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2023-07-08 09:23:18

How to pan fry Rump Steak

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Hi there , Peter Gorton here again tonight I'm gonna cook a rump steak for the family .

The rump steak , as is the word , is what it needs from your from your but from the cow , Uh , rum steak I really like because it's got a lot of flavour .

It's a little bit tougher than sirloin steak , but it's absolutely delicious .

And if cooked correctly , you can't go wrong .

Let me show you how to cook it , right .

These are four lovely rum steaks there .

Look , the first things I like to do is I take them out of the fridge for a good 15 minutes beforehand , just to get them to room temperature before I cook them pan on .

It's best to use if you can a non stick pan for obvious reasons .

Uh , I'm now gonna put some salt and pepper on these .

I'd use mixed pepper corns , but obviously it's up to you what you like , uh , a bit of sea salt .

Only because I like sea salt .

And I think sea salt gives a lovely flavour .

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Tell them over .

I'm seasoning it on both sides .

While the pan is getting hot .

We're gonna put in a little bit of oil .

Not too much Now .

I put in about 12 tablespoons and that is it .

Move that around .

But just let that pan get very hot .

That's important because you want to seal the meat to get that lovely colour on the meat and caramelise the juices as they come out .

Right , OK , finish seasoning up my steak now .

As I said earlier , rum steak is a nice steak because it's got a lot of flavour , right ?

Wait for your pan .

Don't be tempted to just put it in straight away .

Wait for that pan to get hot .

Obviously remember to put your extraction on , which is very important .

Turn it up so it gets rid of the fumes .

Right ?

We just waited .

It's almost off now .

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You can test it by taking the steak and just dipping it like that .

See ?

Not quite high enough .

See that ?

So we've just got to wait a few more seconds while I'm waiting for that .

I'll tell you where this meat has come from .

The meat has come from the Meat box company and their website is meat box company dot co dot UK .

Very good meat .

I've been trying out their meat over the last couple of weeks , and I have to say it's been excellent .

Give it a try , OK ?

The pan is almost hot enough now , as you can see and we're now gonna put the steaks in .

So when you put the steaks in , put the first one in and just put it like that and just put it in nice and gently like So they give me that steak in and the flavour really have to smell that beautiful steak flavour coming .

And let's just get that in there like that and let that cook .

Now , don't be too tempted to start moving it around too much .

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It should take for a medium rare steak , depending on the thickness of the steak between two and three minutes .

If you want it cooked more , then you will cook it for about another one or two minutes for well done , right , so let it seal .

Now it's a bit of a bit of a wait because we're doing this in real time .

I tend to time it so I can put my timer on for two minutes .

Off it goes , and I'll wait for that to beat for me .

So as you can see , I'm talking to you .

I'm not feel I've been quite chilled and relaxed about it all .

Really ?

And you can see these juices .

You could just see the juices coming out .

You can see that if I just show you the steak very , very quickly .

Here , come down here and have a little look .

You can see how that is .

Look at that colour .

Now that is starting to caramelise .

Beautiful .

Now that has been about a minute , and we're doing this in real time .

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So as I said , these will take me about two minutes either side , if they were slightly thicker , you can give them three , but I cook now .

Some people like to put a little bit of rosemary or thyme in there .

And sometimes some people also like to put some garlic in there .

There's nothing wrong with that .

If you want to add more flavour to your steak .

I am serving this steak tonight with rice , egg fried rice and stir fried sweet and sour vegetables .

So I just want my steak very plain and simple because I'm gonna carve it later , right ?

As you can see , Now , that's about another minute in there .

So minute , either side , I'm not gonna turn it back over .

I'm gonna give it another minute on the other side like that .

So just to recap sealed it in the pan , we left it .

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One minute we turn it over and we're cooking it for another minute on the other side .

So we're gonna turn it back and cook it in another minute .

So each side of the steak has had two minutes cooking time for more of a medium rare steak .

So let's let that cook .

There's no rush , right ?

Another minute is up .

So let's turn that one over like that .

Now , if you come back down here and have a look , well , that is almost perfectly cooked .

According to my timer , I've got about 30 seconds left .

Now what I tend to do at this stage , and you can see the little bit of the blood coming through here , which means it's almost there .

I like to put a little bit of butter in at this stage , so I turn the like that in the middle .

You don't have to put the butter in .

Of course , it's up to you , but I like it .

And I'm just let that work .

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Let your eye Oh , family Gonna love this , right ?

Switch it off now because the timer is up .

Let it rest .

Let that rest now , Just for about 20 seconds , and then I'm gonna take it out now .

This is the important part .

Take the steak out .

Like so .

Push that to the side .

Now those steaks switching my timer off .

Those steaks are perfectly cooked .

I'm now gonna let those steaks rest for five minutes .

Leave them on the side of the stove in a warm place , and then all the juices will be reabsorbed into those steaks .

And when I slice them , they'll be lovely and medium rare all the way through and delicious .

And they smell wonderful .

And I can not wait to eat them .

So happy cooking .

Stay safe .


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