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2023-07-10 08:41:38

Orzo Pasta with Mushrooms and Peas ~ Easy Creamy Orzo Pasta Recipe ~ Amy Learns to Cook

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Hi , everyone .

Welcome to Amy .

Learns to cook on the show today .

We're gonna make orzo pasta with mushrooms and peas .

Now , I absolutely love orzo .

It's a little rice shaped pasta .

That's absolutely fantastic .

So , join me as we make orzo pasta with mushroom and peas .

So let's do a little prep .

And first off , we're gonna cut up some garlic .

I'm using my very cool brand new dow strong phom knife and we're just going to , we just need to mince this .

Yeah , sweet .

I have three cloves of garlic .

You can put as much or as little as you want .

We're sort of garlic heads around this house .

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So garlic is a must .

Ok ?

I got this done next up .

We're gonna cut up our mushrooms and I've just washed these , I always wash my mushrooms because mushrooms are dirty .

I don't think it adds that much additional water .

Um , you can cut them like this or you can cut them in half like this , however you like them .

And I'm also gonna die some onion .

This knife is cool .

I love knives and this is kind of like a small to medium onion .

OK .

So I have our saute pan over medium heat .

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You , um , could use a sauce pan .

You don't necessarily have to use a saute pan .

I have some olive oil .

Oh , it's a high heat , right .

We're gonna put our onions in .

Who ?

So we're gonna put our mushrooms in .

We're just gonna saute these till they're softened a little bit .

That smells absolutely fantastic .

So , we're gonna put some garlic in .

I'm just putting this sort of in at this stage because I don't want it to burn .

We're just gonna saute that for one minute .

So I have one cup of orzo pasta .

Orzo looks like rice .

It's not rice , but it looks like it .

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And let me tell you from my um Italian wedding soup .

Orzo blows up .

I have made the mistake so many times of putting a whole bunch of orzo in a soup and it just sucks all the liquid up .

So you have to be very careful on the amount that you put in because you can make a hot mess for yourself .

So we're just gonna saute this a little bit until it gets a little nutty .

So I have three cups of low sodium chicken broth .

I make this out of better than boon .

Um I really like the flavor of it and it's easier to call it home than a whole bunch of um whole bunch of cans or , or those um , paper cartons .

So we're just gonna bring the heat up on this .

We're gonna let it , um , bring it to a light boil .

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We're gonna back it off a little bit .

So it's just a small rolling boil until , um , the orzo sucks up all that , um , liquid and becomes alden .

Ok ?

So the pasta has taken up a lot of that liquid .

We're gonna go ahead and put our frozen peas in here and I just have like a cup of frozen peas , frozen peas , cook really fast .

You don't have to uh put them in for any like long length of time .

They will just cook from the residual heat .

That looks absolutely fantastic .

By the way , um I'm gonna put in a couple of tablespoons of butter and we're gonna let that melt and turn the heat down .

So we're just gonna season it a little bit .

I'm gonna use this Fox Point from pens .

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It is great for a lot of different things .

It has salt shallots , chives , garlic onion and green peppercorns .

You can use whatever kind of seasoning you like or I don't use any at all because it's even that delicious .

You need a lot .

I'm gonna put some fresh cracked black pepper and I kind of want this a little fine .

Same thing with a little salt .

Don't want to over salt it because we have um um a lot of chicken broth .

So I'm gonna put some Parmesan in here .

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I have some shredded parmesan .

Um I'm allergic to cheese so I'm gonna take my portion out and then I'm gonna put the Parmesan in Eric's portion .

Um Little funny because just because I'm allergic to cheese , but you can definitely just go ahead and put as much Parmesan you can use Fontina , whatever kind of cheese you like , it'll just give it a little bit more creaminess , but this looks pretty creamy with the butter in there .

Wow , it looks delicious .

It looks absolutely delicious .

So let's plate it up .

Ok .

So let's get us a nice serving of this .

Wow , it's beautiful .

It's an absolutely beautiful dish .

Um You will , wow .

Anybody serving this dish to them .

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So let's serve up a little bit for Eric .

Mhm .

Wow .

Absolutely beautiful .

And for Eric we're gonna give him a little Parmesan on the top .

Hm .

So let's take a taste .

Ok .

Let's try this .

Mhm .

Mm .

Mm .

This is comfort food , comfort food all the way .

We got the mushrooms .

We got the peas , we got the orzo , the Fox point .

Just knocks it out of the park .

Mm .

You don't even need the chairs .

Whoops .

It's creamy .

It is delicious .

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Um , you could do without it .

What this would be great paired with is a , you know , a pan seared piece of chicken or even grilled .

Um , and you have a full meal .

Mhm .

I can tell you this is fantastic .

You're absolutely gonna love it .

Try it so easy to make sort of a different way to use .

Orzo .

And it is absolutely fantastic .

If you like this video , please subscribe below and give me a comment and a like visit my website at Amy learns to cook dot com .

I'm also on Pinterest and Twitter at Amy learns to cook .

Da , da , da , da , da , da , da , da , da , da , da , da .

Hm .

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Creamy tasty .

You know , it's really good .

Mine with cheese gonna be better though .

Yum .

Yum .


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