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2023-07-08 09:14:46

Cook the Perfect Porterhouse Steak - Best Steak Recipe - FlavCity with Bobby

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I live in Chicago and there are no shortage of world class steakhouses here .

But sometimes you want that steakhouse quality steak in the comfort of your own home .

And that's what today's episode is all about .

The porter house rules .

Let's break it down on one half of the steak .

We have the filet mignon , very tender and really juicy on the other half .

We have the New York strip steak known for its high marbling and ultimate flavor .

So you're pretty much getting two steaks in one and let's talk about the bone any time you can get a piece of meat on the bone .

That means more flavor .

And the meat is actually sweeter and lastly , but not least I always buy my meat from a trusted source like Allen brothers .

First things .

First , the steak has to be at room temperature .

You've heard me say it before , but if you cook a cold steak right out of the fridge , it's gonna cook unevenly and it's gonna be super tough and doing that to a piece of meat .

That's beautiful .

Would be a darn shame .

Now , let's talk about seasoning on one half of the steak .

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I'm gonna season it super aggressively with salt and pepper and I'm gonna pat it down .

Now , anytime I talk to professional chefs , they always say the main difference between home cooks and uh restaurant cooks is seasoning .

We don't season enough and when you have a steak like this , I mean , check this out .

Look how thick this is .

You're gonna have to season this really aggressively because a lot of that's gonna stick to the pan and you can't season the inside of the meat .

So you have to go heavy on the outside .

And when you think you probably put a little too much , you might want to do a little more .

Now , on the other side , I've got my dry rub .

If you click on my other videos , you get the recipe for Bobby's smoked Ancho spice rub .

That's got smoky paprika .

A little bit of cayenne pepper , brown sugar and Ancho chilies , which are that fruity ?

Not too spicy starter chili , but I'm gonna give it a healthy coating on one side because what this is gonna do is while my steak is coming up to room temperature , it's gonna kind of soak into the top layer of the meat .

And when I sear it later on , it's gonna form a nice crust .

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It's been an hour and check out how the salt has brought out some of the moisture in the steak .

And you can see that dry rub has really penetrated deep down into the meat and that's gonna create that nice crispy crust .

Now , to get that , I have a cast iron pan here that's preheating over medium high heat for about 34 minutes .

I'm gonna add one teaspoon of vegetable oil and then take the steak , rub side down and put it flat in the pan and that's the noise you wanna hear , make sure it's flat and just walk away .

You don't want to sit there and prod the meat and touch it and peek under it like that .

You're gonna ruin the sear while the steak is searing .

Let's talk more about the porterhouse .

Now , it comes from the short LA region of the cow and that's the most underutilized muscle on the cow .

That's why you have such a tender steak like the filet mignon .

So after it's cut , it's wet .

Now , that means it's sealed in a package with its own juices for anywhere from 5 to 7 weeks .

And what happens is the enzymes inside the meat start breaking down the protein .

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That's why you have a super tender , very juicy cut of meat .

And finally the butchers and Allen brothers hand cut every steak .

So , you know , you're getting the best prime cut of meat out there after four minutes .

Let's take the steak off the heat completely .

Grab it out of the pan and flip it dry , rub side up .

Now comes the kind of unorthodox part we're gonna cut the steak off the bone and yeah , I know what you're thinking .

Steaks not done yet .

And you're right , it's not , but we're gonna finish it in the pan , cut into pieces .

And one of the reasons why I can do this is this is a thick steak .

It's 1.5 inches .

And so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take the bone like this and put it back into the pan and then I'm gonna take each section and I cut them into about an inch to an inch and a half pieces .

And you can see it's still rare in the middle , but we have that nice sear on the crust .

And the benefit of doing this is that it's gonna cook a lot quicker .

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And also you can't overcook your steak because you can peek inside the oven when we finish it and see what the temperature is of the steak .

You could throw it back in the oven like this .

But I wanna to gild the lily just a little bit more .

So I'm gonna reach for a little bit of my citrus herb butter .

Now , if you remember we made this in the past episode , you just click on the link below and it'll show you exactly the recipe how to do it .

I'm cooking with a prime steak right now .

So you don't really need to do this because the flavor is there .

But if you have a choice piece of meat that doesn't quite have the same amount of flavor .

This is a great way to boost that flavor and I'd say this is gonna go in the broiler for about 3 to 5 minutes , but peek in there after three minutes and see how the meat's doing it .

It , this steak only took three minutes because I like it medium nice and crusty on the top .

That herb butter completely melted and bas it into that meat .

Now , if you're serving for a dinner party or some friends , I recommend just putting the cast iron pan on the table and letting your friends pick out the pieces they want .

And man , this smells insanely good .

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I could really smell that herb butter perfuming off the meat here and I gotta cut into this steak right now .

The meat is so tender .

I got lots of nice beefiness , tons of juice and that butter just basted on top makes for almost like its own sauce .

That sear has a nice crunch on top .

If you make this for your friends at a dinner party , you are gonna be the stuff of local legend .

The whole town would be talking about you and your rock star dinner parties .


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