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2023-07-08 09:20:41

Pan-Grilled Steak with Mushroom Onion Lager Sauce

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You really want to enjoy your cooking .

You want to make it easier on yourself like having everything set up ahead of time before you start the French , call this place a place for everything and everything in its place .

And speaking of everything in its place , whenever you're having a fine brew , always have it in a glass .

This way , you can really enjoy the fragrance of the beer .

This is Kona Brewing Company Long Board Island Lager .

Long Board Serving has been the tradition of Waki Beach Honolulu for over 90 years .

This crisp pale gold lager is made from premium pale malt and aromatic hops brewed in a traditional lager style and yes , you can cook with it .

It's part of our recipe today .

Pan grilled steaks with mushroom onion lager sauce .

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Now , what if you like wine simply substitute the beer in the recipe for this carnivore cabernet sauvignon .

This wine is a unique combination of full body flavors and finesse .

The rich blend shows hints of blackberry caramel , roast coffee and toasted oak carnivore .

Caron finishes each bowl , sip with a refined smoothness .

Now , the recipe starts by heating your skillet over medium heat for at least two minutes .

We want to get a good caramelization on these steaks .

In the meantime , we'll season with some kosher salt and some fresh cracked pepper repeat for the second side .

Then we add some oil to the pan , give it a swirl and we'll add our seasoned steaks .

Yeah .

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Now , for best results use a stainless steel skillet and don't touch them for at least two minutes to get a good brown color and caramelization .

Great flavor .

Now you see that residual burn on the bottom of the pan that's called Fond .

And it's going to give some fantastic flavors to our sauce .

Now that our steaks are searing for two minutes or side , we're gonna go ahead and lower the temperature to medium , medium low and use a lid .

So your skillet is now acting like an oven and will continue to turn every minute or so while you're cooking till it's done to your liking .

I like mine medium rare and what's the best temperature for medium rare ?

130 degrees .

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Make sure you get one of these little meat thermometer and have it in your kitchen at all times .

Now , that is perfect and we'll place our steaks on a clean plate and cover it with the same lid will actually gain five more degrees internal temperature .

Now to that same pan with that beautiful Fond , we're gonna add some more oil .

Let's roll a coat , gonna add our sliced mushrooms .

Now just as with the steak , don't touch the mushrooms for a good minute or two to get a good caramelization on there .

That season you hear is called the applause and will stop when they're ready .

Let's add a pinch of salt and some fresh cracked pepper and we'll give them a toss .

Remember ?

Never rinse your mushrooms .

They're already in 90% water .

Well , that smells good already .

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Next , we're gonna add a pad of butter and our onions camp will saute until caramelized .

Now that we're caramelized with beautiful flavoring , we're gonna add our garlic because you don't want to burn it because if you do , it's very bitter and we'll add just a little bit of our dried thyme .

Not too much .

You don't want them to know it's time you want them to question what is that essence and that flavor .

But don't tell them .

Now , if you're on an open flame stove , we remove it from the heat and we'll add our coal long board to deglaze the bottom of the pan .

Now , the kitchen smells really good .

And as I said earlier , if you want to use the wine , use the wine instead , and we'll put this back on to reduce , to concentrate those flavors .

Don't forget to add those juices from your steaks back into the sauce as well .

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Now , when the liquid has reduced by 75% we're gonna finish off with a couple of packs of butter and when it melts we're ready to eat .

Yeah , this is tomato conca diced , tomatoes , seeded olive oil .

A little fresh basil .

Enjoy with the Kona Long Board Lager .

Carnivore cabernet .

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Or if you have guests who like white , try the Star Borough seven Y block .


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