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2023-07-10 08:54:02

How to play piano_keyboard lesson 1-an introduction

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Hello .

I'm Daniel Paddy , and this is the first of hopefully many YouTube videos for the piano and keyboard .

Basic level , intermediate level and advanced level .

First , few lessons will be on basic musical vocal and and the little 30 of course , for people out there who were like thinking to start on piano or keyboards .

And these are the type of videos you want to be watching , you know , the first few few of them , and then I'm going to get a bit more advances with them .

So the really there's a lot for everyone , so I enjoy them .

And if I got good feedback , I'm going to make a lot more videos .

Thanks .

So now we're just going to do with the 30 .

To be honest with you , I just tell you , you know , the basics what you need to know .

So , um , firstly , well , as you can see in front of you is a piano slash keyboard .

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Some people call it an electric piano , and these white things and black things here a law called keys .

Hence the term keyboard or piano .

And what this is any of these on their own ?

Their notes OK on the on the notes .

And if you've got two or more of these , that means it's a cord .

So it's some examples of chords .

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OK , I'm not just playing with the right hand .

Usually , UM , I mean the left hand can play one note on its own , or they can play with more than one note that that's called the as Well .

So what we've lined up to now is that one of these anywhere on the keyboard is called a note .

More than one is called a cod so long enough you can add it just down the keyboard over there .

But we'll cover the stuff like that later then .

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So that's all I really wanted to show you just to start off and then just experiment .

Just have a play around , put a few keys together , and we all know that when you put notes together , it makes a chord .

Sometimes the cord might sound nice .

Other times they might sound really , really nice .

OK , well , Daniel , Patty and this was the first introduction to me .

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