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2023-07-08 09:05:47

Pasta Carbonara in Under 10 Minutes! _ Blackstone Griddle

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Hey guys , it's black zone .

Betty .

One thing we all love is bacon on the black stone .

But I'm gonna show you how to turn that bacon griddled on the Blackstone into a quick easy breakfast , lunch or dinner .

It's pasta carbonara cabana .

However , it is that you say it , it is so simple , so quick .

One of my family favorites and so inexpensive .

You guys are gonna love this one .

So join me so I can teach you guys how to make this on your black at home .

All right guys , when it comes to bacon on the griddle , we all love it .

So that's why I wanted to show you how to make pasta carbonara .

And I know that some of you are immediately thinking , why would you make pasta on a griddle or um pasta doesn't belong in a griddle ?

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Well , it does and it's because if we have people glamping or camping , which technically you would be glamping if you're making your campground friends um this pasta because it's so delicious and so easy .

And the base to this recipe is good fried bacon .

So the Blackstone is perfect for this .

Now , this starts off with a large pot of water boiling on the side burner of our Blackstone .

If you don't have the side burner , no worries .

You can always boil some water in a throwaway tin or pot or pan directly on your Blackstone griddle .

While that is coming up to a boil , we are gonna start with our bacon .

We're gonna slice this up .

Now , if you want to switch it out and be a little bit more traditional , you can use Guoli or you can use pancetta .

Even we're going to slice this up into small bite size pieces .

You don't necessarily need to use an entire package of bacon .

However , I love extra bacon in mind .

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So for £1 of spaghetti , I like to do £1 of bacon .

Call me greedy , but it's delicious .

We'll set our black stone to the lowest setting and let this bacon drop down and begin to render out its fat .

We want to reserve as much bacon grease as possible while this is cooking .

So be sure that your griddle surface is nice and level .

Now it's time to move quick because this is such a quick cook .

It cooks in literally 5 to 10 minutes max for our eggs .

You want to use the best quality eggs possible .

I like using a pasture raised egg for this specific dish .

We'll make sure that they up to room temperature if this is a last minute decision for a breakfast , lunch or dinner because after all , it is bacon and eggs and pasta .

So you could have it any time of day .

But if it was a last minute meal and you needed your eggs to come up to temperature , just stick them in some room temperature water .

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Make sure that they are submerged for about 5 to 10 minutes .

We'll crack two eggs , including the yolks and the whites into a large mixing bowl and then add two egg yolks .

Only to that , we are going to grate in some freshly grated Pecorino , Romano cheese .

This is nutty and buttery and salty .

So you won't need to add any salt to this dish , especially because our baking is also salty .

So hold off on any salt until you're ready to serve and taste it .

We'll whisk this together .

You want it to be a thicker consistency that cheese really needs to thicken up these eggs .

You can go from anywhere from the thickness you see here to even pasty , adding more cheese as needed until it looks perfect .

We'll add in some fresh cracked black pepper .

Give it one more whisk .

Now this is ready .

We'll slide it aside and jump over to our garlic .

I have a few fresh garlic cloves .

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I'm gonna smash down and add them to my bacon .

This is gonna flavor up our bacon a little giving it that garlic flavor .

Yet these pieces are nice and large that we can remove them before serving .

Now , our bacon is almost done .

It's looking awesome .

So let's drop down our spaghetti .

I'm using delao spaghetti , one of my favorite pasta brands .

Before we do that , we need to salt our water .

So I have about a tablespoon of two of salt that will go into our boiling water .

You always want to be sure to salt your water .

This is going to flavor our pasta and I'm gonna be cooking this pasta to al dente .

I want a nice bite to this pasta .

I don't want to overcook it .

So the directions say 8 to 10 minutes , I'm gonna go for seven minutes .

Now .

Our bacon looks like it's just about done .

Our pasta has another minute or two .

So I'm gonna turn off our burners of our black stone .

I want this griddle surface to really cool down our pasta is done .

So I'm gonna remove the garlic clove .

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So we'll add our pasta over our bacon tossing it .

So that , that bacon grease coats all of our spaghetti allowing it to cook for another minute or two , which is why you want to make sure that you don't overcook your pasta .

Now , this is the key to a good pasta , carbonara .

You have to move quickly because you don't want to end up with scrambled eggs and bacon and pasta .

You want these eggs to create a nice velvety silky sauce over this pasta .

So we'll slowly add in a ladle of the starchy pasta , water into our egg and cheese mixture a little at a time drizzling it in nice and slow and mixing it .

This is gonna create a nice , gorgeous sauce .

And here's a key step .

If your griddle is still too hot or too warm , would you want it to be nice and cooled off ?

Then you would remove your pasta and bacon and add it to the bowl of egg mixture .

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But since my griddle top is nice and cooled off , and I've done this a million times , I'm going to slowly drizzle over that egg mixture onto my bacon and pasta .

Giving it one more ladle of that starchy pasta water , give everything a mix and you can see how instantly this sauce just coats everything and it turns into our pasta carbonara .

We'll judge this up with a little extra cheese or a lot of extra cheese , some fresh flat leaf Italian parsley over the top .

And you could just let people take their servings right off the griddle .

It's just a little show stopper and seriously a good way to feed a crowd on a budget for me .

I'm gonna plate this up into a large bowl and I'm gonna dive right into this .

A little extra cheese and parsley over the top just to make it more gorgeous than it already is .

And this is one of my family favorites .

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I can never get enough of it .

It really is the perfect dish .

Well , at least for me being Italian for any time of day .

It's got eggs , it's got bacon and my absolute favorite pasta .

And I know you guys are gonna just love this one .

So I'm challenging you to go try to make this , make it enjoy it .

Love it as much as I do when you do post a picture .

You know , I love seeing you guys recreating all of our recipes .

So tag Blackstone products and tag Blackstone Betty .

So I don't miss it until next time I'm Blackstone Betty and I cannot wait to see who is eating some pasta carbonara off of the Blackstone .


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