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2023-07-10 08:46:58

Cooking Isn't That Hard Ep. 1 _ How To Cook Steak

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Hey guys and welcome to the very first episode of cooking .

Isn't that hard .

So basically , this is the debut episode of a show that is here to show all people including those who do and don't cook .

That cooking truly is something that anyone and everyone can do with ease .

No excuses .

It's in your DNA and it's fun .

Now , let's go .

Now , today , I'm gonna show you how to make a properly cooked steak in a pan seared .

Super easy .

Let's get moving butter .

This is what's gonna take you home .

You must have butter salt .

You need salt .

Salt is gonna amplify the flavor and it's gonna make it taste the way that you want to taste and you're gonna need lots of it .

Get good coarse salt or kosher salt , black pepper .

You're gonna need lots of this too .

This is gonna create a little bit of spice .

It's gonna create some depth to the flavor of the steak .

Steak , steak .

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Now your cut of steak is highly up to you , but I would recommend that you get either a rib eye or a New York strip steak , something a little bit thicker , something about one inch thick or three quarters of an inch thick .

Ideally , this here is a rib eye room .

Temp very easy grab the steak out of the fridge , put it on the counter , put it on a plate and let it sit for at least 15 minutes .

Once this is set for at least 15 minutes or has come to room temperature , you're gonna go ahead and pat it dry with some paper towels .

This is gonna take the excess moisture off the top of the steak so that it's nice and dry when it goes in the pan , salt pepper , pat both sides , mop up the extra seasoning pans .

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Oil high heat , let it heat for at least two minutes until it's super , super hot and the oil easily moves around the pan like .

So once the pan is hot and the oil begins to move around the pan , add your steak , you should hear a sizzle as soon as it hits the pan that way .

You know , it's hot enough sear 2 to 3 minutes per side flip .

Let's see , an additional 2 to 3 minutes for the record .

I did tie off my state because it was falling apart .

You shouldn't have to do that .

Turn your heat down to medium low butter in , let the butter melt and come to the bottom of the pan and bake done .

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Now , one of the most important stages let it rest , let it rest for at least five minutes .

Eight minutes max and then cut into it .

This is gonna let the juices reabsorb and that's what you want .

You don't want to lose all the juices when you first cut into it .

Now , the most important part we're gonna cut , you need a sharp knife and just slice nice big pieces .

This is a nice medium rare steak you can have at any level of cooking that you wish .

Medium rare is my choice There .

It is a properly cooked steak in under 10 minutes .

Delicious easy .

Anyone can make this done next .

Yeah , that's really good .

That's good .

Really pretty good .


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