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2023-07-10 08:41:19

Italian Grandma Makes Pasta with Broccoli

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I love my friend .

I'm a Gina .

Long the time .

I know .

See everybody , my friend all over , I have a friend all over the world .

I wanna , I hope , I hope everybody is OK like me .

I'm all right today .

I gotta to , you just , I gotta make a little thing .

Uh We make a broccoli with a pasta and we need all of this .

We need the Brocco green broccoli , the broccoli I wash , I cut , you gotta make a small one .

I like this size .

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You gotta make a small , this size is supposed to be small pasta you need and this is a lot of paper , somebody like make somebody not like no milk .

And then we have black pepper salt .

We need the , this to make a nice , nice and we got fry and then this , this , we need for this thing .

Just a little thing .

Just you wanna make a company and my friend .

All right .

And now we start OK .

All right .

My water .

You see , now I want , I gotta put the salt .

Let me put a little salt but to spoon of the salt .

Uh of that .

That's a , that's a matter .

That's a worry .

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OK ?

And then you put the broccoli , this is the broccoli .

You can put the broccoli , you gotta cut the nice and small , you gotta cut .

You see , ok ?

Now let it cook the , they gotta cook this because we got with the pasta and the time of this , the time of this cook , we prepare the , we prepared them all over there , ok ?

We prepare the all you can put that might be a go this land .

So you see you cover , you cover this with oil OK .

OK ?

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This oil you see , I put all , all the like this like this .

You before you put off the you can put the garlic , you can put the garlic here .

You make a smaller garlic .

Gotta make the garlic like this .

You put over them and now you put off your mask .

OK ?

I'll get this and then you got to watch .

No , no .

Make of the remember the guy , the guy to stay nice and not bored .

And over here you , you like it .

Do you like the paper ?

You can put a little lot of paper .

Some people they not like you know poor .

It's the garlic is enough for you .

Can you need , they say you but we uh we , we use so we , we put a little bit OK ?

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We put a little bit OK ?

For us .

Is this enough ?

Somebody wants to use you .

Somebody don't want to use .

That's it .

This , this the white or everything is white .

All right .

I think that the garlic is OK .

You see .

No , no .

Make a bone .

Just super perfect .

I gotta put maybe II I put a little water .

I put a little , just the word of the broccoli .

You use the word the broccoli .

Put it here .

Lovely .

Oh It does not .

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Yes , that broccoli is coke and we put over the hair , right ?

Let me put the Brocco in here .

But I wanna , I wanna make this a little close like this .

Then I , I take the , the broccoli you put here .

OK ?

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Oh , now I put them back in here and then I , I got , I think , I think this now they have to cook the broccoli in the , a little bit .

Now the time of the broccoli is here , we gotta put the pasta .

I gotta put the pasta here .

This isn't the bastard in the same word .

The broccoli .

You cook the pasta .

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I think I need a little salty here .

OK ?

Maybe not , not a little bit salty here .

A lot of cake .

A coke .

This get some but the like a like a cream and all but they have the , the cook cook .

Oh OK .

Now we gotta wait for the , for the pasta .

We gotta wait for the pasta .

OK ?

Let me check the , let me test the broccoli .

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Need a little bit of a little bit of salt here .

OK ?

I want to make a little big black of paper .

You can put a little bit of black of paper in here .

This is a how much you want to make you make ?

See ?

This is a and this , I think this is nice .

OK ?

This OK ?

But I have another thing to put here .

I need the Pecorino Roman .

I gotta make a little cheese for this .

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493.559 --> 570.08

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

My pasta is already , I gotta put pasta in the broccoli .

I put over over and then I put the past day .

I see you use a dish .

You got the pasta .

This , the pasta is nice to cook .

They have the coconut a little bit over there , but it's all right .

I oh definitely .

All right .

Yeah , I'm OK .

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I gotta put this back , this bag , this bag right it pasta with broccoli .

It's nice .

Let me see .

Maybe we need a little juice or a little juice you can use all the time .

The water , the broccoli you can use all the time .

Maybe I make 11 dish I make OK .

That's it .

No more .

Just one word .

Now we need the juice of the cheese and now we need , you see , that's a look right .

The broccoli over the Coke .

Like a , like a cream .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

They have the Coke , the broccoli and let's take the , let's stick with the pasta .

Ok .

I , now I need to , that's the best part for somebody .

Like , somebody , like , somebody don't like me less .

But I know my son in law , like the , all of this , he can go all of this , all of , right .

Everything , everything .

Now you got it to see .

It's an , it's an , ah , it's very pretty some time you want , you want change , you wanna make the , the pasta , the different , different thing .

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And I look at this , I think it's all right .

Ok .

Nice .

Sorry .

Anyway , I have nothing to do .

It's done everything .

It's the time of the test what they look like .

Ok .

Er we got a taste now I'm so happy .

I'm a finish .

You see , look what it look like .

Nice green pasta with the broccoli .

It's very good .

I uh it's , I know it's good good that delicious this one and that's a matter of day .

Ok , so make something of your mama , something different .

You know , sometimes we make some dish a different thing and then they love your right now .

I wanna taste and we say let me put a little cheese when you test you like this .

Ok ?

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And then one of his are so good .

It's so good .

Later later I eat now I wanna finish the talk .

Let I , I eat my dish .

Ok ?

I wanna say thank you for watching me .

Uh I wanna say day everybody .

Hey , I love you .

I miss you .

I know a little long , but I miss you .

Not today .

I cook for everybody and then I want to say God bless a peace , a peace , a peace of the world .

Ok .

Bye bye .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Bye day .

Ok .

That's ok .

Bye bye bye .


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