we put some cold water on top of them .

That's not good when you wanna cook hot pasta recipe .

But for this recipe , we need to cool them down because otherwise the yogurt is gonna break .

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We need the pasta to be chilled before we mix them with the yogurt sauce .

Hm .

Smells so good .

And now the last ingredient , some fresh oregano , wash it a little bit , let's chop it .

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And now time to serve if you wanna make this recipe , this is what you need .

Half pack of penne pasta .

200 g of Greek strained yogurt with 2% fat , one green pepper , one yellow bell pepper , 10 cherry tomatoes , half red onion , one teaspoon of soya sauce , 1/4 of tablespoon of fresh ginger , two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil , white pepper and some salt .

If you want to see more recipes go to cooking economy dot com .

Yum Yum Yum .

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Let's eat now this so thank you for watching .

Don't forget to leave a comment and subscribe to our channel .

See you next time .

Bye there .

Cut off .


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