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2023-07-09 14:29:05

5 MUST KNOW tips for your acoustic playing!

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Hello .

Yeah .

Hi .

How are you doing ?

No , its I want a dramatic voice over as you know , I love playing the acoustic guitar for me .

It's a great way to forget about everything .

What you see is what you get , whatever love you put in it is given back instantaneously .

And if you're really getting there , the reward is even bigger .

Every sound you hear is a direct and pure result made by your hand .

No effects , no trickery , no artificial sounds , just you the guitar and love .

Nice .

So today I'm sharing with you five tips to enhance your acoustic game because putting in the effort is really worthwhile .

Number one dynamic in your strumming .

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So tip number one is something that I believe it really defines mind playing immensely and doing this can make any basic core progression sound marvelous .

So let's say we're playing FCG .

A minor nine out of 10 people would just start drumming like this .

Yes , like a maniac but no , don't .

Well , not always .

Anyways , try adding some dynamics , meaning really accentuated , difference between loud , also called for and quiet , also called piano .

You can do this in multiple ways .

But the easiest way is to really start making a difference between the strings you're hitting .

And this requires some practice because it's not easy hitting just those strings while making a strumming motion .

But it's really great if you can , I use this technique in my how to turn those same old chords into something beautiful video .

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And it leads to being able to play stuff like this .

You see , I'm really making a strumming motion but only picking out the strings .

I'd like to hear not too much on the dynamics in this particular case , but still choosing the strings .

So if we would translate that to the previous courts , let's see what we got .

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So one real big bonus which leads me to tip number two is that you can add melodic lines in your chords .

So if you're hearing that thing , like you're trying to start a fire , you're never going to hear those subtle lines running through the chords .

So if you take tip number one of playing with dynamics into account , we can very subtly slide those sweet melodies in between our chords .

And if you want to spice those up even more , there's a myriad of things you can do .

Let's try adding some hammer ons and pull offs to get into the magical territory .

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So what notes can you use all the notes that sound good ?

Well , let's be honest , nine out of 10 times you're playing open chords anyways , this usually means that any open string will sound good with the chord some better than others .

Of course , depending on the type of chord .

But try to leave the root note on there and just add as many other notes as you like , try to keep on listening and remember the ones you like number three , why are you even doing this ?

OK .

So this is something that will make all the difference .

Whenever you see someone changing chords , they tend to add these transition drums in between and God , they irritate me .

Don't know what I mean .

This kind of playing often sneaks up onto you until you're not even realizing you're doing it .

And I just bet a lot of you are doing this .

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So for me , there's two reasons why I dislike this one .

Often the notes are just a bunch of open strings because they play it when they change chords mostly to hide a sloppy transition of something .

So , of course , that's not the most beautiful thing you can hear just open strings , right ?

So number two , it's often pretty messy rhythmically , just put it in .

No one notices .

I've got myself more time on my hands to change courts and yes , next court there we are .

Well , no , it could sound so much sweeter if you just leave those out , think about it , why would you want to emphasize the moment you're changing courts ?

Well , I know why people do it because it's easier .

You've got more time to change .

Brilliant if you're just starting out .

But this also does not encourage you to get the changes right faster .

It's just lazy .

Yes , it is lazy .

You sometimes need to push yourself your fingers and your brain to get the next court faster .

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And if you don't push yourself , it never go faster .

So tip three is try leaving out those transitioning notes because your playing will sound a lot cleaner .

Eventually changes will go faster and it'll be just so much nicer to listen to .

Ok .

Tip number four and here we go .

Yes .

Finger picking pretty essential if you're on the acoustic , if you ask me .

And by the way , this is also awesome to try and play on the electric .

But anyways , finger picking is such a great manner to let the guitar speak .

You're opening up so much more possibilities .

True .

The beginning can be a bit difficult , but that's why you should do it from the get go so that your finger picking isn't falling behind on the rest .

So that makes it less difficult to cope with the struggles of finger picking .

So , a good video of me to start out with finger picking can be 10 easy finger picking songs where I play .

Yes , you guessed it .

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10 extremely hard G no , no , 10 songs played finger picking that aren't that difficult .

So here's an example of what you can do .

Put this guitarist tune and drop the play a minor D minor F and G .

So a few things about finger picking start out slowly and start with letting your thumb do most of the work .

This example started with an A minor chord over here and the thumb is just playing all corner notes .

Now , the fingers only need to add three little notes to make it sound like an intricate finger picking pattern .

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So here it is slowly and now move on to different chords , mix the patterns up a little bit and boom .

Crazy could rise .

So the last thing in the list number five , adding percussive elements to the guitar sound .

I'll show you two common ways to add these one strumming and one finger picking .

So first one is drumming to spice up your rhythm playing .

It's pretty common to add a little percussive beat on the weak beats .

Here it is .

So in this case , percussive means that there is no bitch involved .

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It's just a dead note .

We're substituting our percussive instrument on just a guitar .

In this case , the snare drum , a very cool thing to incorporate into your playing if you just want a little more than just the acoustic guitar sound .

So how this works is that you just mute the strings with the palm of your right hand where you would usually just strum a chord and put it on the right spot in the rhythm .

12341234 .

And there you are And now for the finger picking part , we're going to add a percussive slap with the side of your thumb , we're hitting the strings , creating a slap sound for a detailed lesson about this technique .

Check out this video where I explained this technique extensively , but this is how cool it can sound .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

How cool is that ?

So those were five tips to enhance your acoustic playing and taps for these are available on my Patreon page .

I hope you learn something from it .

If so , please let me know and hit that like button and subscribe to the channel .

If you haven't done that already , see you next time with another video .

Give us and have a wonderful day .


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