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2023-07-10 08:41:28

Chicken and Shrimp Pasta Bake - Cooked by Julie episode 284

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Hey , everyone .

It's Julie today .

We'll be making chicken and shrimp pasta bake .

We're going to cook some chicken and shrimp , make a delicious Parmesan cream sauce .

And hopefully you'll love this as much as I did .

So let's get started .

I'm using two chicken breasts .

I seasoned it on both sides with salt free , all purpose , seasoning and some salt .

This is to taste , you may season this as much or as little as you like .

And the complete recipe will be on my website cooked by Jeli dot com .

We're then going to season our shrimp .

I remove the tails because we will be baking this and we're going to throw some cheese on top and I don't want you to struggle cutting the tails off while you're eating .

So season the shrimp , give it a good toss and then set it aside in a large hot skillet with some vegetable oil .

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We're going to cook our chicken for about four minutes on each side depending on how thick your chicken is , but make sure to cook it fully through and also make sure not to overcook it because keep in mind that we will be baking this in the same skillet .

I cook the shrimp for about 40 seconds , 20 seconds on each side .

And then we are going to remove them from the skillet and get started on our sauce .

He didn't want to move .

You'll need some heavy cream .

We're going to cook the sauce in the same skillet unless you want your sauce to be extremely white .

In that case , you may cook it in a separate skillet and you will want to use white pepper instead of black pepper .

I let the cream thicken up a bit and then I grated some Parmesan cheese .

Season it well with salt and pepper taste it , make sure it tastes delicious .

Give everything a good stir .

Once the sauce is nice and thick and well seasoned , turn the heat off , chop your chicken into bite size pieces .

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That chicken looks good .

I'm not gonna lie and then toss the chicken and shrimp in the skillet along with your choice of pasta I use .

But you may use to or whatever you have on hand .

Of course , you may serve this just as is and it will be delicious .

But I wanted to do a little something different place it in a casserole dish .

Now this part is optional .

But if you love cream cheese , make sure to throw some softening cream cheese in here .

Adds a lot of flavor and creaminess cream in a cream uh creaminess to the dish .

I love it .

Give it a good mix .

Top it off with some mozzarella cheese .

A little grated parm .

We are then going to place this under the broiler for a couple of minutes or until the cheese is completely melted .

This looks good .

It was good .

It was very creamy , well seasoned .

I really enjoyed this .

This was my second time making this and trust me , there will be a third .

I love this .

Give it a try .

Let me know if you do .


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