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2023-07-11 06:54:09

How to Cook Sushi Rice

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Hi , I'm Mario Corado with the chopping block .

And today I'm gonna show you guys how to make some perfect sushi rice .

All right .

So we're gonna start with our rice here .

This is our sushi rice .

It is a short grain rice .

So it's kind of oval in shape and a little bit smaller than what we may used to be seeing with like a jasmine or long grain or basmati .

The first step in making our sushi rice is we're gonna wash it .

So we're gonna start with some cold water and we're really going to get our hands in here and agitate the rice very aggressively .

We want to get all the starch and the what's called TK out of the rice .

Now , the reason we need to remove that is it is going to inhibit the stickiness that we can get out of our rice .

And we want some really nice sticky sushi rice .

Thank you .

Once the bowl is filled up , we're going to just gently pour out the water .

OK .

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So we get all of that out and then we're gonna repeat that process about three times and we're gonna keep doing this till our water is nice and clear .

Now that our water is nice and clear .

We're going to just pour a little bit off .

We need to make sure that the rice stays covered .

We're now going to let it sit and soak .

That's going to be our second step to making our sushi rice is letting the rice soak .

This is one of the very important steps because now we've already introduced some water to the rice , but it all has a very different water content .

So when we let it sit and soak , it's all going to soak up as much cold water as it can and then it's all gonna have the same water content .

So it will all cook very evenly that way .

All right .

Now that we've got our rice nice and soaked , we can see the grains are all plumped up just a little bit and , and solid white .

So this is what we started with .

This is what we end up with after we soak it .

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Now that we've got our rice soaked , we're gonna go ahead and cook it .

So I'm gonna place it in my pot here .

I did strain off all of the or poured off all the soaking water .

We're going to level out the rice and I'm going to add some fresh water to this , to cook it .

Now , to get the proper amount of water .

I'm actually going to place my hand in here and pour the water until it just comes up above the first knuckle of my first finger .

Yeah , just a little bit more .

All right , that's the perfect amount .

Now , I'm gonna place this on the range .

We're going to start it on high heat .

Now that the rice has come to a boil , we're gonna go ahead and put the lid on .

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We're going to turn our burner down to low and we're going to let it cook for about 15 minutes .

Once our timer for 15 minutes goes off , we're going to turn the burner off and let it sit for an additional 15 minutes .

Now that we've got our rice cooked , we're going to go ahead and mix it with our sow .

Now , the sow is a mixture of rice , vinegar , sugar and a little bit of water .

I wanna get my rice out of our pot here and I'm just using a large salad bowl .

It's gonna give us plenty of room to mix and help us cool this down a little bit .

Now , I'm gonna add the stew and I'm just gonna gently pour it over my little rice spoon here .

If you don't have one of these , a wooden spoon will work just fine .

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Get all that in there and I'm gonna mix that sow into the rice .

We want to be as gentle as we can .

We don't want to crush the rice or break it up , but we do want to get that sow mixed evenly around .

So it will both flavor the rice and be part of the uh the mixture that will hold this rice together .

All right .

And there you have perfect sushi rice .


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