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2023-07-07 14:03:11

Jamie’s Speedy Mushroom Pasta _ Tesco with Jamie Oliver

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Hi , guys .

Hope you're well .

Me and Tesco are back to help you guys get more veggies into your life and you're gonna love this recipe .

It's a beautiful mushroom pasta .

We've got garlic , spinach , mushrooms , a rich sauce .

We've got a crunchy thyme and garlic bread crumb topping .

It's just joy , joy , joy .

So let's get going .

Put the pan on a medium high heat and a pot of boiling water .

First job .

Garlic bread crumbs , finely slice two cloves of garlic .

This is my wife's favourite bit .

So what she loves and what I love about this is the crunch of the bread crumbs with the soft , delicate pasta .

It's a really beautiful combo .

We're gonna go in here with some olive oil .

Go in with the garlic , get that sizzling .

It's the next ingredient .

Time .

Fresh thyme is joyful .

A few nice little stalks just pull the lovely little leaves off the stalk .

They normally pop and spit a little bit , but the flavour from time is amazing , especially with mushrooms .

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Listen to that and then in with the bread crumbs , and we can turn that temperature right down .

Just toast off these bread crumbs , and this will make the most amazing little Sprinkle for any pasta , any ravioli , even soups gorgeous on salads .

So once it's gorgeous and crispy , put it in our little bowl and this people will fight over pan back on the heat , I've got two packs of mushrooms , so I'm using chestnut mushrooms .

But you really could use anything you like .

So four cloves of garlic , garlic and mushrooms , classic flavour back in the pan .

We're gonna go in with some olive oil in with the garlic that will perfume the oil .

Then I'll take the other half of that time and pick in the lovely leaves there .

Nice , generous pinch of black pepper as well .

We'll go in with the mushrooms .

Now that looks like a lot of mushrooms .

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But if you give that about 10 minutes of cooking , stir in nice and regularly that is gonna half in size , it's gonna intensify and double in flavour .

And that's gonna be amazing .

So we'll let that cook out .

Then I'll show you what to do next .

So if you look at the mushrooms now , the water's starting to cook away , and I'm just gonna give it a light seasoning .

Now it will go now from boiling to frying .

Can you hear it ?

And you can see it's dried up .

It smells amazing , right ?

Let's have a little taste .

Amazing .

So normally at this stage I put in a little cream or cream fresh , and that's definitely very traditional .

But I got told about a little tip that is just naughty .

And it's basically a tin of mushroom soup , and it basically means you get double mushroom flavour .

So put all of it in nice little tin of quality mushroom soup .

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Fill this tin up with a little bit of water and then , like half a tin , a whole tin , depending on how thick the soup is .

Just put that in there and let that simmer away .

You get this silky old school sauce , you've got extra seasoning in there .

You're down on the saturated fats and up on the veg , so it's a nice little trick .

Mix that up .

Let that simmer .

The water here is now boiling .

We'll just put a little salt in there , and we're gonna go in with 300 grammes of your chosen pasta .

Look , you could use whatever you like .

I'm going in with tag lali lid on until the water comes up to the boil again .

The pasta sauce is al is already looking good , so we've got an ingredient to go in there .

Spinach .

I'm using the frozen spinach because it's super convenient .

You get that really nice kind of dense , dark spinach nutrition through the roof .

You just gonna put two little cubes like that in ?

That's about 100 grammes and that will just defrost and cook into it .

Those pops of green .

Amazing .

Um , what I like to do now You don't have to do this .

Some people take pasta and put it in a colander .

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The water goes down the drain , and it's the water that helps the sauce be silky .

What I like to do is use some little tongs and drag the pasta and some of that water along with it .

Now what's nice about that is we're just gonna get the most incredible textures and then a little bit of Parmesan .

So you just need a little bit for seasoning , and having fresh Parmesan makes all the difference .

Just toss it like this , and you see how elegant this is .

The smell is incredible , and that's the beauty of cooking , right ?

You can take the cheapest mushrooms and make them joyful .

Oh , look at that .

Look at the way it comes out Silky .

That little hack with the tinned soup is naughty but nice with a little of those bread crumbs on the top .

Come on .

A long stroke of Parmesan and then let's portion up a little bit .

I mean , look at that .

How elegant is that ?

Come on .

That's a dish right there .

Look at that .

Right .

Let's try that .

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Oh , my missus doesn't like mushrooms , but I put it in quite a lot of the cooking that she says she loves .

So don't be a hater , be a lover or just put it in and don't tell them .

Hm ?

Oh , that is bonkers .

That makes me very happy .

Guys .

If you wanna try this , go to tesco dot com .

Forward slash recipes .

Get the ingredients in store , get home and cook it up .

You're gonna love it .


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