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2023-07-10 09:16:48

Saladmaster Steak using the EOC! _ Naomi's Corner

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Hello , everybody today .

I'm going to show you how to cook steak in 13 minutes .

So , what we need is of course , steak .

What I'm going to use is a rib eye steak .

So I have two pieces there .

I already have here marinade then um mushroom in uh in soy sauce .

So we're gonna be using our famous electric pellet .

So I've preheated this already for 400 degrees .

So of course , before we start uh cooking , we have to test the degree of the helis ready .

Wow .

Oh , look at that .

So if you see that the water uh bouncing like a pearl , meaning your cooker is all set for cooking .

So all you need to do is grab these two pieces of a rib .

I steak jump it just like .

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So , ok , and all you need is to at least bake it for three minutes for 400 degrees .

So when you bake it , it should be cover .

So we're gonna cook everything in 13 minutes .

So we're gonna use the three minutes to bake your stink .

Just the tender rice right now .

It's already 10 minutes from 13 .

So we already use three minutes .

So we're gonna open this one and see .

Look at the steak .

So , all we need now is to grab the leave for five minutes .

So we're gonna wait until the time when that goes down to five minutes .

And then after that , we're gonna throw this , uh , marinated mushroom in your steak .

Now , five minutes is up .

So we're gonna open this and then turn your steak to the other side .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Look at that .

So by the way , I , uh , bring down the heat to 375 from 400 .

And when you do that , when you flip it , then throw your mushroom that I marinated in soy sauce , you can use any Soyer and then crack the lead again and then after five minutes is up , then your steak is done in 13 minutes .

What ?

Now 30 minutes is up ?

Oh , my goodness .

I'm so excited to have a taste of my steak .

Look at this .

Right .

30 minutes in electric skill .

And your meal is done .

Let me taste this .

This is a really good , look at this .

It's so tender and it's very moist a lot .

I mean .


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