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2023-07-07 13:57:21

Creamy Pesto Chicken Pasta Recipe

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What is good everybody .

Welcome back to the channel today .

I have another delicious recipe for you guys .

We are going to be making a creamy pesto chicken pasta guys .

This is so amazing .

You are going to love it and I'm about to show you how it's done .

Let's get started .

So these are the ingredients that we will be working with today .

I'm gonna also link them down in the description box to make it nice and easy for you to find as well .

So to begin , we're gonna grab our chicken breast and we are going to butterfly them , slice them right down the middle .

Then we are going to cube them up into nice size pieces guys .

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So once all that said and done , you're gonna go ahead and just drizzle a little bit of olive oil on your chicken , give them a nice luxurious massage as we always do and it is time to season these bad boys up proper , got myself some Cajun seasoning mix with some Italian seasoning .

Uh like I said , all the , the the measurements and whatnot will be down in the description box .

Um I'm just gonna go ahead and season these up like a mad man and just go crazy and I'm gonna go very generous as I always do .

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So you wanna go ahead and get your pan nice and hot and go ahead and drizzle a little bit of olive oil up in there .

Once that's set and done , go ahead and transfer your chicken to the pan .

Get it sizzling , get the aroma in the air , make sure it has a nice , beautiful color like this and that don't please kindly send that back to the kitchen because we don't want it .

So like I said , once your chicken looks like this , go ahead and remove it from the pan and in that same pan , we are going to add about a tablespoon of mince garlic .

We're gonna get that mince garlic sizzling just a little bit .

Then we are going to add in our heavy cream just like .

So get that a nice little mix as well .

Once that heavy cream is all incorporated , we are going to add in that pesto guys that pesto adds so much goodness to this recipe guys .

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I'm trying to tell you go ahead and add that pesto in .

Give that a nice little mix as well .

Now we're gonna add in our cooked pasta , guys .

Very important , cook your pasta prior to this and kind of set it to the side .

This is about two cups of pasta again , already cooked and we are just incorporating it into our cream just like .

So now we are going to reintroduce our chicken , get that juicy chicken all up in there just like .

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So guys get it nice and mixed up , get everything talking to one another guys and the party has not started yet cause the Parmesan cheese has yet to arrive .

But it is on the way .

You already .

No , go ahead and grab your Parmesan cheese and toss that in there guys That Parmesan adds that extra to this recipe .

Guys .

I love me some Parmesan cheese .

Get that in there .

Get it nice and melted .

Oh my goodness guys .

This is so good .

I can't wait for you to try it .

And this is the end result guys .

Creamy Pesto chicken pasta , guys , man off the hinges another stratosphere of flavor .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Guys , your family , your loved ones , your girlfriend , boyfriend , you know whoever your , your neighbor , they are going to love this recipe once you whip it out for them guys , hope you guys enjoyed the video .

I will see you on the next one .

Doses .


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