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2023-07-08 09:08:59

How to cook steak perfect at home

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Hi , everyone and welcome back to chef seats today .

I'm gonna show you how to cook the perfect steak .

Yes .

Perfect steak .

Now , a lot of times people get really intimidated and don't know exactly what to do .

So they'd automatically run to the restaurant or local steakhouse .

Well , you know what , now we have an end to that and just like always , only thing we're gonna need are a few simple ingredients .

So let's get started .

Now , the only thing we're really gonna have to do to this steak is season it properly , just enhance the flavor that it already has a little bit of salt .

A little bit of pepper goes a long way .

There's no need for any tricky techniques in this just salt and pepper .

And the only real technique that you need to do is make sure that you season it evenly .

So press it in , make sure that all of this adhered to it a little bit more on top on this fat cap , which is gonna taste delicious .

Of course , after it's cooked pepper as well and a little bit on the side .

There we go .

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So what I like to do after I season my steak .

I like to allow it to set a good 10 minutes before I put it in a pan .

It's just gonna allow the osmosis of the salt and pepper just infusing into the steak .

It's gonna add a lot more flavor penetrated in .

There we go .

Let that set .

So this right here , I'm gonna put a little bit of oil on the steak , not inside of the cast iron pan , but on the steak .

And um , this cast iron pan is on full heat .

Let it get smoking hot as hot as it's gonna be .

And the beauty of cooking in cast iron is that it's gonna retain the heat while cooking it opposed in a saute pan of any other form .

Here we are .

And now just quite simply grab that fat cap side down there we are and just let this sear until you get a nice little golden color on that fat cap .

So that's about 30 seconds of a sea .

And you can see we have some color .

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So now 30 seconds , this is gonna be a special technique every 30 seconds .

I'm gonna flip this steak from one side to the other side .

Ok .

Set your timer and stand there and watch this steak .

30 seconds that come by , we flip it over .

Ok ?

And we don't have a lot of color on it just yet .

But in time of flipping it and searing it , it's just gonna get so much flavor and it's gonna cook so evenly .

There's another 30 seconds .

So we flip it again , let it sear .

30 seconds has passed .

You flip it once again , make sure that you flip the steak away from yourself .

So none of the oil or fat splats back to you .

Once again , li fi 30 seconds of pass .

You see how much more color that we're gaining .

Look at this , that flavor is just gonna add up nice .

Now , the beauty of cooking it and flipping it every 30 seconds is the fact that it's gonna cook it so evenly .

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It's so so even so right now , the top is resting while the bottom's searing and then this is just gonna give it enough time so that when we flip it over the same thing's gonna happen all over again , it's a nice even rotation of the heat .

And once again , flipping away from ourselves , know , personally , I really enjoy cooking in cast iron .

It's just one of these things of all the flavors gaining and adding up and look at that coat on top of that .

It was talking about flavor and the most amazing thing about cooking cast iron is the fact that I can just hand it down from generation to generation .

Now that the steak is ready , it's a £1 steak .

Cooked me about eight minutes of flipping .

Let's just toss some garlic cloves in there and then after the garlic cloves , what we can do is toss a little bit of butter in there as well .

See this , it's gonna smoke up and , oh , yeah , this is gonna add so much flavor on top of it .

Here we are .

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So now this steak is pretty much done cooking .

We're just gonna add this butter to cook a little bit of this garlic and just infuse a little bit more flavor into .

So once again , salt pepper steak , butter , a little bit of garlic .

And if you have any herbs right now , feel free to toss them in at the moment .

You know , parsley , thyme , rosemary .

It all add up and just base it a few times .

And since the steak cook took me eight minutes to cook , I'm gonna allow it to rest four minutes .

So whatever your cooking time is , allow the steak to rest half of that cooking time so that all the juices can relax and add into it .

Here we are now that our perfect steak is resting .

What I'd like to do is make a compound butter and what this is gonna consist of is equal parts room temperature , butter and Bors and cheese .

So once again , if you guys haven't had Bors and cheese , put that on your bucket list .

It's amazing .

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It's gonna add a really nice roasted garlic goat cheese , sour cream flavor to it .

I think you're really going to enjoy it .

It's honestly one of my favorites and just quite simply give us a nice little mix together and there we have it .

It's just too easy , isn't it ?

All right .

Now that we have this set aside , our steak is all cut .

Let's plate it up .

So put a few slices right here and see how even that cooking is .

No ring , it's all evenly pink .

It's beautiful .

That's the beauty of cooking with a 32nd flipping technique .

And let's just add a little dollop of our Bors and cheese butter .

Well , folks there you have it .

I'm really , really excited to share with you how to make the perfect steak at home .

So you no longer have to run to the steakhouse .

Here's the recipe that's following and I'm really excited to hear how all your steaks turned out and give me some feedback .

Let me know if you have another technique .

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Thanks for watching and don't forget to like and subscribe .


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