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2023-07-10 08:47:48

Air Fryer Medium Rare Steak - So Juicy & Tender!

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Hi there and welcome today .

We are going to be making top Cera Loin cap steaks in the air fryer .

This is quick , easy and delicious .

The air fryer that I will be using today is the caso 5.8 quart .

So with that , let's go ahead and get started .

I have my top sirloin cap ready to go .

I'm gonna cut these into individual steaks have let my steaks sit out to get up to room temperature .

They've been out for about 35 to 40 minutes .

This will allow for a more even cook .

I have my air fryer preheating for five minutes on 400 F .

Basically , the only time I ever preheat is for steaks .

We want that air fryer nice and hot .

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And for the seasoning , I'm going with good old salt and pepper .

That's usually my go to for steaks .

I'm using a flaked sea salt .

I love using this on steaks .

It gives it a nice little crunch .

I will season both sides with salt and pepper , freshly ground black pepper pat that in just a little bit and I will flip these over and do the other side .

I did not trim any of the fat off these steaks .

I like my fat .

If you want to trim some off , feel free .

I would leave just a little bit though because fat is flavor .

Ok .

This is done preheating .

I'll get our steaks in .

Ok .

Have them all in .

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Now , I am going for a medium rare .

We'll see how that goes .

Ok .

I have the air fryer set to 400 F for eight minutes , four minutes in .

I'm gonna flip the steaks over and then we are gonna go from there again .

I'm shooting for a medium rare which is 100 and 35 F .

We are four minutes in and I am going to flip our steaks over .

Ok , all flipped .

Now , I'm thinking four more minutes is gonna be too long for medium rare .

I'm gonna let this go for another two minutes .

Take an internal 10 up on these .

We got two minutes left of our eight .

So I wanna check these perfect .

Well , that took six minutes , 400 F for a medium rare .

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I'm gonna get these on a plate and let them rest for five minutes and we'll cut one of these open .

Having a hard time having my camera focused .

There we go .

That is nice and tender and juicy .

Gonna have to take another bite .

Delicious .

Here's a few other air fryer recipes I think you would enjoy watching next .

And as always , I want to thank you so much for watching and I hope to see you next time .


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