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Hi , everyone and welcome to Curries with today .

I will show you how to make a delicious chicken , red sauce pasta with some tips and tricks .

So let's get started .

Let's first make the red sauce heat a pan over a medium high heat .

Once the oil starts shimmering , add chopped onions , Sprinkle a pinch of salt that helps in softening up the onions , fry them on medium heat till they soften down a bit and develop a little golden color along the edges .

Then increase the heat of your stove and add the ground chicken with the help of your spoon loosen up the meat a bit and spread it out .

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Now for a minute or two , just resist your temptation from stirring the chicken .

After a minute , you can now stir it , stir till all the water that comes out from the chicken dries up and you start to see the oil leaving the sides .

Then a very unusual ingredient , but I like to add a little bit of vinegar .

The vinegar adds a nice flavor to the chicken .

Then here comes a little bit of my Indian touch to the dish .

Red chili powder .

Next comes a good amount of tomato puree .

I switched out the container with about a cup of water to get that last bit of goodness .

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Add some freshly ground black pepper and salt .

Please taste your tomato puree before adding salt as some products already have added salt in them .

And finally a good amount of mixed herbs now cover it on low heat for 30 minutes while my sauce is simmering away .

I brought a pot of water to a rolling boil .

Always take the largest pot that you have in your kitchen to boil your pasta .

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Add a generous amount of salt and then add the pasta , give a stir and let the pasta again come up to a rolling boil .

Never add oil while boiling the pasta as it makes the surface slippery , you want your pasta to be coated with that sauce , which won't happen if you add oil while boiling .

Always add your pasta to the sauce as soon as it is cooked .

I never cook it before making the sauce .

The sauce can wait but the pasta cannot .

My red sauce is done since I have so much of basil growing in my pot .

So I like adding some to the sauce .

You can even add coriander leaves or parsley or you can skip this step .

It will still be delicious .

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Now , my pasta is done .

I like to add it directly like this .

You can even drain the water and then add them immediately .

But guys remember to save a cup of that pasta water before draining my sauce looks a bit thick .

So now I will loosen up the sauce using a little of that pasta water .

On the other hand , if you see that your sauce is looking bit watery , then you can thicken it up using that pasta water as it has starch in it .

So see how helpful it is .

Finally , I added some cream .

It is totally optional .

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I usually do not add it , but today I am making it in a special way then take the pan off heat and I cannot think of pasta without cheese .

How about you guys ?

Do you like with little or lots and lots of cheese ?

Let me know in the comments section .

Please send me your feedback after trying this recipe .

This is and thanks for joining me .

Take care and stay healthy .

Bye bye .


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