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2023-07-10 09:15:36

How to Cook a Steak in the Instant Pot

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Hey , guys today , I'm gonna cook a steak in my instant pot with no pressure .

I've noticed when I'm doing other recipes that my instant pot does a pretty good job of searing the meat .

So I thought , why not just try cooking a steak in it , just frying it without using the pressure cooked setting .

So this steak is a , uh , rib steak .

Um , it's , uh , £1.3 .

This was 6 99 per pound , but it was marked $4 off .

So I got this for $5.09 which is a pretty good price for a rib steak .

Now , I salted this on both sides last night , just sprinkled a little salt on both sides and put it into the refrigerator overnight .

They call that dried running .

What that does is the salt kind of penetrates into the meat and it gives it a little more flavor and makes it a little bit juicier .

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I don't always do that , but I try to , if I'm thinking ahead , I was thinking ahead last night .

So I did .

So all I'm gonna do here is cook this on the saute setting .

So I have turned it all the way up to high and we'll get that warming up and I'm , I'm gonna use avocado oil for this because it has a high heat , setting a 500 F smoke point .

So I'm just gonna add a little bit of avocado oil to the bottom of the pot there and let that preheat for a little bit .

And then we'll get the steak in there .

Oil is hot , it's splattering and popping all over the place .

Let's get our steak in there .

Kind of a tight squeeze .

That's a pretty good size to steak .

Right .

This my steaks down there in the bottom and I'm gonna put this glass lid on there .

It's been about 4.5 or five minutes here .

So let's take the lid off and see how we're doing right now .

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I'm gonna go ahead and turn this over .

Yeah .

Nice to see her on it .

Kind of stuck here .

Come on now , there we go .

I let it cook for a few minutes on that side .

This way is nice to keep the grease from splattering all over the place .

I almost forgot .

I'm gonna Sprinkle a little Johnny seasoning pepper on there .

I didn't put this on the other side because I had some sugar in it .

So I thought it might burn .

Besides pepper has , uh , sugar red and green bell pepper , garlic and onion in it .

So we'll get a little bit of that on there .

And I'll start watching it and checking the temperature .

I'm gonna try to cook it to about 120 degrees internal .

This has been in the pot for about eight minutes .

So , let me see what the internal temperature is here .

1 36 .

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That is done .

I'm gonna get that out of there .

I let this rest for a few minutes and I made a baked potato in my toaster oven .

Let's cut into this and see how it looks here .

Well , actually it looks pretty good .

It's , uh , it was a little more than rare .

I cooked it past 1 20 .

I cooked about 1 35 .

So it's more kind of medium here , I think .

But it looks pretty good .

Let's try a bite turned out pretty good .

I guess we better make it official and see what any of the taste test dog thinks .

Wanna try it in .

Well , she looked pretty happy about that .

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A steak turned out pretty good .

I would cook a steak that way again .

So that particular steak , I did it five minutes on the first side and then about 3.5 on the second side .

But it'll vary , you know , depending on the size and thickness of your steak and just how you like it cooked .

But , um , yeah , I would definitely do it that way again .

Thanks for watching , talk to you guys next time .


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