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2023-07-07 13:56:36

Creamy Tuscan Chicken Pasta (30-minute meal)

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Hey guys , I'm Dina from simply home cook dot com .

And today I'll be showing you how to make this creamy Tuscan chicken pasta .

It is currently the most popular recipe on my site .

And for a good reason , it's loaded with juicy pieces of chicken tenders , sun dried tomatoes and that garlic cream sauce .

Oh , it just goes so well with that perfectly cooked .

We have this dinner on repeat at our house all the time .

All right , let me show you how to make it .

All right .

So the first thing you wanna do is lay £2 of chicken tenders on a flat surface and then you wanna go ahead and season it with some salt and pepper nice and generously .

And then you wanna flip the chicken over and season the other side with some salt and pepper as well .

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Now you wanna add two tablespoons of olive oil into a large skillet , bring it up to medium high heat and then gently place those chicken tenders right into the hot oil and you wanna cook them about three minutes per side .

Now , if you've ever pan fried chicken , you already know that it can get pretty messy .

So I like to use this splatter screen .

It really saves me from a huge greasy mess and I'll make sure to link down to it in the notes .

Once all of your chicken is fully cooked through , you wanna go ahead and transfer it into a plate and then once the chicken is cooled down , you can cut it into tiny little pieces and then just set it aside .

Now , before we get started on the sauce , you wanna take your eight ounce jar of sun dried tomatoes and oil and you wanna drain all that oil out .

Now , I like a little bit of fat in my pasta , but that is just way too much and make sure to kind of compress it with the fork to really squeeze out all that extra oil .

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Now bring that same skillet over medium high heat , then add two tablespoons of unsalted butter and then lightly swirl it around and then you can go ahead and add it to mince garlic cloves along with those sun dried tomatoes that you just drained .

Now , grab your spoon and then give it a good thorough mix for about a minute just to soften up those tomatoes .

Then add three packed cups of baby spinach and then just gently mix it around until the spinach is wilted .

Now , pour in three cups of heavy cream along with half a teaspoon of salt , an eighth of a teaspoon of black pepper and one teaspoon of Italian seasoning .

Now , gently stir that around until the sauce comes to a simmer .

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So once the sauce is bubbling beautifully , you wanna turn that heat off and then add half a cup of grated Parmesan cheese and slowly and gently mix it in .

And if you have an electric cooktop , you actually wanna take the pan off of that heat because that high heat will curdle your cheese and we do not want that to happen .

All right .

Now that our sauce is pretty much done , you wanna cook half a pound of penne pasta and then drain it really well and then add it right into your sauce along with that chicken that we cut up earlier .

And now all that's left to do is to mix everything around so that every piece of chicken and tender penne pasta are coated in that delicious creamy sauce .

Now , plate up and enjoy and there you have it guys , an easy 30 minute chicken pasta dinner .

That is perfect for busy week nights or even special occasions .

It's that good .

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So good that I am dying to try this pasta because I am so hungry and I'm gonna give myself a nice big helping of this pasta .

All right .

I'm so excited to try this .

Oh , wait , hold on .

I forgot my parmesan .

Gotta add some extra parmesan on top .

Can't go wrong with a little extra cheese .

I think that's good enough .

Ok .

Ok .

Let's try it .

Oh .

Mm .

Mm mm .

This is like a flavor explosion .

So much flavor and you know why ?

It's because we make the cream sauce in the fat renderings of the chicken .

Oh , what a brilliant idea .

This stuff is really so good .

It's so warm and comforting .

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It is guaranteed to please some of the pickiest eaters .

My kids love this stuff .

I hope you guys enjoyed watching this video and if you did please be sure to hit that bell icon when you guys subscribe .

So you guys get notified every time we come out with a new recipe .

See you next time .


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